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Top 5 Mattresses Under $1000 – Best Options in 2018

The direct to consumer mattress market is growing daily, as more and more people realize that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a high quality, bespoke-esque bed. The primary issue with the market is trying to find a mattress that suits your specific needs. I have been testing mattresses for a while, and have discovered a few things that should help you find the perfect bed. I have compiled a list of five mattresses that should suit any budget, and all of them are fantastic.

There are two schools of thought in mattress design. The classic coil spring designs and the more modern layered foam designs. You tend to find that foam allows for multiple unique contours on the same bed, with little overlap between the occupants, but a memory foam coil design has greater contouring. Only one spring mattress made it on to my list though, as the vast majority of firms have switched over to foam.

So let’s take a look down through my top five direct to consumer mattresses for under $1000.

Top Five Mattresses Under $1000

When it comes to build quality all of the mattresses on this list are great, but the make up of each differs in many ways. I’ll be breaking each section into a rundown of the insides and outsides, followed by a warranty and price analysis. I’m sure you will find something to suit your needs.

5. Yogabed Mattress

yogabed A bit of an underdog when I first reviewed it, the Yogabed has an impressive array of mattress tech under the covers. the cover itself is another pretty design, and is easy to remove. Yogabed uses Thremacool tech in their cover that acts with the bodies natural temperature, aiding in heat dissipation. No other firm can boast that. On the inside we have a major deviation from the classic three tiered design, with a 1″ layer of hyper dense base foam, 6.5″ of regular base foam, 1.75″ of Yogagel memory foam and a final 0.75″ layer of Yogafoam. Yogagel is an in-house gel blend memory foam, keeps the mattress a constant comfortable, while the rapid response Yogafoam better adapts to your contours as you move. Overall the bed is a little more firm than I like personally, but it grants an amazing nights sleep, and is my go to recommendation for those with severe back pains.

Price wise we are looking at an astounding $749 for the Queen. This price is more in line with what I expect in a direct to consumer mattress. This list is a blend of the low cost high quality and the medium cost wonderful quality. Shipping is free, and you get 101 nights to test the Yogabed. If you don’t like it you get a full refund, and again the company will come and pick up your mattress to donate it. The warranty is the standard 10 years, but that is in line with the average lifespan of a mattress. Remember, any issues before that is a fault.

Yogabed managed to craft an amazing mattress at an amazing price. If you have back aches from your current mattress then give this one a shot, worse case scenario you end up giving a homeless person a comfortable place to sleep.

Yogabed Discount: Yogabed doesn’t offer any coupon codes for their website however you can actually get the Yogabed at a lower price by clicking here to automatically apply the discounted rate on (plus it comes with free prime shipping!)

4. Saatva Mattress

saatva The only coil spring based mattress on this list, and boy is it fantastic. I love a spin on the classics and Saatva are one of the few firms that still makes their topper material out of pure cotton. So let’s take a look at the build. At base we have the foundation layer, steel coils. I feel they provide superior support, which is great for back pain, but the distributed sag means you’ll be slightly less comfortable in pairs. On top of that is individually wrapped coils, encircled in a layer of memory foam. You really have to feel this to understand how great it is, and finally there is another layer of memory foam to round out the bed. The mattress is automatically cooled by the space between the steel coil base, meaning you don’t need a cooling foam layer to mitigate the effects of the memory foam. It comes in three firmness levels, with Plush Soft being my favorite.

The price of the Queen is $899, and unlike the vast majority of direct to consumer mattresses you do have to pay for delivery. All in this high quality mattress will cost you $998, a mite short of the $1000 limit. Saatva grant a 75 day trial period, if you don’t like your mattress after 75 days you can get a full refund, and Saatva will donate your mattress to charity. In addition Saatva have one of the longer warranties out there, at 15 years. Remember that a mattress warranty covers visible sag.

In all an excellent purchase. If they cold remove the distributed sag and throw in free delivery this would be much higher on the list.

Saatva Discount: Saatva actually never offers coupons so to get the best price on the Saatva you need to order it direct from them by clicking here. That way you can avoid any middle man mark up.

3. Loom and Leaf Mattress By Saatva

loom and leafThe Loom and Leaf is a pure foam design from Saatva, and they spared no expense with this one. Sadly, you’ll be sparing no expense when buying one. Starting with the topper, and again we have Saatva’s wonderful all cotton cover. Cotton is not only extra soft and comfortable, but also surprisingly durable, making it nearly perfect for mattresses. I would always recommend you get yourself a nice high thread count cotton sheet too, not to mention a mattress protector. On the inside we have a 5.5″ base foam layer, extra dense, followed by a transfer layer 2″ thick. this layer allows the memory foam above it and the base foam below it to move more naturally together. It achieves a level of ergonomics almost unmatched in the industry. That 5lb block of foam would be a heat problem if it weren’t for the gel infused top layer of foam. Fantastic heat dissipation,and considering it is a memory foam block, double the comfort.

The Loom and Leaf might be one of the most comfortable things i have ever had the good fortune to lay down in, but it comes with a major caveat. It is $999…and there is no free shipping. Meaning that while it is technically under $1000, you’ll likely be spending $1098 to get the thing to your home. If that is a deal breaker then fair enough, all of the mattresses here are amazing. But part of me can’t really justify that price. Novosbed offer perks to offset the price, and the other Saatva has a coil design, which can’t be vacuum packed, justifying the delivery price. The trial period is good, 75 days, and you get Saatva’s amazing 15 year warranty.

