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Maytronics Dolphin Primal X3 Review

Another bot without a family. The vast majority of Maytronics Dolphin series of robotic pool cleaners get released in packs of three, each aimed at a certain subset of the market. This week has been dedicated to the black sheep of the family. The Primal X3 sounds like it should have a pair of siblings, but alas that is not the case. The Primal X3 is a lovely looking lower mid range bot, comparable to the DX3 or the Quest. A very compact design hides some of the best robotic pool cleaning tech on the market. Dolphins core feature set put a lot of their competition to shame, meaning you can get a fully featured robotic pool cleaner at an exceptional price.

the Primal X3 lacks the bells and whistles of the higher end Dolphin bots, but what it does do it does well. Read on for the full breakdown of the Primal X3, see if this is the right robotic pool cleaner for you.

Maytronics Dolphin Primal X3 Design and Build Quality

DOlphin Primal filter When it comes to determining build quality you have to look at the name. Who built the machine? Dolphin have a reputation in the industry, they make high quality products to suit every consumer. The Primal X3 is no exception, a robust and compact build that will stand the test of time. When you take it out of the box be sure to check how well the parts are fitting, give a a gentle shake. If you hear rattle then you have yourself a dud. I have noticed with low grade import products that the fit tends to be terrible, and I intend to do an in depth review naming and shaming a few of the companies that think they can get away with inferior products.

Aesthetically I love this one. That is not a major point, but when you are trying to decide what to buy within the same price point getting one you like the look of is always a good bet. The sick green finish to the plastic might not be the most aesthetically pleasing thing I have ever seen, but at least you’ll always know here it is in the pool.

The color is a bit weird, but the core design is sound, and rather cool. The fact that it is a Dolphin tells you what the build quality is like, just be sure there are no factory defects when you take it out of the box.

Maytronics Dolphin Primal X3 Features and Specs

A simple in ground pool cleaning robot with a 50′ swivel cable. The swivel cable is a patented design, that is resistant to tangling. For those not in the know, a tangled cable is responsible for the vast majority of cycle stoppages, so that will save you much in the long run. The Primal X3 lacks the dual power brushes seen in the likes of the Quest or the DX3, but the bottom mounted brush is still capable of cleaning deep and well, if not as fast. In addition to cleaning the floor this little bot can climb the pool wall, making the 90 degree transition with ease. I have read that some people’s bots not making the transition. If that is the case with you then send it back.

This tiny little powerhouse measures 11.7 x 18 x 21.7 inches, making it easy to store. The average cycle time is 3 hours, so slightly slower than other robotic pool cleaners that I have reviewed, but still a respectable time. Our pump is the standard Maytronic Dolphin pump, able to filter an impressive 4,322 gallons of water per hour.

Honestly, this is a bare bones device by Dolphin standards. When compared to all the other robotic pool cleaners I have reviewed it does come out favorably, but only because Dolphins lower grade machines are more like mid range from everyone else.

Maytronics Dolphin Primal X3 Ease of Use

I only review a certain kind of robotic pool cleaner. there are options on the market that are complicated. they require manual set up of external pumps and all manner of other things. I think in this day and age, considering how powerful mini internal pumps are, that they are unnecessary. The Primal X3 is an all in one solution. A plug and play device, easy to use by definition. All you have to do is set the cycle, plug it in and drop it in the water. There are a few issues with the build in terms of maintenance, but its core function, that of cleaning a pool quickly and efficiently, is not one of them.

The handle is a little small on this one, but considering how light the build is that is not a major issue. No, I am talking about the much maligned bottom loading filter mesh. I know that Dolphin can make great builds with top loading filter meshes, why they still sell these bottom loading builds is beyond me.

That minor issue does not mar what I would call a well rounded machine.

Maytronics Dolphin Primal X3 Pricing, Value, & Discounts

Dolphin Primal In Water Price is what I would call the most important section. For most of us it is where the choice is made. I am happy to report that the Primal X3 runs between $600 and $800, with most store veering towards the lower end of the spectrum. Considering what you get that is an amazing price. I always argue that any robotic pool cleaner will save you time, and as a result money, i the long term, but here you will see a return in the very short term. Getting a dedicated wall climbing machine in this price range is fantastic.

Now, the only other price to worry about is the cost to run the thing. With the Aquabot line of robotic pool cleaners I can be more specific, as they release the power consumption information about their entire line. Not the case with the Dolphin builds. Find out you local price per kilowatt hour and slot in around 180W, you should get close to 10c per cycle. Not a bad price, but bear in mind that it will add up, so it should always be considered.

Now, the warranty. I spend a fair amount of time combing various warranties for the products I review. I am a fan of comprehensive coverage, and it is something i look for when buying products for myself. With the Aquabot line I had great fun meticulously going through their selection of warranties and calling them out of ludicrous restrictions. That is something i cannot do with the Maytronics warranty, as they have not saw fit to release the information to me. I have contacted them about this and an currently awaiting word back. Rest assured, as soon as I have the information these reviews will be updated. In the meantime I cannot pass judgement on the value of their 24 month bumper to bumper warranty that comes with the Primal X3

Maytronics Dolphin Primal X3 Conclusion

This is an easy one to recommend. The price is low, the feature set is high, and the overall quality on offer here is fantastic. The color might leave a little to be desired, but don’t let it put you off. If this is the upper range of your price requirements, then you have found your new robotic pool cleaner.


  • Automatic, requires no supervision.
  • Anti tangle cable
  • Cleans walls
  • Weekly timer function
  • Amazing price
  • Wonderful simplicity


  • Bottom loading filter
  • Warranty info is light on the ground.
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