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Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder Review – 2018 Update

My final final coffee grinder review. Sad to see the series go, but I feel I have looked at all the grinders in the price range that I wanted to. The Quiseen On-Touch is a bladed build, and long time readers will know what that means. A small number of inherent problems when using it for coffee, and a massive increase in general utility as a kitchen appliance. I like the look of this build, and the price is absolutely amazing for what you get.

Electric grinders are so easy to use. Electric bladed grinders are easier still. There is no messing around with options here. It is a simple “Hold the Button in until the grind is done” affair. I love that, I mean, even timer set grinders don’t take too long, what are you going to get done with the time you save by not having to hold down a button? Nothing is what, so the manufacturers might as well take advantage of the ease of design here.

It was difficult to find information on Quiseen, and what I did find did not paint a pretty picture. They offer a small range of kitchen appliances, and it is nice to see focus, but a lack of warranty information indicates that the firm is small enough to get away with a lack of transparency. There has been a small marketing push for them, but nothing substantial.

My usual caveat goes here. I am not a coffee drinker. I make coffee, and spent a number of years as a barista, but I never developed a taste for the drink. I like eating the beans though. It will be my partner’s job to taste test the coffee I make. She is an avid consumer of coffee, and is more than up to the task of taste testing the brews.

As to the method, I will be making three kinds of grind. Coarse, medium and fine. With the electric grinders it will be a case of holding the button in for set amounts of time. 10 seconds, 20 seconds and 30 seconds. I will also be doing a bonus of “Until my hand gets tired” seconds to see how that goes. My brewing methods are the French Press and the Moka pot. My medium grind is for observation, a look at the uniformity of the grind, while the coarse is for the french press and the fine is for the Moka pot.

So let’s take a look at the quality of the build here first and foremost.

Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder Design and Build Quality

A quick look at this grinder will tell you it is not of terribly high quality. Holding it for a few minutes will confirm that too. From a design perspective is is quite lovely though, most of the stuff I own is that shade of white, so it matches, but the all plastic body, and the light weight of the build, does not inspire confidence. The blades are stainless steel though, and pretty powerful. It can hold 2.5oz of product in the hopper, which isn’t bad, around enough for seven cups of drip coffee. One of the nice things about these compact bladed builds is the ease of use. Holding it steady as it grinds is easy, but I would still recommend you use it on a rubber mat to prevent slippage.

In terms of settings, well there aren’t any. There are upsides and downsides to adding features to a grinder. Personally I think the fewer features the better. All I want a grinder to do is grind, and the streamlined process by which the Quiseen does so is nothing short of dream like. Cleaning the grinder is simple too, the required parts come away easily and a quick rinse takes no time at all. Do not machine wash, else you run the risk of damaging your grinder.

Now we need to talk about the difference between bladed and burr based coffee grinders. Broad spectrum, one is the clear winner, the burr mill, but don’t count the bladed grinders out just yet. The reason for the core superiority is the shape of the grain. When you grind coffee you want the grain, whether it is coarse r fine, to be uniform, each particle roughly the same size. The reason for this is in the brew. When you brew, no matter the method, the coffee grinds release their flavor and chemicals at a rate dependant on the grain size. When they are the same size you get a nice even release, and thus a well rounded drink. Burr mills tend to grind uniform no matter the fineness rating.

Bladed grinders cannot grind uniform and coarse. Simply cannot happen. So if you are using a french press, or even a drip coffee, then a burr grinder is a must. Now, I maintain that bladed grinders can do a fine, or ultra fine, very well. Just hold the button in long enough and you get a grind that is very uniform, comparing favorably to the burr mill fine grind in terms of coffee quality. So if you make espresso or use a Moka pot then a bladed build might be perfect for you. Add in the bladed grinders ability to do more than coffee, spices, seeds, nuts, grains and even rudimentary smoothies, and the bladed builds become all the more impressive, due to their versatility.

Overall, the build quality is low, the features are non existent, and by virtue of being a bladed grinder you are not going to a get a uniform grind in either the medium or the coarse departments. But for me, the price offsets the build quality wonderfully, the lack of features makes it super easy to use, and I prefer making espresso and moka drinks, which the Quiseen can do with ease.

Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder Testing

Now we come to the brew, my favorite part if I’m honest. I love the smell of coffee, the aromas that fill the house when you grind the beans, ht faint after thought of vanilla when you prepare the drinks, even the screeching harpy that is the grinder is a part of the symphony that is home coffee prep.

My go to brewing process is the moka pot. They are great, i nice low cost alternative to a full on espresso machine. A real espresso machine will cost you several hundred dollars, do not be fooled by the cheaper products out there, they tent to use a mere 1 bar of pressure when brewing, while true espresso uses 9 bar on average. The moka pot is a little under 1 bar of steam pressure, but it is enough to coax that crema layer into existence, which is very important to the flavor and the aesthetic of espresso based drinks. My back up brewing method is the french press, a great little device for brewing extra strong morning coffee, no fan fare and little pageantry, the french press is an excellent no nonsense drink.

So I made my coarse and medium grind first. The 10 second blitz was a mess on the paper. Almost completely random in terms of particle sizes and I did not have high hopes for the resultant brew. I made the french pressed coffee and served it. A drink more weak and muddled you have never tasted. My partner said that while the coffee was drinkable, it was not palatable, and that is super important to me. The medium grind was little better, a 20 second blitz left me with a pile fit for a drip pot, sure, but perhaps not great in the mouth. The fine grind was the best of the three, but I decided to skip past the 30 second grind and just hold the button in for about a minute. The grain was very fine, and quite uniform to look at. I made my usual low calorie vanilla Cappuccino, lo and behold we have ourselves something good. The crema formed, a good sign as with sub par grounds getting a crema is rare, and the drink was described as full bodied and sweet, not quite as good as the Hario or the Handground, but more than drinkable.

So now we have to look at the price, and to my mind it is the saving grace of the build. All the other faults can be put aside when I tell you that you can get the Quiseen One-Touch for under $20. To see the current price with all the discounts automatically applied at click here. There is an applicable delivery charge from most vendors, due to the low [rice of the product, but it is important to point u how little you lose by trying this one out.

Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder Conclusion

We knew what we were getting into here. All bladed grinders are far from perfect in the world of home ground coffee, but they make up for their failures through their versatility. I make espresso based coffee, so the fine grind from a bladed grinder is, well, fine for me. And I can use it for so many other things too. At this price the Quiseen is a very attractive purchase. Be informed, and make the plunge, you have very little to lose.

Current Deals & Discounts

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