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What Happened to Lorenzo Borghese- News & Updates

Lorenzo Borghese is a businessman best known for having appeared on the ABC dating reality series, The Bachelor. He starred in the ninth season of the show, which first premiered in October 2006ーit would be the entrepreneur’s first appearance on reality television. Set in the beautiful city of Rome, the ninth season of The Bachelor revolved around Borghese and a group of young women contestants who competed for a chance to win the businessman’s heart in a relationship. Unlike some of the prior seasons, the ninth season of The Bachelor saw a total of 27 female suitor instead of the traditional 25ーas two local Italian women had been added to the cast. Every week, a handful of candidates will be eliminated from the competition by Borghese himself, until a winner is left standing; at the end of the season, it was school teacher, Jennifer Wilson that was selected as the winner.

But while Borghese had picked Wilson to be the winner of the season, he did not end up proposing to the 24 year old during the finale, as many bachelors have done before him. Instead, the two began datingーat the time, many thought they were the perfect fairy tale couple. However despite the initial sparks between Borghese and Wilson, the pair eventually broke up a few months later in January 2007.

Since then, Borghese has gone on to star in a number of other reality shows, including a web series called America’s Next Top Dog- The Princess. With the cast entirely played by a team of four legged canines, the series poked fun at various celebrities and reality TV shows with dogs as the main characters. However when the web series was first announced, it was simply titled, America’s Next Princess; this had led many to believe that the show was going to feature Borghese in a reality series in which he would set off on a quest to find his “princess”ーthe actual premise of the show surprised many upon its online debut in August 2009. While the main cast was played by dogs, Borghese himself did appear in the series as the dogs’ butler.

But what has the former bachelor been up to since then? Has he retired from being a reality star? What happened to Lorenzo Borghese? What has he been busy with recently?

Lorenzo Borghese’s Early Life

borghese2 Born on June 9, 1972 in Milan, Italy, Lorenzo Borghese is the son of Prince Francesco Borghese and Princess Amanda Borgheseーdescendants of some of Italy’s most noble families. Of Italian royal bloodline, Borghese’s family can in fact, be traced back all the way to Siena, Italy during the 1100’s, during which his ancestors were wealthy bankers. The Borghese family first had their titles bestowed upon them by Pope Paul V in the 1600’s; they soon became one of the most prominent names in all of Italy.

With a dual Italian/American citizenship, Borghese grew up in Short Hills, New Jerseyーa city in which he spent most of his childhood. As a teen, Borghese attended the college preparatory day school, Pomfret School which was located an hour from Boston; he later graduated from there in 1991. Following his high school graduation, Borghese attended Rollins College, a private liberal arts institution in Winter Park, Florida; during his time there as a student, he was also part of the phi delta theta fraternity. Shortly after finishing his undergraduate degree, he went to the Fordham Graduate School of Business, where he later earned a MBA degree in 2001.

Lorenzo Borghese’s Business Endeavours

borghese3 As a businessman with a family history of having worked in the cosmetics industry, Borghese later launched the Royal Pet Clubーa company which offers an array of pet-friendly products. The brand goes back to when the entrepreneur first received his first puppy, a black Labrador named Belle. At the time, Belle had been experiencing dry, sensitive skin and Borghese had had a difficult time finding pet products which helped to soothe her condition. To remedy this problem, the dog lover eventually set off to create his own line of pet products; this led to the birth of the Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa in 2003. Since then, the company has grown to become a successful brand in the world of organic and natural pet products.

In addition to having founded the Royal Pet Club, Borghese also launched a lifestyle brand known as Rumgolfーa company which actually had started off as a hobby. Featured on the reality series, Lucky Bastards, the Rumgolf label sells a variety of products including clothing, skincare products and even beer, with the proceeds going purely to benefit various veteran charities. Besides the Rumgolf, Borghese is also a managing partner in LB2ーan Italian cosmetics company which sells a number of brands to different department stores and retail outlets.

An avid animal lover, Borghese also established the Animal Aid USA in 2011ーa nonprofit organization which helps to rescue animals including the changing of laws to help stop animal cruelty. He is also an ambassador to the ASPCA as well as the American Humane Association and has garnered numerous awards for his work in animal advocacy.