All in all, if you have the cash for it this is a great option, but so are all the others on this list, and they tend to be a little cheaper. The feats accomplished with this design are matched in many ways by the number one bed, and it won’t cost you the full grant.

Saatva doesn’t offer any coupons for the Loom & Leaf either. They claim this is due to the fact that they are already at the lowest possible price and value is great at their everyday price. Usually I would call “BS” on that statement however with the Loom & Leaf mattress I’ve gotta say it actually is a great deal & it better be if it took down #3 on our list! So like the standard Saatva mattress the best option is to order the mattress direct from the manufacturer by clicking here. 

2. Novosbed Mattress

novosbed-product-19BA product I only recently tested, but was greatly impressed with, Novosbed probably have the best customer service in the market, if their return rate is anything to go by. The build here is impressive as well. An all foam design that comes in three flavors, Soft, Medium and Firm. The topper material here is a durable and comfortable Poly-blend, with a more durable poly-blend on the side. It creates an aesthetically pleasing bed, that is almost as comfortable as cotton, but more durable. The inside is the classic three tiers of foam, the medium and firm have 7″ of base foam topped with two 2″ layers of hyper dense memory foam. The density of the foam prevents heat retention, and the aerated nature of the top layer does more to dissipate what does build up. The Soft has 6″ of base foam, three inches of memory foam and 2″ of gel infused memory foam. A thicker memory foam layer needs more heat dissipation, and the gel layer is a wonderful way to do that. Overall this is an excellent design, remember to go for a slightly firmer mattress if you have back troubles.

That customer service I mentioned earlier comes to the fore here. Novosbed take complaints very seriously and if you find yourself not enjoying your new mattress, then Novosbed will unleash the Comfort+ system. Not as scary as it sounds. The Comfort+ system is essentially a set of mattress toppers that slide in flush with the Novosbed, allowing you to dial in the firmness level. Add in a 120 day trial period, another 15 year warranty and free shipping and you are on to a winner.

When you factor in the Comfort+ add-ons the Novosbed is a bargain at just over $1000 in my opinion. That said there are cheaper alternatives out there but if you want one of the best products on the market the Novosbed is about as good as it gets.

Coupon Code Update: You can currently save $100 on the Novosbed by clicking here to view automatically apply the discount code. 

1. Leesa Mattress

leesa Probably the best bed you can get, especially for the price. The Leesa is a fantastic three tier of foam design, with a Lycra-blend top layer. Now I would have liked to see cotton used, but this blend is both comfortable and supremely durable. That combination is all you’re really looking for in a topper materials. Add in the lovely horizontal bars and you have a great looking mattress. That design might not sound like much, but the vast majority of mattresses go for the gray oblong look. The fact that Leesa put any thought into the aesthetics speaks volumes about them. The insides are fairly special in a low key way. The base layer is 6″ and this is topped with 2″ of memory foam. The final layer is a shaped Avena foam cooling layer. Avena foam is similar to latex foam, in that it prevents heat retention, but is far more responsive. The shaped and layered layer allows amazing contouring with the memory foam, and does more to help keep you cool. It is hands down the best all round mattress.

The base price for a Queen sized Leesa is $890 however you can usually get a discount (which I’ll link to at the end of this section.) That puts it right around the average price in the direct to consumer market which is pretty surprising given the fact that it’s one of, if not the best in the market. The trial period is 100 days, as per usual you sleep on it and if you don’t like it you can send it back for a full refund. The warranty is the standard 10 years.

At the end of the day what you want in a mattress is comfort and affordability. The Leesa is far and away the best balance of those two things on the market. A clever design that makes the most out of the materials at hand, and a revolutionary business model combine to create the best mattress on the market at the moment.

Leesa Coupons & Promo Codes: you can save $75 right now by clicking this link to automatically apply a $75 discount to any Leesa Mattress and maybe even get a bonus gift card along with it ;)!

So which mattress is the best for you in 2018?

All of these beds are great, but the best bed is the one that can do it all for the lowest price, and that would be the Leesa.

If you have the cash and want the best of best the Loom and Leaf or Novosbed might be more your speed. Also if you want the most options, and a bed that is returned less than 3% of the time (compared to the industry average of 10%) then the Novosbed again may be the best for you.

If you suffer from chronic back pain and are a little strapped fro cash then the Yogabed is your best bet. If you have back issues and have money to burn then go for the Firm Saatva.

Just remember to take everything into account, and don’t settle for anything less than three layers of foam.

Get the most out of your mattress

After you decide on a mattress I recommend either heading to your local high end home goods store or even easier and buying some high thread count cotton sheets. I bought a few 1500 thread count Egyptian cottons on Amazon a while back I swear by them. Seriously for the price I don’t think they can be beat.  You can check them out by clicking here.

Also if you are investing this much money in a mattress (which you’ll spend a third of your life on) a mattress protector is really a no-brainer investment. I use a SafeRest because of a friends recommendation (and really good reviews on Amazon) and it’s been great. You can save a good chunk of change by clicking here to view it with all the available discounts applied at if you want to give it a shot.

Sleep tight!

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