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Best 30″ LED Light Bars – 2018 List

Whether you want to use them for off-roading, or you have to drive down dark and dangerous roads at night, a light bar is an essential piece of kit. I’ve been there myself, barely able to see two feet in front of the car, switching on the high beams does little more than give the darkness texture. With a good quality light bar you can see farther, and feel safer, than on high beams alone. Some of the larger bars even make it look like you have your own little patch of daytime.

I’ll be taking a look at a number of Light Bar options over the next couple of weeks. Today I’ll be focusing on some 30″ options, and while the smaller light bars have been bright, the 30″ bars are for real off-roaders. If you are looking for smaller options, like 12″ or 20″, take a look at the articles, or if you want a larger bar, for trucks and the like, check out my pieces on 40″ and 50″.

In my light bar breakdown piece I came to the conclusion that the best all round option in light bar solutions is the LED light bar. I reviewed Halogens, HID and HPS  technology and found that while they each do the job they were designed to do, none of them can offer the longevity, and thus the value, that LED solutions can. You want a Light bar that will last as long as possible, especially seen as they are often used in emergency scenarios.

When looking for an LED light bar there are a few core factors to look at. The most important is IP rating, or Ingress Protection. You’ll find that this number never goes above 69, and that’s because it is two numbers, relating to a table. The first number is the dust protection, excess dust can cause heat build up and fry your LEDs, so you’re going to want the full six. The second number is water-proofing, which tops out 9k. You won’t need 9k unless you’re fitting it to a submersible, 8 is fine for anything from mudding to boating. You will also need a good warranty. These products are meant to be used in rugged environments, and if it breaks then it was not fit for purpose. A bad manufacturer will do everything it can to have you void you warranty, so we need to make sure we have a fair one.

Best 30″ LED Light Bars – 2018 List

Eyourlife 180W 32″ LED Light Bar

Eyourlife It’s always an Eyourlife when I go hunting for the best budget option in LED light bars. They make great products, durable and bright, and have a good record in terms of customer service. Many folk would say that bigger is better, but personally I feel that the 30″ light bar is more than sufficient for outdoor pursuits. This option sits at $48.99 on Amazon at the moment, down from $99.99. A bargain price, considering this little beast can output 18,000LM and is IP rated at 68. All Eyourlife LED light bars are rated at 68, as far as I know. You can use this thing on everything from ATVs, if it’s a really big ATV, to boats. The only real downside is the lackluster warranty, I prefer a company to offer several years of warranty rather than the somehow standard one year. In spite of that this product is fantastic, well worth the money.

Size: 36″ x 5.2″ x 5.4″ including bracket.

Get the Eyourlife 180W 32″ LED Light Bar at it’s lowest price by clicking here and automatically having the most current discounts applied.

Xprite 180W 30″ LED Light Bar

Xprite Honestly the only reason this one is here is because I needed a bottom of the barrel budget option that will remain a bottom of the barrel budget option. The Eyourlife, and the upcoming Auxbeam, blow this option out of the water, but both of them are usually more expensive. If the discount comes off the Eyourlife before you get a chance to partake of the bargain, then this is the next rung down. At a base price of $67.99 you can’t fault it too much. A less than stellar warranty and a comparative lack of brightness are the only major caveats. We’re still looking at a full 30″ LED light bar outputting 14,400LM for 30,000+ hours. IP rating is 67, so let’s keep it out of the water for the most part. Taken as a whole it’s a good option, but lacks the bells and whistles seen in even the mid range LED light bar solutions.

Size: 31.5″ x 4.5″ x 3.5″ including bracket.

Get the Xprite 180W 30″ LED Light Bar at it’s lowest price by clicking here and automatically having the most current discounts applied.

Auxbeam Curved 180W 30″ LED Light Bar

Auxbeam I love me a curved light bar, and I am a fan of Auxbeam in general, so a bit of a double here. Curved bars allow you to have a greater field of view, and Auxbeam have a great track record in terms of customer service. Our IP rating is again a 67, Auxbeam’s standard, and while it lacks the protection against full submersion, seen in 69, it is still suitable for off-roading, if less so for boating. Output lumen is 18,000 though, matching Eyourlife there, and it’s base price is $89.99. You can find it a little cheaper if you shop around, but even then that is a terrific price. Auxbeam may not be as water-resistant as other options here, but they boast what is probably the longest lifespan out there, at 50,000+ hours. I don’t know how they manage it, but that fact alone is a major feather in their cap. Overall you get a nice balance product that will last you a while, unfortunately seen as their warranty is only a year-long it’ll likely outlast that too.

Size: 34.5″ x 7.1″ x 5.4″ including bracket.

Get the Auxbeam Curved 180W 30″ LED Light Bar at it’s lowest price by clicking here and automatically having the most current discounts applied.

Rigid Radiance 30″ 155.2W LED Light Bar

Rigid Rigid should be well-known to you by now. The Radiance series is their cheaper option, but it is still packed with features and excellent tech. Rather than using a combination of Spot and Flood lights it uses Broad Spot optics, which combines the benefits of both kinds of light. All of their products are IP rated 68 and above, meaning you can use them anywhere. The brightness might not be as awe inspiring as the E-Series, or other options on this list, but it sits at a respectable 9000LM. The Amp draw is far below what you would expect though, at 11.09. It’s the bespoke quality of their products, and their excellent customer service, and justifies the price tag. A 30″ Rigid Radiance will cost you around $300. Bear in mind that the ever important warranty for a Rigid lasts as long as you do. Lifetime warranty, and no other firm that I have investigated can boast the same. Overall you get what you pay for. Bear in mind that if you’re looking for the brightest of the bright from Rigid you will have to look at their other product lines, and expect to pay top dollar.

Size: 6.25″ x 7″ x 30.5″ including bracket.

Get the Rigid Radiance 30″ 155.2W LED Light Bar at it’s lowest price by clicking here and automatically having the most current discounts applied.

KC C-Series 30″ 180W LED Light Bar

KC Hilites Do you see yourself using the same light bar for the next two decades or so? If yes then the lifetime guarantee will be worth more to you than the one from KC, if now then 23 years of warranty coverage should do fine. The C-Series are fantastic. They are competitively priced, the 30″ will cost you around $450, wonderfully bright, 16,200LM and they all come with an amazing warranty. The biggest downsides are the longevity, which is around 30,000 hours and the IP rating. It is IP rated at 67, which will stand up to the vast majority of situations you throw at it, but when you are dropping half a grand on a new light bar you kinda want it to be 68+. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a fantastic product and is and very affordable. It also comes in amber, if you want a different color. I expect to see more from KC on future lists.

Size: 31.38″ x 3.09″ x 3.40″ including bracket.

Get the KC C-Series 30″ 180W LED Light Bar direct from the manufacturer by clicking here

Bear in mind there is a step above the half grand bars, some 30″ Light bars can go for a few grand, but I thought it best to limit it here. This is more a low to upper mid list, and I think the vast majority of us are looking for something like these. I can confirm that all of these options are great, and I’m sure you will find one of them to your liking. If you go out hunting by yourself just remember the IP rating and the warranty. If you spend a little extra on a solution from Rigid or KC then the extra cash spent might be saved down the line when the thing breaks. Happy hunting folks.

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