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Shopify Coupon Codes January 2020 – Updated Promo’s List

Another look at an old article set, updated for the coupon code crowd. I have already taken a look back at Oberlo and the Shopified App, so now I might as well look at the core eCommerce solution required to use those apps. Shopify itself.

I reviewed literally every eCommerce solution on the market late last year, and came to the conclusion that Shopify was the best of them. It was close in a few instances, and for certain kinds of business there were one or two better options on the market, but from a mass appeal, broad approach perspective Shopify offered the most comprehensive experience and continues to do so today, with a few price changes for the better these days too.

Shopify are one of the older options out there, and have grown to encompass a wide variety of business styles, from the small start-up to the large retailer, and even offer a few hybrid solutions, consolidated online and offline presence in a streamlined and easy to use format. Best of all they are priced very competitively, while not the cheapest, in terms of value for money no other firm can match Shopify.

But we are here for more than just information on Shopify, we are here for coupon codes, and unlike the articles on drop shipping software, I have been able to unearth a few. One of the downsides is that Shopify periodically releases new coupon codes exclusively through their social media accounts, so the most up to date data is likely to be seen there first. I will be trying to keep my list updated to the best of my ability.

Shopify Coupon Codes January 2020 – Updated Deals

The core deal offered by Shopify is the 14 day free trial, long enough to get to grips with the systems and make a go of a store. Using any of the below requires you to type the codes in at the point of sale.

Step 1: Click here to activate any coupon codes & check if there are any additional discounts available at Shopify.

  • HOLIDAY0701 – 10% off select packages.
  • SHOP15 – 15% off Select Packages.

Regardless of the savings here I think it is easy to argue that Shopify is an amazing product, and if you are looking to start a business, it is priced perfectly for all of our wallets. You should at least give them a try.

Shopify 2020- A Brief Re-Review

shopify themes e1462839046509 So let’s take a brief look at Shopify itself. I realize that anyone looking at this article is already familiar with Shopify, but it can’t hurt to refresh your memory as to why you choose it in the first place.

Shopify are an all in one online storefront solution first and foremost. One of the major selling points in the intuitive nature of setting up, and the streamlined services are some of the most advanced on the market. Setting up a site is a simple matter of buying an account, and clicking a few options. The selection of themes on offer are some of the best out there, a combination of the boutique-esque, and the rough and ready ream of products style. I have looked at every template offered by other eCommerce solutions, and Shopify offer the most attractive free themes.

The feature set of Shopify is as robust as any eCommerce option, and far more expansive than most. Granted, you don’t get everything unless you shell out for the more expensive packages, but the core experience, the cheapest package, offers more than enough to make a name for yourself. From the SEO tool integration, the Facebook support and the low price of $29 per month, setting up shop is a simple, and involved affair.

Shopify can be used to suit all manner of business types, from Dropshipping, to bespoke items, and there are themes aplenty to suit your needs. In terms of ease of use it could not be simpler. A selection of useful, time saving features are included in even the most basic package, and as you find your business growing you are able to move through the packages on the fly. Scalability is not an issue with Shopify, and as far as I can tell there really is no limit to your store size, unlike with other services more focused on certain business sizes.

Shopify Pricing e1487604516342 The cost is the final issue to consider. The Basic Shopify Package is $29 per month, the full Shopify is $79 per month, while Shopify Advanced is $299 per month. For most of us the first two packages are more than capable of meeting our needs. The full Shopify experience is my favorite, due to the sales reports and gift card options. If these three packages do not meet your needs there is also Shopify Lite, little more than a buy button really, with no advanced options, great for Facebook based stores, costing $9 per month. For the larger retailer there is the bespoke option from Shopify, called Shopify Plus. Prices on Plus vary though.

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