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Leesa Vs Layla – Mattress Review 2018

The old classic vs the new start, well Layla are to new to me. The Leesa is the benchmark by which I judge most other direct to consumer mattresses. It is medium firm, low cost and excellent at heat management. The Layla’s design differs from the norm in many ways. It is reversible for a start, with each side being a slightly different firmness level. It has solves the heat retention problem, that comes from the use of memory foam, in a way I have never seen before. They infuse the memory foam with copper. They make some dubious claims regarding that copper infusion too, and I’ll debunk them in a moment, but the heat dissipation that results from the copper is very impressive.

So who wins out in this battle? Read on for the full review.

Company Vs Company – Leesa Vs Layla

Both of these companies have a myriad of charity under their belts. The industry standard of donating all returned mattresses is present here for both of them, and its a policy I’d like to see become universal. Layla are also working closely with homeless shelters all of the San Francisco area, donating beds and money. Leesa have pledged to donate a new mattress for every ten sold, and they give generously to various organizations as well. It might seem that we have an even match here, but I must point out that Layla are hesitant to say they donate new mattress for any number sold, saying instead that when someone buys one of their mattresses they make sure someone less fortunate gets to sleep on a bed as well. Overall I am calling this one a draw.

Winner – Draw.

Leesa Vs Layla Mattress Build Quality and Materials

Layla Innards From the top, or the topper material. Most companies see fit to release extensive information on their topper materials, and it makes it much easier to analyze them. Whether you use a cotton or a poly-blend, we can know the strengths and weaknesses. Layla are a bit odd then. We know the tech they use in their topper material, but not the actual fabric. I have contacted them about this, but thus far have received no answer. The tech used is impressive though. they use a Thermogel infused topper. Unlike gel-infused memory foam using it in the topper allows it to work immediately, cooling you down as soon as you start to overheat. it is excellent, and even without know the rest it is my top pick for a cover material. Leesa use a Lycra-blend, which I know to be extremely hard wearing and porous. While their topper is fantastic, they cannot compete in this section. I hope I can update this article in the future with a more in depth analysis of Layla’s cover material, but regardless I have to give this section to them.

Winner – Layla

leesa On to the innards, and here we have a nice comparison. Both of these mattresses use a convoluted foam layer, but they each use it for something different. Leesa use theirs for cooling, and body contouring, while Layla use theirs for support, and body contouring. Either way it is nice to see it. Convoluted foam can go a long way to compensate for a comparative lack of memory foam, conforming to contours and providing extra cooling. The Leesa has a 6″ base foam layer topped with 2″ of memory foam and 2″ of convoluted Avena foam. Avena foam responds rapidly to movement, and provides excellent cooling. It all comes together to craft a fantastic sleeping experience. Leesa has struck a balance between soft and firm, and there is a reason I named it the best mattress of the year.

The Layla is a little different, it is still three layers of foam, but this time it is reversible. One side is firmer and the other side is softer, but overall I would call this a softer bed than the Leesa overall. If we lay on the soft side the base layer is 1″ of memory foam followed by 6″ of convoluted support foam, considering the support foam that base memory foam layer has little impact on the soft side sleeper. The Top layer is 3″ of copper infused memory foam. The Copper infusion leads to better heat dissipation, adding to their already impressive Thermogel topper. The Layla site points out that copper has been used to treat inflammation and arthritic pain, but are careful to not claim that their bed does. In truth, copper can be absorbed through the skin, and it does have some anti-inflammatory effects, but less than a 200mg ibuprofen, and with the copper infused with the foam and under two layers of fabric you are extremely unlikely to receive any health benefits from this.

Winner – Leesa

Leesa Vs Layla Overall Review

Overall this is a hard one to call. The Leesa is the more comfortable mattress overall, but the Layla is fantastic, and provides far better cooling. If you find yourself sweating a lot when you sleep the the Layla may be exactly what you’re looking for, but I urge you to disregard the supposed medicinal benefits of copper. I have to call this one a draw.

Winner – Draw.

Layla Vs Leesa – Pricing & Returns Policy

Oh so close, makes this hard. Both of these mattresses are very competitively price. The Leesa in the Queen is $890, but factor in the $75 discount and the $25 gift card and we have an adjusted price of $815/$790. Layla is not to be outdone though, I have found a full $100 discount on their products in other places, meaning that in terms of payment their mattress is slightly cheaper, at $799. Not much of a difference, and it ignores the build of each, but that is still a win for them here.

Twin XL$625$599
Cal King$990$999


When it comes to policy Leesa are hard to beat, but Layla have outdone them here. The Trial period offered by Leesa is a little less than the 120 offered by Layla, at 100 nights. More than enough time to figure out if you want to keep the mattress or not either way. If you find you do not like the mattress you can return it free of charge, they will even come and pick it up, goes for both firms. The warranty offered by Leesa is the standard 10 year warranty offered by many in the mattress business. And while that is good, Layla offer a lifetime warranty. The average lifespan of a mattress is 10 years, so I expect that warranty to be worth quite a bit in the long run.

Winner – Layla

Layla Vs Leesa – Conclusion

This has been an interesting head to head. The Layla is the best mattress in this price range for cooling. Not even the Leesa can match it there. They use some interesting tech and that copper infused memory foam to great effect. I am skeptical regarding the supposed medicinal benefits of sleeping on a copper infused mattress, but there is no questioning the quality of rest on offer her. In terms of overall sleeping quality I would rank the Leesa as the better of the two. Both mattresses do their job, and well, but the Leesa has that edge.

Overall Winner – Leesa

2018 Discounts & Coupon Codes

So the bad news is neither of these two companies offer couponsĀ for their mattresses. That said you can actually save a little money by being creative.

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