Lorenzo Borghese in The Bachelor

borghesebachelor In 2006, Borghese auditioned for the ninth season of the ABC reality dating series, The Bachelor and was eventually cast as the bachelor on the show after a number of auditions. As implied from the series’ name, The Bachelor is a reality series in which a bachelor and a group of 25 women are given the unique chance to be able to find love in an adventurous and unique way, in front of thousands of television viewers. As the bachelor gets to know the contestants through a number of activities such as group dates and games, he eventually narrows down his choice of possible female suitors via a weekly elimination process. As a result, a handful of contestants leave the competition every week until a winner remainsーone who have ultimately captured the heart of the bachelor.

In the ninth season of The Bachelor, which was set and filmed in the city of Rome, the pet loving entrepreneur was presented with a cast of 27 female contestantsーtwo of them having been local Italian women. As the season progressed, the pool of possible love interests for Borghese would grow smaller as a handful would be eliminated every week. After the fifth week, only three female contestants remained on the showーmarketing manager, Lisa Blank, publicist, Sadie Murray and school teacher, Jennifer Wilson. The bachelor eventually select Wilson as the winner of the season, with Murray as a runner-up.

Lorenzo Borghese’s Relationships with Jennifer Wilson and Sadie Murray

borghese6 However contrary to the tradition of The Bachelor, Borghese did not choose to propose to Wilson at the end of the season; instead, the two began to date. While the pair initially seemed committed to each other at the time, they later broke up a few months after the airing of the season’s last episode in January 2007. When asked about the reasoning behind the separation, Borghese stated in an interview that his decision to select Wilson during the finale was in fact, a “spur of the moment” decision; he had in fact, strong feelings for both Wilson and runner-up, Murray and had found it difficult to select one in front of thousands of viewers. The same may be said for Wilson as well, as she had reportedly started to secretly date another man, only a week after the show’s finale.

Following their break up, Borghese was spotted to have been spending time with runner-up, Sadie Murray in the streets of New York. It was later confirmed that the two had actually started a relationship after the blonde had moved to the state. However, the relationship between the pair ultimately ended in a break up as well. According to sources, Borghese had difficulty committing to Murray and the two’s impression of each other from the show seemed to have differed from their personalities in real life; the pair have since gone their separate ways.

Lorenzo Borghese’s Other Appearances on Reality Television

Following his time as bachelor on the dating reality how, Borghese appeared in a web series which was originally titled, America’s Next Princess. First announced in 2009, the premiere of the series would coincide with that of Royal Pet Clubーan online store for Borghese’s pet products company. While the reality star had previously announced that the show would feature him on a quest for his “princess”, the web series was later revealed to be a spoof of various reality TV shows and celebrities upon its online release in August 2009.

In 2010, Borghese also appeared in the Dutch realities series, Coming to Holland: Prins Zoekt Vrouwーa show which was based on the romantic comedy film, Coming to America. A couple years later, the former bachelor appeared on the tenth season of the British reality show, Celebrity Big Brother 10 UK; he later finished seventh, having lost to comedian, Julian Clary. In 2014, he was also cast in Esquire Network’s, Lucky Bastards.

What’s Lorenzo Borghese Doing Now in 2018- Recent Updates

borghesedog While Borghese hasn’t made too many appearances on television lately, he has been active on the animal advocacy front. The 44 year old animal lover was recently featured on Dogtipperーa site dedicated towards four legged canines and their owners. In a pro-adoption video, Borghese was seen discussing the the importance of pet adopting pets from high-kill shelters.

In addition to having made a small appearance in the recent video, Borghese has also been busy with his own non-profit organization, Animal Aid USA. In honour of the national pet adoption event, “Clear the Shelters Day”, the co-founder along with his staff, have been working alongside pet shelters from across the country in attempts to save the lives of animals from high-kill shelters. During the event, the team provides the necessary medical treatments for dogs from various shelters before transporting them to their adoption partners across the country, where they will receive a greater chance of being adopted. The organization holds the event once every month, and has since saved over 14,000 canines since it was first founded in 2012.

If you’d like to stay connected with the man of The Bachelor fame, you can do so by following him on social mediaーyou can find him on Twitter under the handle @LBorghese. You can also view the reality star’s latest news on his official Facebook page.

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