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What Happened to Matt Grant – Recent Update for 2018

Matt Grant was the star of the special London Calling season of The Bachelor back in 2008. He proposed to Shayne Lamas at the end of the season, but like most couples who meet on The Bachelor, their relationship ended not too long after. Last December, he announced he was engaged to Rebecca Moring, which left a lot of people wondering what Grant was up to between his relationship with Shayne and now.

Matt Grant on The Bachelor

Before starring on Season 12 of The Bachelor, Matt Grant worked for Lombard Asset Finance (RBS) in Cambridge, England. He was a financier and business manager.

Matt is notable for being the first star not from North America. The show’s producers emphasized this in their marketing materials for the season, which they called The Bachelor: London Calling (a nod to The Clash’s seminal album.)

Most of Matt Grant’s stint on The Bachelor was fairly unremarkable. Holly Durst, a contestant he eliminated in Week 4, went on to appear in the second season of Bachelor Pad. She ultimately ended up winning that season of Bachelor Pad alongside Michael Stagliano. Erin Storm, eliminated a week earlier, became a pilot and died in a plane crash last year.

By the finale, Matt had narrowed the field of 25 contestants down to just two: Shayne Lamas and Chelsea Wanstrath. Chelsea was a pharmaceutical sales rep from Colorado, and Shayne was an actress from Malibu. Through the season, Matt clearly had a fun time with Chelsea, and the two had great chemistry. But Shayne was an actress, so she ended up receiving a proposal from Matt at the end of the Final Rose Ceremony.

What’s Matt Grant Doing Now in 2018 – Recent Updates

Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas relationship ended two months after the finale aired – five months after he proposed. The break-up was caused by Lamas cheating on Grant while she was in Las Vegas.

In 2010, Shayne married Nik Richie, co-founder of a tabloid website, just a few hours after meeting him in Las Vegas. A year later they had their first child, a daughter they named Press Dahl. In early 2014, Lamas had a widely publicized miscarriage where she had to stay in the ICU for a couple days.

In 2010, Matt Grant dated his publicist, Sarah Roberts, but that relationship only lasted a few months. He went on to date Natalie Getz, a contestant from Season 13 of The Bachelor, but only for a few months in 2011.

After leaving The Bachelor, Matt went back to focusing on his banking career. He tried online dating for a while, but in 2015, met Rebecca Moring while at a pub in London. The two quickly hit it off, and last December they got engaged. He proposed to her on Christmas Eve, and in the announcement he made to People, called her his “best friend.” The two are planning on getting married at the famous Brympton House in Somerset, England sometime later this year.

Morgan Sennhauser
Morgan Sennhauser
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