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Jim Harbaugh Net Worth 2018 – How Much is Michigans Coach Worth

Finally taking a step away from DJs, Hip Hop artists and soccer players for a spell to look into the career of Jim Harbaugh, former NFL quarterback and current coach of the University of Michigan team, The Michigan Wolverines. I don’t follow many sports, and so I had no idea who this guy was. When I don’t know much about a topic, I dive into the world, researching and watching and trying to understand the appeal. Well I think I do now, and an extensive look into the life and career, not to mention the financials, of Jim Harbaugh has left me nothing but impressed. It seems to me that every team he has coached over the last decade and a half has come out better for his coaching, and when he leaves a team the absence really is felt, looking at you 49ers. But how does he make his money? Football coaches get a wage, but there are always other avenues for people in Jim’s position.

So let’s take a brief look at his career, and see if we can’t break down how he make his fortune.

Jim Harbaugh Net Worth 2018 – $15 Million

How Did Jim Harbaugh Make His Money & Wealth?

Jim Harbaugh young 1 e1490655315723 Jim Harbaugh comes from a family of football coaches. His father was the coach of numerous teams throughout his life, and it is safe to say that football was intrinsic to Harbaugh’s existence. It is no surprise then that he played the sport extensively throughout his childhood. He’s known these days mostly as a result of his excellent coaching abilities, but he has had a long and fruitful career as a quarterback, first at the collegiate level then in the NFL.

His style of play back in the day was heavily focused on the pass. Indeed, he held many records for passing completion percentage and yards passed. Football players get paid a lot these days, and even in the early nineties, when Harbaugh really started making waves on the field, they made millions per year. It is with some confusion then, that the current figure for Harbaugh’s fortune only lists it as $15 Million. He signed with the bears in 1993, and received $3 million, $2.5 million and another $2.5 million over three years, not including the $2 million signing bonus. He went on to play for another five years at different clubs before becoming a manager full time. At the Colts his contract was worth $14 million, including bonuses. I cannot find details of his deal with the Ravens, but it is likely in the same ball park.

Something does not add up here. His most recent contract has him paid $5 million a year, plus bonuses. His contract with the Michigan Wolverines is set to continue for a few years yet, and the total value of said contract is sitting in the $40 million range. $15 million as a set net worth is far too low a figure for a man that has been making that every year since 1997. It might be the case that he has been putting money into property, but even that should come up when estimating someone’s net worth. If I were to put a figure on it I would argue that as of right now Harbaugh is worth closer to $50 million that $15, and that is a conservative estimate. If it turns out I’m wrong, and there is a damn good reason all this money is no where to be found, then fair enough. But the man as a $75 million life insurance policy, judging by the excessive premiums, so I think I’m onto something here.

Jim Harbaugh Personal Life & FAQ

Is Jim Harbaugh Married?

He is indeed. He has been married twice in his life. First in 1996 to a woman called Miah. The couple had three children before divorcing in 2006. He married again in 2008 to Sarah Feuerborn, who has an amazing maiden name. The couple had a further four children, two boys and two girls.

Where is Jim Harbaugh from?

Jim was born in Toledo Ohio, but seen as his father was a football coach, he grew up all over America. By the time he arrived in college football he was known as a slick California style passer, indicating that California left a deep impression on Jim.

Where does Jim Harbaugh live? Pictures of Jim Harbaugh‘s house.

Harbaughs House e1490655338410 Jim Harbaugh and his family live in Ann Arbor Michigan in Aberdeen Drive. The property is quite large. He also own property in a number of other states, including California.

What kind of car does Jim Harbaugh drive?

Jim Harbaugh owns multiple vehicles, but the one he is seen driving most often is a BMW M3, in red.

Jim Harbaugh’s Philanthropy

Harbaugh has been involved in many philanthropic endeavors over the years, and even founded a foundation or two in his time. He has worked with many hospitals for children, general children’s charities, and founded the Jim Harbaugh foundation, which focuses its efforts on improving the lives of children u and down the country. I am a big fan of programs like this, and hope that many others in Jim’s position will do the same.

How much does Jim Harbaugh make in a year?

Jim has been signed to the Michigan Wolverines for a number of years now, and his contract certainly was impressive when he first signed on to coach. He is currently the highest paid coach on the collegiate level, with an annual salary of around $9 million. No small sum, and that doesn’t take into account endorsement deals and other bonuses. All told it is likely the yearly figure is a little more than $9 million.

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