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YNAB Coupon Code January 2020 – Updated & Working Promo Codes

If you’re an average person, you may find yourself deeply in credit card and student loan debt, and living paycheck to paycheck. Even if you are not an extravagant spender who always needs to have the latest fashions, or the newest technology, ordering out with your coworkers or buying a morning coffee can add up over time. It can feel overwhelming if you do not know where your money is going, or if you have more month left at the end of your paycheck.

So you want to save money and get out of debt, but you’re not sure where to begin? You Need a Budget, or YNAB for short is an excellent place to start. This personal finance and budgeting software is easy to navigate, and they conveniently have both a website as well as smartphone apps where you can track your finances. They will help you ensure that every dollar has a purpose. Just hook up your bank accounts and credit cards, set up your categories where you’ll be spending, and figure out your expenses.

Since you’re going to be budgeting, it makes sense to want to save some money along the way. We were able to find you all the best discounts, promo codes, and deals for YNAB. Just take a look at the list below so you can use these great coupon codes for 2018 at YNAB before they expire.

YNAB Promo & Coupon Codes for March 2018

Here’s how you can take advantage of the coupon codes below:

Step 1: You’ll want to click here to save big, and use the discount or the coupon codes.

Step 2: Use one of the following promo codes at checkout, or sign up for the 34 day free trial.

MNGGP5N – take $6 off your monthly subscription to YNAB.

TQ7PX33 – this discount code allows you to take 10% off your YNAB software subscription.

We saved the best for last. YNAB also allows its users to try their software and their apps for 34 days free of charge! They don’t even require a coupon code for this one – just enter your email address and a password to sign up to begin your 34 day free trial.

With YNAB’s easy finance tracking program, you’ll soon be debt free and on your way to saving for retirement. They have a whole section for learning their budgeting method on their website. If you need additional help, they have a Youtube channel chock full of tutorial videos. YNAB offers its users additional support and motivation through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The YNAB system operates on a set of four principles or rules as they call them. The first is to “Give Every Dollar a Job.” This means that all the money you receive, either from paychecks or other sources, is assigned to a particular budget category. You don’t have any “free” money – every dollar is useful. Whatever money you do not use is rolled over into the next month.

The second rule is to “Embrace Your True Expenses.” You most likely already set aside cash for obvious items such as rent, gas, and food. But are you budgeting for emergencies or bridal shower gifts? This section will teach you how.

Thirdly, YNAB would like you to “Roll With the Punches.” This rule teaches you to be flexible with your finances. If you need more money for clothes this month, you can reassign the money from a different category.

The last rule is to “Age Your Money.” This is the natural result of the other rules. As your money ages, it means you have broken the destructive cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. It will give you a buffer zone of a month of expenses, and this becomes the foundation that you budget from.

We hope that these promo codes and free trial offer helped you save lots of money at YNAB. Make sure you check back frequently as we will be adding new coupons and discounts to this page as they become available!

With all this budgeting talk, I’m sure that you’re excited to start the savings! Be sure to click here for all the current coupon codes and offers. You definitely don’t want to miss any possible savings. Your new budget will thank you.

Ariel Leather
Ariel Leather
Ariel is a freelance writer, Etsy seller, and Internet money-making quasi-expert living in New Jersey. She is pursuing her A.A. In Marketing at Brookdale Community College. Ariel enjoys traveling, hiking, unnecessary impulse purchases, and making things with her hands.


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