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Novosbed Vs Leesa – Which is Better in 2018

Oh I love it when I have to compare two terrific products. Both the Novosbed and the Leesa are wonderfully comfortable foam based mattress models. One based on utilitarian ideals while the other follows more of a modular design ethos. Both have good points, and neither have any particularly bad points. Novosbed was founded in 2009, making them a little older than the Leesa, but both firms are ultra modern direct to consumer mattress companies, with a special focus on customer service. So which of these two mattresses is right for you in 2018? Read on for the full comparison.

Company Vs Company – Leesa Vs Novosbed

I feel it is important to know who you are buying a mattress from. One of the great things about the direct to consumer mattress market is their philanthropy. Being based in the US grants these firms the ability to donate locally, and to respond to crises. Novosbed have an excellent track record here, not only making sure that all returned mattresses are donated to charity, but also by donating free mattresses to the victims of the Fort McMurray fires. Leesa also donate all returned mattresses, but they also donate a new mattress for every ten sold, as a standing policy. Both firms also work with homeless shelters, locally and nationally. In all, while both of these firms have commendable policies, I have to give this one to Novosbed.

Winner – Novosbed

Leesa Vs Novosbed Mattress Build Quality and Materials

leesa Let’s take a look at the cover material first. You want your mattress cover to be both durable and porous. Cotton tends to combine both of those features into a single material, but many mattress companies have had to opt for a less expensive option, and as a result tend to be slightly less comfortable. Leesa have gone for a Lycra-Blend, and while it is comfortable enough, it is more focused on Durability and breathability. That is no bad thing, you want your mattress to last as long as possible after all. Aesthetically it looks wonderful though. A few horizontal stripes may not sound like much, but in the mattress world that is considered a work of art. Too many companies think a simple off-white cuboid is the pinnacle of mattress art. The Novosbed has gone for a more technical solution, rather than using one material that does its best to hit all three criteria, it uses a combination of two different poly-blends. A top section, that is more comfortable than most poly-blends, and a side section that is more durable. The combination makes the bed more comfortable than most mattresses to the touch, and as durable as the best of them. Bear in mind the feel of the mattress topper material is of little importance, it is under a sheet most of the time, but that edge Novosbed have in comfort give it this section.

Winner – Novosbed

novosbed-product-19BThe Leesa is about efficiency. They have proved that it is possible to create a top quality mattress with less. Their three tiers of foam design is impressive, a subtle blend of materials that is comfortable without being too plush, and pain relieving without being too firm. You will find it suitable for all sleeping positions, and it is a nice balance between firm and soft. At base we have 6″ of support foam, topped with 2″ of memory foam and finished with 2″ of Avena foam. Memory foam is notorious for holding onto to heat, and the Avena foam transition layer does a great job of cooling the mattress. The top layer is also grooved, allowing it to respond to movement faster, and leading to a more comfortable sleeping experience. Overall a great build, and if we were comparing to almost any other mattress it would be the one to beat, but the Novosbed is one of the more advanced mattresses on the market.

The Novosbed comes in three flavors. The Soft, Medium and Firm. The Soft is something special, but the Medium and Firm are similar enough, so let’s start with them. On the inside there is 7″ of support foam, topped with two 2″ layers of memory foam. Now the heat retention of two regular memory foam layers would be ridiculous, and almost impossible to get comfortable with. Novosbed don’t use regular memory foam though, they use hyper dense memory foam. The high density foam means there is less space to trap the heat in. Add in the fact that the foam is aerated and we have a mattress that is cool and comfortable. The firm’s topmost layer of memory foam is slightly less dense, meaning you hit the support foam faster, making it firmer.

The Soft is a work of art. You get 6″ of support foam here, with 3″ of hyper dense memory foam topped with 2″ of hyper dense gel infused memory foam. Gel infusion is the second best mattress cooling tech on the market, after a gel infused topper material. It provides some of the best heat dissipation on the market. It may not be the best option for those with back issues, but it provides a superior comfort level.

Winner – Novosbed

Leesa Vs Novosbed Overall Review

It may seem like this section is cut and dry. A clear win for the Novosbed. And I guess you could say that is true when we look only at the build, but I feel like that does the Leesa a disservice. It is still the best broad spectrum mattress on the market, and when we factor in the price, it becomes an arguably more attractive product than the Novosbed. But this section is about what’s under the hood, and if we only look at that then the Novosbed have it in the bag.

Winner – Novosbed.

Novosbed Vs Leesa – Pricing & Returns Policy

See what I mean about the pricing? The Novosbed is well worth the extra $200 they charge in the Queen, and as both companies offer pretty substanial discounts which you can get automatically by clicking the following two links:

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The quality offered by Leesa is fantastic, and getting a mattress of that quality for $200 less than the Novosbed is a steal. That said the Novosbed does have an ace in the hole with their comfort+ system. The Comfort+ system is essentially a half dozen mattress toppers that fit flush under the topper of the Novosbed that allows you to dial in the firmness level. Novosbed send them out to all customers who are dissatisfied with their purchase. Both firms offer free shipping.

Twin XL$625$949
Cal King$990$1299


The mattress industry has a great track record when it comes to customer support. Both of these firms offer an extended trial period, where if you are unsatisfied within a certain number of nights you can get a full refund. Novosbed have the longer trial period, at 120 nights, while Leesa offer 75 nights. In all honesty, I would not weigh those figures highly, you are going to know whether or not you want to keep your mattress within a month. The Novosbed’s 15 year warranty may look appealing too, but I must stress the average lifespan of a mattress is ten years, a figure that matches the warranty of the Leesa.

Winner – Leesa

Novosbed Vs Leesa – Conclusion

This is a tighter result than it first appears. The price of the mattress is a major selling point, and when we have to go right down to the nitty gritty to call one of the mattresses a more comfortable experience it can flip a decision. The Leesa is still one of the best mattresses on the market, and that price is fantastic. The Novosbed is the better mattress, and the value of both the mattress and the Comfort+ system is great. If the Novosbed were $100 cheaper I would call it the winner, however these two are really on a level playing field from a value standpoint.  You can’t go wrong either way.

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We also spoke with Novosbed and they provided us an exclusive coupon code for our readers. You can use coupon code Gazette100 for their largest available discount ever!

Overall Winner – TIE

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