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Jaden Smith Net Worth – How Rich is Jaden Smith

Whether you know him for his acting, his music, his lifestyle brand, or his cryptic Twitter account, you have probably heard of Jaden Smith. As the son of Will Smith, Jaden was famous almost before he was even born. Born into an affluent, popular family, this young man already has an impressive portfolio in the entertainment world. Besides his brand, what is Jaden Smith actually worth? Is his line of work profitable in any way? In this article, I’ll be covering what Smith has been able to accomplish in his life up through this point, while also talking about how much money he has been paid in the process. Let’s learn a little more about this young star.

Jaden Smith Net Worth – $8 Million

How did Jaden Smith make his money & wealth?

jaden-smith-pursuit-of-happyness Jaden Smith was born in July of 1998 in Malibu, California, as the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Jaden was obviously brought up in a very good household, with supportive, dedicated, and capable parents. Considering his parents, it’s really no surprise that Jaden was introduced to the entertainment industry at a very young age. His first film appearance was in 2002, when he made a cameo appearance in his dad’s movie, Men in Black II. This would definitely not be the last time that Smith would appear in a movie alongside his father. His major film debut came in 2006, when he had a role in the film The Pursuit of Happyness. In this film, he was cast as Christopher Gardner, Jr., with Will Smith playing the role of his father.

Jaden’s performance in this role was highly praised, and he was nominated for several awards due to the impressive quality of his breakout role. Just two years later, he had another role in The Day the Earth Stood Still, a remake of the science fiction classic. Again, Jaden impressed audiences with his abilities as a performer at such a young age. He acquired his first leading role in 2010 when he starred in The Karate Kid, another remake. This contemporary take on the classic was well-received by audiences, and Jaden’s portrayal of the protagonist Dre Parker attracted a lot of buzz. This film also coincided with the beginning of his music career. He rapped on the Justin Bieber Track “Never Say Never”, which was heavily featured in The Karate Kid‘s promotional material.

jaden-smith-after-earth In the years to follow, a young Jaden became more of a public figure than anything else. In 2012, he released a mixtape entitled The Cool Cafe, which was released as a free digital download. Although the mixtape didn’t end up becoming anything major, it was still an impressive release coming from someone at such a young age. 2013 was also a busy year for the young actor, with him co-starring alongside Will Smith in the science fiction film After Earth. The movie was considered a dud by most critics, but it continued to push Smith into the limelight. By the release of After Earth, most everyone had heard of Jaden Smith, and he was rapidly becoming something more than “Will Smith’s son”.

In the years to follow, Jaden embraced his role as a public figure. In 2013, he started his own clothing and lifestyle brand, MSFTSrep. The brand sells a wide variety of different clothes, and its conception marked one of Jaden’s first stints at something outside of the entertainment industry. In 2014, it was announced that Jaden had nailed down a couple of other major film roles. He is currently slated to reprise his portrayal of Dre Parker in The Karate Kid 2 and he is set to have a major role in the film The Good Lord Bird, which is a novel adaptation. In that same year, he released the mixtape CTV2, a sequel to The Cool Cafe. In 2015, he released a full-fledged album, entitled This Is The Album. One of his largest musical appearances came in 2014, when he was featured on two tracks of Childish Gambino’s album Kauai.

jaden-smith-the-get-down More recently, Jaden has been doing a good job at keeping his career feeling fresh. Earlier in 2016, he appeared in a new version of The Black Eyed Peas’ hit single “Where Is The Love?” alongside other musicians like Usher, DJ Khaled, Diddy, Tori Kelly, and ASAP Rocky. He was also able to acquire a major television role, appearing as Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling in the popular Netfilx original series The Get Down. Jaden just turned 18 earlier this year, but I don’t think that anyone can deny that he has seen a pretty rapid and impressive rise to fame. Considering his parentage, he doesn’t really have to worry about money, but even if he did, I think that his career would more than support him.

Jaden Smith Personal Life & FAQs:

Who is Jaden Smith dating?

As a famous young guy, it’s no surprise that Jaden’s personal life has been the subject of a lot of scrutiny by the media. In the past, he has held high-profile romantic relationships with the likes of Stella Hudgens and Kylie Jenner. Today, he is currently dating Sarah Snyder, an American model.

Jaden Smith Salary & Annual Earnings in 2016

It feels weird to use words like ‘salary’ when we discuss someone as young as Jaden Smith, but he has kept himself so busy through his young adult life that he makes enough money for this kind of discussion to make sense. His earnings from The Karate Kid made him one of Hollywood’s most highest paid child actors. Today, it can be estimated that he makes around $950,000 per year.

How much does Jaden Smith make per day?

If you use that salary estimate, you can just use some simple arithmetic to calculate how much Jaden Smith makes on a day to day basis. In a 365 day year, Jaden makes approximately $2,602 per year. This is definitely not bad from someone who hasn’t even gone to college.

What does Jaden Smith drive? Picture of Jaden Smith’s car

jaden-smith-tesla-model-x Earlier this year, Jaden went and bought himself his very first car. Of course, he decided to go big. Jaden is the owner of a Tesla Model X, a car that wasn’t even on the market when he purchased it in February of 2016. The super car cost him around $130,000, but considering the luxury of this thing, it’s worth every penny. As far as first cars go, I think that Smith’s is a lot nicer than the first cars that a lot of teenagers end up with.

Jaden Smith’s Philanthtopy

Jaden is well-known for being someone who is politically and socially active. He and his sister made headlines earlier this year when they decided to protest the Academy Awards due to the lack of diversity in their nominations. Over the years, Jaden has supported PROJECT ZAMBI, the Standing Rock Protests, and Just Water.

Jaden Smith’s Accomplishments

He has really only been in film for the last 10 years, but Jaden Smith has already won quite a few different awards for his work across several different films. In 2006, he won the MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough Performance for his work in The Pursuit of Happyness. In 2008, he won the Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Young Actor for The Day the Earth Stood Still. In 2010, he won the BET Award for YoungStars Award for The Karate Kid. He has also earned countless nominations for various awards for his work in film.

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