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Best Apps for Increasing Battery Life on the iPhone and iPad

One of the most relatable struggles of owning a smart device is having to keep it properly charged. For some people, this means always making sure that you’re near an outlet. For other people, it means carrying around different cables and cord with you everywhere you go. Some people even go so far as to purchase portable power banks so that they are able to charge their devices no matter where they are. There are obviously a few manual steps that a person can take in order to make their battery last a lot longer. There are also many applications in the App Store that you can use to monitor and manage your battery usage. In this article, I’m going to be talking about the best apps for increasing battery life on the iPhone and iPad.┬áLet’s jump right in.

#5 – Battery Manager Pro

battery manager pro Battery Manager Pro is one of the more popular battery management applications on the App Store, and it’s with pretty good reason. This app costs $1.99, and it helps you to do quite a few things to increase your battery life. First of all, it comes with a list of tips and tricks that you can employ to increase your battery life, even without the app. It allows you to monitor a charge cycle and how and it affects your standard battery life. It allows you to see how long you could run each of your apps, which gives you an idea of how much power each of those apps consumes. My favorite part of Battery Manager Pro is its dock mode feature, which lets you easily see your phone’s charge level from a distance. The standard battery indicator is tiny and in the corner, which isn’t always the most convenient place for it to be. Battery Manager Pro costs $1.99 in the App Store, and I think that most people could get some pretty good use out of it.

#4 – Battery Saver Magic Pro

battery saver magic pro The next battery management application that I’m going to be talking about is Battery Saver Magic Pro. This app says that it is able to actually increase your iPhone or iPad’s typical battery life, which is a bold claim. It seems to be a substantiated one, though, based on the success and popularity that this app has seen for the last few years. Battery Saver Magic Pro is packed with an assortment of different features, including one that lets you monitor and log statistics from every complete charge. It also comes with various battery saving tips, and a screen where you can look and see usage time for many of the applications and activities on your device. Do you want to see if you have to take a charger with you if you want to listen to music for three hours on a road trip? That may seem like an impossible question to answer, but it really isn’t with this app. Battery Saver Magic Pro costs $0.99, which is a small price to pay for the energy that you save.

#3 – Battery HD+

battery hd Battery HD+ is the next battery saving app that I’m going to be talking about, but try not to let the name fool you. Despite the HD in its name, it can be used for iPads, iPhones, and iPods alike. The app provides regular battery life updates, and like the other apps that I’ve already mentioned, it also lets you see estimated running times for the applications that you have on your device. If you use Battery HD+ while your Apple device is actually charging, then you’ll also be able to see an indicator that tells you how much longer your device will take to reach a full charge. This takes out a lot of the guess work if you’re trying to get out the door with a fully charged iDevice. If you leverage the information that this app gives you in just the right way, then I’m confident that you’ll see an increase in your iPhone or iPad’s battery life. At the very least, you’ll be able to use it in a smarter way.

#2 – Battery Life

battery life With a simple and fitting name, Battery Life is an application that does an amazing job at letting you manage the battery life of your Apple device. Battery Life is a unique app that takes a very different approach to diagnosing your issues with charge. This application is actually capable of seeing how worn your device’s battery is. You may not know this, but rechargeable batteries can’t just live forever. They are usually created to last a certain number of charge cycles, which means that the more you use it, the shorter your average battery life will become. If your battery wear level comes back good, then that means that you’re battery issues don’t have anything to do with hardware. If your battery wear level comes back poor, then you’re probably going to seriously be considering having a replacement. Battery Life also lets you check out technical details regarding all aspects of your device’s hardware. It offers a very effective under the hood solution to your battery needs.

#1 – Battery Doctor

battery doctor Finally, let’s talk about Battery Doctor. If you recognize the name of this app, that’s because it’s one of the biggest battery apps that the iOS platform has ever really seen. It has been around for a very long time, which means that a lot of work has gone into this app to make it as functional as it can possibly be. Battery Doctor does a lot. It can help you delete junk files off of your device. (Obviously, an iDevice with less used storage will run smoother, which means that it will also have a longer battery life.) It can help you monitor your daily battery use. It can help you single out the greatest battery killing culprits on your device. Battery Doctor is a trusted name in battery management apps, and if you decide to install this free application, then I’m confident that you’ll see a major performance boost on your Apple iPhone or iPad device.

With that, I close out my list of the best apps for increasing battery life on the iPhone and iPad. There are a lot more than just the five that I mentioned, but I just think that these five are some of the best.

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