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Natural Cures and Remedies for Tired Baggy Eyes

Baggy eyes or scientifically referred to as periorbital puffiness result in swelling around the eyes. The severity of this swelling is determined by diet, health, and heredity. Causes range from sleep deprivation to sweating but general dehydration is the most common cause. Initially symptoms will only display change in the lower eyelid. More intensive symptoms will cause swelling around the entire eye. Medication may be taken to resolve this however, there are multiple natural alternatives that may be used to reduce swelling and prevent symptoms from reoccurring.

Drink Water

eye-bag-cure-remedy-water Water hydrates the skin keeping it healthy and fresh, therefore a lack of water is a common cause for baggy eyes. The reason water is necessary is because salt builds up around the eyes which doesn’t necessarily bock water but more or less causes the water to be spread too thin. This is due to a process known as water retention. Simply consume more water on a regular basis to amend this. Another alternative measure is to reduce daily salt intake to keep your bodily levels of sodium low. Enough water will rehydrate the eyes and remove the bags. Not only will the bags go away be water is always good for you and keeping hydrated will help the entire body.

Remove Makeup

Leaving makeup on overnight dries out your skin and results in baggy eyes. Not only will the skin be dried out but pours will also be clogged with makeup often resulting in acne, red skin, cracks, brittle facial hair, and in some cases aging. Removing makeup before bed will not only prevent these symptoms but also hydrate the face through the removal process. The water splashed onto the face will immediately leave the skin feeling refreshed.

Use Cold Compresses

Cold compresses are exceedingly popular when it comes to caring for the eyes. They’re used to alleviate a variety of different afflictions and baggy eyes are no exception. Cold cucumbers are the most popular application as not only will you gain the benefits of any other cold compress (rags, potatoes, etc.) cucumbers naturally have a variety of built in beneficial properties. They’re one of the best natural skin care remedies keeping skin young, healthy, moisturized, and bag free. The reason for this this is due to the various enzymes, acids, and large amount of water within the juice of cucumbers. This makes cucumbers a good diet choice as well as all of these benefits are also gained from consumption as well.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption can easily dehydrate the skin as such it’s a good idea to keep the booze to a minimum as it only takes a few drinks a week for signs to be displayed in the skin. Not to mention that alcohol is exceedingly bad for the body in a variety of other ways. Cancer notwithstanding alcohol can cause damage to the brain, heart, liver, and immune system.

Improve Sleep

baggy-eye-cure-natural-remedy-time-sleep Sleep deprivation is a common cause for baggy eyes as the body always needs rest. The eyes work almost constantly while awake and they’re not meant to function for a full 24 hours or more. Not only will this strain the eyes and potentially result in bloodshot eyes but the body will naturally try to keep them hydrated inevitably resulting in more of that bad salt build up. If kept unchecked sleep deprivation can also result in heart disease, increased blood pressure, lowered immune system, and even stroke. The body should always receive 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day. This allows the body to renew itself and take a break from most functions. Additionally to increase nasal flow and keep fluid from building up beneath the eyes make sure to sleep a slight angle with 1 or 2 pillows supporting the head.

Manage Allergies

Allergies can often cause the eyes to water and become baggy on top of the runny noses and other inconveniences. Dust is a common cause of allergies which should be kept in check. Dust can accumulate throughout the household along with pollen and other allergy inducing particles as such dust collectors should be regularly cleaned with warm cloth on a weekly basis. It’s also beneficial to continuously run a humidifier to help keep the air moist and breathable.

Limit Computer Usage

natural-cures-baggy-eyes-holisitc-coconut-oil Staring at a monitor for too long can cause eyestrain and eventually damage eyesight. It’s recommended to take breaks between every hour to reduce the amount of stress put on the eyes. It’s also beneficial to keep some distance from the TV or monitor. Special eye wear can be worn to keep these effects in check as well but breaks are still recommended. Another optional step is to keep the lights on; this allows your eyes to focus on multiple planes at a time and reduces the amount of focus on the bright monitor.


While rubbing your eyes is typically a bad idea as anything on the fingers can often irritate the eyes an occasional clean rub from time to time can achieve the opposite. Start by making sure the rag or hand in use has just been cleaned and begin to lightly rub the eyelids. This process works as a kind of massage for the eyes and can be repeated multiple times to provide relief. If allergies are active this is also a great way to clean out any of the liquid build up and renew the eyes.


Andy Debolt
Andy Debolt
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