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Top Five Games Like Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a video game wherein you control a pathogen as it infects and ultimately kills the entire global population. You are tasked in evolving the pathogen so it could possess infectious symptoms and  traits, resistances to medicine and extreme weather, and many others. So far there are 11 disease types, each with unique characteristics that provide different gameplay experiences.

If you are on the hunt for something that’s similar to eradicating the human race by any means necessary then you’ve come to the right place. Check out our list of games like Plague Inc.

Top Five Games like Plague Inc.

Universe Pandemic 2

Available on: Android / iOS

top-five-games-like-plague-inc-universe-pandemic-2 Universe Pandemic 2 puts you in control of the commander of the “Gaarg”, an extraterrestrial species that harvest souls for energy. At the start you can choose between Earth or two other alien planets to devastate. On Earth you are given the choice of continents instead of wreaking havoc on the entire globe.

The game begins with a choice of four pathogens namely virus, bacteria, nanobots, and quantum entity. These pathogens have unique traits and they are your primary way of killing the population. You can modify the pathogen by purchasing abilities and specials with the use of soul globes. There are challenges on each continent that will earn you Gaia gems which are used to upgrade powerful abilities and traits. Aside from the pathogen you can also slaughter your victims with artificial thunder storms, earthquakes, and other abilities from your mothership.

Universe Pandemic 2’s interface is pretty dark and you can only see a couple of moving white dots that represent ships and aircraft. The territories you destroy eventually turn red as their population dwindles and ultimately they become black when completely annihilated. Like in Plague Inc. there are messages that scroll above the screen which update you with what’s happening on the game world. The game also has a multiplayer mode in case you’re tired of ravaging worlds on your own.

Infectonator 2

Available on: Android / iOS / Browser

top-five-games-like-plague-inc-infectonator-2 Games that have zombies in it usually focus on the protagonists killing endless waves of these mindless undead. In Infectonator 2 you are tasked in turning humans into mindless zombies while helping them with abilities to maximize the body count.

At the start you are only limited to two levels namely Beijing and the entrance to Santa’s factory. Each country has certain challenges that will reward you with extra gold when you accomplish them.  In a level there are a number of humans walking around and you can at first infect a few of them with a virus, turning them into zombies that will eat the other unfortunate souls nearby. You can support your zombies with additional reinforcements or abilities like throwing a hand grenade or setting up a trap. The zombies can also be upgraded to permanently boost their stats like damage resistance and movement speed, and you can unlock different variants of the undead once you’ve earned enough gold.

Infectonator 2 was initially a browser-based game and was ported to mobile devices in 2012. It is free in Android and has a $1 price tag on the iOS App Store. Check the game out if you’re in the mood for some zombie mayhem.

Infect Them All 2: Zombies

Available on: iOS

top-five-games-like-plague-inc-infect-them-all Infect Them All 2 is similar to Infectonator as the game makes good use of zombies to chew on everything not undead on the screen although, unlike the latter, the victims here are instead turned to zombies instead of dying when eaten.

The game boasts a campaign with 100 levels and as you progress you can unlock up to a maximum of eight zombie units, each with their own unique abilities. A typical level will have you tap on the screen to deploy your zombie and manually control it to attack humans. The infected eventually turn into zombies that will help you get rid of the remaining targets. You also have to keep moving as your life steadily depletes when you don’t bite someone. You can earn gold that you can use to upgrade your zombie’s stats like damage, lifespan, or special ability, and these upgrades are crucial in the later levels as the humans learn how to fight and you can get killed. Upgrade prices become more expensive hence necessitating the need to grind for gold.

Aside from the main campaign there are also extra levels and an infinite mode to further test the efficacy of your undead minions. Infect Them All 2: Zombies is a great time killer although its extremely limited availability is quite a letdown.

Bio Inc.

Available on: Android / iOS

top-five-games-like-plague-inc-bio-inc In Plague Inc. you are in control of a pathogen that must be evolved in order to spread worldwide and eradicate humanity. In Bio Inc. the mayhem takes place inside the body of an individual and you must kill him / her with a cocktail of symptoms and diseases.

Before starting a play session you are given a choice of “stages” which are actually persons ranging from an extremely fit athlete to an overweight sedentary smoker. The game monitors your victim’s biological systems starting from the nervous system down to the renal system. You collect bio points that look like spherical bacteria that pop up on the victim’s body. The bio points are used to purchase diseases that will attack the victim, and you can also evolve certain risk factors such as being workaholic or obesity to make matters worse. The more potent your disease is the more bio points you can earn. Messages will pop up on the screen which indicate the effects of your purchases upon the victim and you must ultimately kill / him her before the recovery hits 100% as the doctors try to fight your progress with medicines and treatments.

There are a lot of diseases that you can choose from and you can even tailor your “build” to a certain condition such as lung cancer or even make your poor guinea pig commit suicide. These diseases are also well-explained which give you a good idea on what they to the body. Bio Inc. is a great game like Plague Inc. even if it does not take place on a global scale.

Pandemic: The Board Game

Available on: Android / iOS

top-five-games-like-plague-inc-pandemic If you prefer to save the world instead of destroying it then Pandemic: The Board Game is the game for you. Pandemic is based on the highly-popular board game and now its mobile incarnation is gathering impressive reviews.

The game puts you in the shoes of a group of CDC officers, each with unique roles to play, as you try to stop four diseases before they render the human race extinct. Officers take turns performing actions like moving around the globe to treat diseases. Time is of the essence as the infections spread in each turn and there are several ways to lose the game. In fact your first few games will surely be losing streaks, and there will be a lot of moments that make you think if one more turn was the winning blow.

There is no option to play with AI-controlled players; instead you are given command of the entire team. You can play with friends via pass and play, and there is no online multiplayer mode as of now. Check out Pandemic and experience the hit board game right on your fingertips.


There we go with the games like Plague Inc.. Do you have other games to suggest? Have you played any of these games? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.


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