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Ghostbed Coupon Codes & Promo’s – January 2020 Update

When the word came to me that we would be doing a series of reviews on coupon codes I was fairly excited, always good to be writing in a new area. When I found that a fair number of the topics were to be on mattresses I was extremely happy.

Too often when I do a review series I end up with a lot of in depth knowledge that, for the most part, never gets used again. I learned an awful lot about mattress design and construction, so I could give you, the customer, the best information available. It is nice to be able to use that again, as I look at the Ghostbed.

I reviewed the Ghostbed fairly late in my series, which is weird because their parent company is actually the oldest in the business. More than 100 years of construction experience behind Nature’s sleep, and their first foray into the world of direct to consumer mattresses is a solid build.

Nothing revolutionary, but a near unmatched price, and an impressive list of materials used.

Ghostbed Coupon Codes July 2018

Using the coupons and promo codes for Ghostbed is easy.

Step 1: Click here to visit the website and see if there are any new coupons available (all the latest deals show up via a popup) If nothing new is available choose from a coupon code below.

  • $85 off Ghost Pillow – PILLOW2
  • $50 off All Ghostbeds – RT50
  • 3 Free Ghost Pillows with your Twin Ghostbed – Holiday1
  • 3 Free Ghost Pillows with your Queen Ghostbed – Holiday2

We have just left the real holiday season, and so the best deals are gone. I expect to see a repeat of last years Black Friday and Christmas deals this year, I say the bed getting $100 off in some places. I will be keeping this updated. I included a coupon code for the Ghost pillow, an excellent little supplementary piece of bedding, and one that I actually use too. The three free ghost pillows deal is a $200+ saving by the way, so well worth it. The best thing about the Ghostbed is their customer service policies.

The mattress business, in general, have some of the best customer support, and with Nature’s Sleep being a bit of a powerhouse of the industry, they offer even more than is standard. Their warranty is rock solid. It covers sag and other design defects, and it lasts for twenty years. That is twice as long as the competition, and seen as the company has existed in one form or another for a century it is well worth it. In addition, you have 101 days to test out the bed, see if it is what you’re looking for. if you don’t like it they donate the mattress on your behalf.

Ghostbed Mattress 2018 – A Brief Re-Review

ghostdog e1462311936475 I always start with a look at the topper material, and for the most part that sets the tone of the review, a good material and an aesthetically pleasing design goes a long way to endearing a mattress to me before I get to sleep on the thing. With the Ghostbed, regardless of how good it is, the topper section is its Achilles heel. A simply poly blend, one that is quite comfortable, sure, and more than durable enough, but nor as porous as I would like. The mattress does not need much more in the way of heat dissipation beyond the internal foam, but it would have been nice to see cotton here, or maybe a combination material like the Novosbed.

The internals of the build are impressive. A three tiers of foam design that borrows much from its contemporaries. At the base we have 7.5″ of support foam, pliable and breathable stuff here, I find that the extra half an inch is a little stiff for me, but the firmness is at least offset by the next layer, two full inches of gel infused memory foam. Gel memory foam is amazing stuff, helps dissipate heat in such a cool powerful way. Topping the whiole thing off is some aerated latex foam, a rapid response foam that facilitates body position movements. The latex foam aids in cooling as well, which might be a bit overkill, but overall a fine combination, in terms of comfort.

Overall the build is well put together. I have some issues with the core design, but nitpicks are part of the review process, and if you spent the better part of a year sleeping on all the best mattresses out there you would have issues with all of them too. The place that the Ghostbed makes up the difference, for me at least, is in the price. The Queen size is $795, and for what you get that price is absolutely astounding.

Hope you found what you’re looking for here, and be sure to check back for more updates as the year progresses. If you are still on the fence regarding the Ghostbed be sure to check out my full review here.

Barry W Stanton
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