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OSO Mattress Coupon Codes – January 2020 Updated Promo Codes

This is a bit of a surprise to me. I have a coupon topic land in front of me regarding a mattress I never reviewed. Well I couldn’t have that, so I did what any reviewer worth his salt would do, I made it my mission to get my hands on the OSO mattress and see how it fares. This article will differ from my previous coupon code pieces, in that it will be a little more in depth. Think of it as a combination piece, the coupon codes are important, don’t get me wrong, but you need to be fully informed before you make a decision on a mattress. So you can check out the review below the promo code if you are interested!

OSO Mattress Conclusion and Coupons – July 2018

I really rather like this one. There are a few issues from my perspective, the lack of transparency regarding the topper material, and the relative lack of use in the firm side, but those are small issues in the grand scheme of things. The core sleeping experience is wonderful, and there really is no other mattress that feel like this, it is comfortable, well priced and, best of all, you can get a discount on it. I took a look around the web for a code or two, and frankly, none of them were quite as good the core one. $50 off any mattress purchase with the following code.

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About the OSO

The OSO mattress is an interesting one. Where most firms go for the tried and true three tiers of foam, the folks over at OSO have made a comfortable, contour forming build without memory foam. Their solution is an in house latex spring support system, and one I was eager to test out.

So let’s start with a look at Reverie themselves, the people behind the OSO, and see who we’re getting into bed with.

About Reverie

Reverie are a US company that has all of their manufacturing in the United States, the mattress industry is famous for bringing jobs back into the country, and it is nice to see that the people behind the OSO are doing the same. They are little over a decade old, and began selling highly customizable latex spring based beds a while back. The OSO is a riff on the same tech, but with less customization options making it far more affordable. They have a plethora of philanthropic endeavors to their name, besides the now standard returned mattress donations, and have joined with a variety of charities, including the children’s charity Sweet Dreamzzz. Overall I came away from my research impressed. I am a big fan of firms giving back to the community, and Reverie seem to have made that a priority.

OSO Mattress Build Quality & Materials

OSO Mattress inside e1486902110839 I always start my reviews with the cover material, and for the vast majority of mattresses I know exactly what is in them, and how they relate to my cover material triangle. Durability, Breathability and Comfortability. Most firms have to sacrifice one to some extent, and knowing the exact material used is key to finding out which. Reverie has not released that information to the public and I am currently waiting on word back from them regarding it. What I do know is that the topper material seems to be fairly hard wearing, though a little less smooth than I would like. Aesthetically it is lovely though, the white speckled bottom section looks great, and the grey topper contrasts nicely. It seems as though the bottom material is slightly different than the top, which might indicate two different materials, like the Novosbed, which would mean the the firm has targeted the areas of the mattress under the most stress and reinforced them, allowing the mattress ti tackle all three pillars at once. I will update when I know more.

Onto the insides, and this mattress gets really interesting here. This is a reversible build, and I don’t mean you can flip it over like the Layla, rather you rotate it 180 degrees and get a whole new firmness level. The reason for this lies in the position of the Latex spring section. If you look at the second image you can see what I mean. The argument goes that your lower body is less discerning when it comes to pliability, and so moving the Latex springs to the foot of the bed makes no real difference to your lower body. In terms of foam composition we have 6 inches of Revtech support foam, a variant that lacks dangerous chemicals, though I imagine they are hardly unique in not having large quantities of cadmium in their foam. That is inset with the latex springs on one end. Topping it is 1.5 inches of Revtech TM foam, more of a transition layer than a real comfort layer, and finally we have 1.5’ inches of premium Talalay latex foam. The Talalay process of making foam latex is fascinating, and well worth a read if you have the time. the end result is a hypoallergenic top layer.

OSO mattress inside e1486902125607 The lack of memory foam was troubling for me, I like the way the stuff hugs and molds, but the use of the latex springs instead is very clever. It creates a more bespoke contouring experience, perfect for those with back issues, and feels like a softer more modern riff on the old wrapped contour coils, used by the likes of Saatva. The firm side was really not for me, and if you intend to use the Firm side then you are missing out on the unique selling feature, the aforementioned Latex springs. There are better firm mattresses out there in that case.

OSO Mattress Overall Review

The OSO mattress is a work of art. While I do not think that the reversible aspect of the build is a major selling point, in fact I think it renders the point of the mattress a little moot, the core experience, that of the Latex springs, is astounding. You really have to feel this thing to get what I mean. With a nice long trial window you can do so safely and I really do insist that you give it a go. The closest thing I think of to compare it to is the Purple, a novel contouring style that support and runs cool, without all the hug for a memory foam mattress.

OSO Mattress – Pricing & Returns Policy

With the tech used, and a brief look at their other products, I expected the OSO mattress to be on the expensive end, and while it is a little, the pricing section could have looked a lot worse. The Queen will cost you $925, less than some but more that most. The key selling point here is the lack of mattress cling, so if you feel stifled by most other builds out there you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.

Twin$70038″ x 74″ x 9″ (35 lbs)
Twin XL$75038″ x 80″ x 9″ (38 lbs)
Full$90054″ x 74″ x 9″ (50 lbs)
Queen$92559″ x 80″ x 9″ (59 lbs)
King$100076″ x 80″ x 9″ (76 lbs)
Cal King$100072″ x 84″ x 9″ (76 lbs)


The free shipping is a nice touch, and it is always good to remember that OSO are a mattress firm, and so have some of the best customer support on the planet. I don’t know why it is, but all mattress companies have excellent customer support policies in place, combined with their charity work it makes the business as a whole very attractive to me. The trial period on an OSO mattress is 101 nights. If you don’t like the build by that time simply call them up and they will issue a refund and pay for delivery. The warranty is great too, a full ten years of coverage, and remember that mattress warranties cover visible sag within this period. Mattresses should remain springy for a long time to come.

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