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Danielle Bregoli Net Worth 2018 – How Much is The “CashMeOutside” Girl Making

You may not know the name Danielle Bregoli, but I guarantee that you’ve heard her catchphrase. Danielle Bregoli, or as you know her, “CashMeOutside” Girl, is now an infamous meme for threatening television personality Dr. Phil. Let’s take a look at how much Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl is worth, and how she made her money.

Danielle Bregoli aka “CashMeOutside Girl” Net Worth in 2018 – $200,000

danielle bregoli cashmeoutside mom young “CashMeOutside” Girl Danielle Bregoli was born in March of 2003 in Boynton Beach, Florida. In 2009, she was featured as an adorable six year old girl kissing her happy mother on the cheek in a Mother’s Day article in the Palm Beach Post. The story describes how the pair strengthened their bond while Barbara Bregoli was recovering from a serious illness.

Since then, something seriously changed. Danielle’s mother brought her all the way to Dr. Phil to describe how her daughter was stealing money and credit cards, posting racy and age inappropriate photos on social media sites, and had a terrible attitude, which she happily showcased to Dr. Phil and his audience. She threatened the audience with her famous catchphrase, and later told Dr. Phil that he was “Nothing before I came on this show.”

The internet loved this whole performance, and after the episode aired, you couldn’t go on Facebook or Twitter, or be in an office building without hearing the catch phrase “Cash me outside, how ‘bout dat?” The phrase quickly found itself on Bitmojis, internet memes, tee-shirts, stickers, hoodies, and even a puzzle and a commemorative ceramic photo plate. For a reasonable $250, you can even get a blanket with the teen’s face on it from her Dr. Phil episode. Even a Baptist church in Florida recently co-opted the phrase to attract new members.

Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl started to capitalize on her own viral video and Danielle Bregoli CashMeOutside Girl drphil began to sell her own merchandise on a Shopify site. The shop quickly started to get the teen in even more trouble. She blatantly copied logos from both Champions and Hanes in her designs, and the companies sent letters in protest. In February 2017, Dr. Phil had Danielle back on his show, but even though she had spent some time in a treatment facility, she apparently had not changed. She informed Dr. Phil that she was the one that made him famous – that he was nothing before she appeared on his show.

After the second Dr. Phil appearance, her popularity skyrocketed even more. She gained contracts to do paid Instagram posts for things like PostMates and Fit Tea. Danielle Bregoli has over eight million followers on her Instagram account, which could make her posting very lucrative. She is slated to appear at a music festival, and her appearance fee is a cool $30,000. She charges between that and $40,000 for an appearance to meet her fans. It doesn’t look like the teen is going out of the spotlight anytime soon. It was announced on April 5th by TMZ that Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl was seen in the studio with the producers for Eminem, Alicia Keys, and Jay-Z.

Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl Personal Life & FAQ’s:

Is Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl married?
Since Danielle is only 14 years old, she is obviously not married. She is also currently single, despite her twerking ways. She recently told Life & Style magazine that she “has no bae,” but she does have an adorable celebrity crush on rapper Kodak Black.

Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl Salary & Earnings Per Appearance in 2017

“CashMeOutside” girl Danielle Bregoli has made an impressive salary in the last six months since the episode of the Dr. Phil show aired. She made over $300,000 in the course of that time. She’s reportedly getting nearly $50,000 for appearances at music festivals and other events.

How much money does Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl make per day?

If Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl worked every day of the year, she would only need to earn $900 a day to make up her $200,000 net worth. But thankfully Danielle does not have to work every day! The 14 year old gets to charge the median yearly salary in my town ($40,000) for an appearance at music festivals, or even for a meet and greet. With those kinds of numbers, it is not hard to imagine that the girl who spawned a million memes could be a millionaire by the end of 2017.

Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl House
danielle bregoli cashmeoutside house Being 14 years old, Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl still lives with her mother in Lake Worth, Florida. It is a modest sized home for now, but surely Danielle Bregoli will purchase a fancy new house with her brand new wealth. Whether or not it will include her mother is up for debate. According to a recent article by TMZ, police are searching for Bregoli’s mom since someone saw an old video of Danielle being beatdown by her mother while she was just 11, and it was reported. While Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl claims that they were just playing around, the police apparently are not buying it.

Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl Car
danielle bregoli cashmeoutside girl car The fourteen year old Danielle is too young to drive legally, but that did not stop her doing all the car stealing that landed her on the Dr. Phil show in the first place. Danielle Bregoli was also recently featured in a rap video by Kodak Black where she was on top of a white Rolls-Royce, wearing a black t-shirt that said “Cash Me Ousside” and showing off her dance moves.

Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl Controversies

Danielle’s first appearance in the public eye was a controversial one. While on the Dr. Phil show, she told the audience how she stole her mother’s credit cards and would run away multiple times a day. When the audience laughed at her, she threatened violence and uttered her famous catchphrase “Cash me outside, how ‘bout dah!” After the appearance, she ended up punching a passenger on a plane that she and her mother were on because the passenger was insulting her mother. Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl was also videotaped in an incident where one of her peers threw a cup of ice cream at someone in a restaurant.

More disturbingly, the young star has posted inappropriate videos on Instagram Live of herself twerking. Her father, taking issue with this, and her other behaviors, is currently raising money on a GoFundMe for the court costs to regain custody of his estranged daughter. This came after a rumor that she was pregnant – people claimed a faceless baby bump photo as hers.

Danielle Bregoli “CashMeOutside” Girl Accomplishments:

At the young age of fourteen, Danielle Bregoli has achieved quite a bit. Since appearing on the Dr. Phil show, and becoming an internet sensation, Danielle has turned what could have been an embarrassing situation into a livelihood for herself and her mother. She could get herself out of bad situation, and go on to live a healthy life. You can check out her Twitter here, and her famous Instagram here.

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