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Loom and Leaf Vs Layla – Mattress Comparison & Review

I have gone on record before claiming that the Loom and Leaf is probably the most advanced all foam design on the market. The Layla might give them a run for their money. Where the Loom and Leaf is complicated throughout, the Layla uses impressive tech in its memory foam, with the rest of the mattress being finessed. That phrase may have negative connotations, but I assure you that they are not meant here. The Layla is one of the better mattresses that I have tried out, and I am a big fan of using shaped support foam for comfort. The Loom and Leaf is a tough one to compare any mattress to, so let’s see how the Layla fares in this head to head.

Company Vs Company – Layla Vs Saatva

As much as I love Saatva as a company, they have been hesitant to release information regarding their charity work. It is true they donate all returned mattresses, but the same can be said for most mattresses on the market. Layla, by comparison, have been very open regarding the work they are doing within their community, donating mattresses and money to homeless shelters. Add in the donated returned mattresses, and their pledge to donate something every time someone buys one of their products, and you have some of the most admirably philanthropy in the mattress industry. unfortunately easy to call this one, Layla.

Winner – Layla

Layla Vs Loom and Leaf Mattress Build Quality and Materials

Layla Innards Let’s start with a look at the topper material, and with the Loom and Leaf we have that most precious and rare material used. 100% pure cotton. It’s the pinnacle of mattress materials, both extremely durable and wonderfully porous, you literally cannot find a better material, and most alternatives fail to match it on all fronts. Aesthetically it is a clean and simple design, the quintessential mattress. Layla have gone another route, but what route that is I do not know. I have contacted them regarding the material used, but as yet have not received a reply. I do know that their topper is infused with Thermogel. Most thermogel solutions put it into the memory foam, which while good, is not as effective. It leads to excellent cooling, reacting to perspiration immediately. It’s nice, but it isn’t enough to clinch this section for the, The Use of cotton is too great a boon for a mattress.

Winner – Loom and Leaf.

loom and leafOn the inside these two mattresses could not be more or less different. The Layla is a three tiered design that eschews the established norms of the industry. Rather than a base layer and two memory foam layers they go for a reversible mattress. One side is firm and the other soft, but overall this is still a far softer mattress than the Loom and Leaf. If you lay on the soft side you have a 1″ layer of copper infused memory foam at the base, followed by 6″ of support foam and topped with 3″ of copper infused memory foam. that copper infusion is interesting. Copper is an excellent heat conductor, and so it works in tandem with the thermogel topper to help dissipate heat faster. There are some odd claims on the site regarding the medicinal benefits of copper, and while it is true that copper can have medical benefits when absorbed through the skin, slight anti-inflammatory properties, the effect is less than a single 200mg dose of ibuprofen. Bear in mind that the Layla site merely mentions that copper has medical properties, not that their bed will help, and considering the copper is embedded in the memory foam and beneath two layers of fabric so any possible effects are negligible.

The Loom and Leaf is a four tier design, with a dense 5.5″ base layer at the bottom, followed by a transition layer. This transition foam is 2″ thick and allows the support foam to better move with the memory foam layer that comes next. The Loom and Leaf’s memory foam layer is topped with another memory foam layer that uses gel-inserts to mitigate the heat build up, and until I discovered thermogel toppers, was the best way to dissipate heat. The level of comfort on offer here is nothing short of astounding. Most firms go for a minimalist approach to mattress building, stripping out what they feel is unnecessary, but Saatva have always went above and beyond with their builds.

Winner – Loom and Leaf

Layla Vs Loom and Leaf Overall Review

This is a hard one to call. On the one hand the Loom and Leaf is cutting edge mattress design. There is more in it, and they have created one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever tested. The Layla has more versatility, with it’s reversible design, and better cooling. Overall in terms of build quality and materials used I have to call it a draw.

Winner – Draw.

Loom and Leaf Vs Layla – Pricing & Returns Policy

That is some price difference. The Loom and Leaf may be the superior product, but that is very much reflected in the price. A Queen in the Loom and Leaf will set you back $999, but considering you have to pay for delivery that price goes up to $1098. While it might be well worth it, the discounted price of the Layla, at $799, is a very attractive alternative. Free shipping on the Layla too.

SizeLaylaLoom and Leaf
Twin XL$599$799
Cal King$999$1399

When it comes to customer service policy both Saatva and Layla offer the best. The Trial period for the Saatva is 75 days long, significantly less than the 120 days offered by Layla, but both are long enough to make an informed decision. Saatva had the longest warranty of any company until I discovered the Layla. The 15 year warranty with the Loom and Leaf is good, but not quite as good as the Lifetime warranty from Layla. Overall this is an easy section to call. the Layla is both cheaper and comes with more perks.

Winner – Layla.

Loom and Leaf Vs Layla – Conclusion

This was another interesting comparison. I really feel like the Layla is aiming at a very different section of the market. They have a low cost product, that is very high quality, but falls short of true bespoke-esque comfort. The mattress is essentially a two tiered mattress, that is reversible. Don’t let those dissuade you from buying, if it is your price range, and you suffer through long nights of fitful sweaty sleep the Layla is probably the solution you’re looking for. But in this head to head it comes up short against the Loom and Leaf.

Overall winner – Loom and Leaf

Updated Discounts & Coupon Codes

So the bad news is neither of these two companies offer coupons for their mattresses. That said you can actually save a little money by being creative.

Layla 2018 Coupon Code – 

Step 1: Click on this link to apply the discount rate

Step 2: Use the coupon code LOVE79 when checking out to save $79 when checking out.

Loom & Leaf – Saatva doesn’t offer coupons for the Loom & Leaf as they believe in always offering the best price without “pricing gimmicks.” So the only way to get a real discount is buying direct from the manufacturer by clicking here.

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