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Chanel West Coast Net Worth 2018 – How Wealthy is She Now?

Chelsea Chanel Dudley- better known as Chanel West Coast, garnered nationwide attention after starring in the MTV reality series, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Growing up in New York City and North Hollywood, the blonde was involved with both dancing and singing at a young age. Eventually introduced to television personality Rob Dydrek through a mutual friend in the late 2000’s, she later made her small screen debut as his receptionist in his reality TV show.

Continuing to appear in his MTV series over the next three years, she gradually began to rise in prominence. Some of the other shows that Chanel West Coast has taken part in since include Ridiculousness, The Hard Times of RJ Berger, How to Bake It in Hollywood, and Wild Grinders, among others.

Despite only being in her twenties, it is estimated that her endeavors have earned her a net worth of approximately $200,000.

Interested in learning more about how her wealth came to be? Let’s take a more detailed look at her career.

Chanel West Coast’s Net Worth 2018 – $200,000

How did Chanel West Coast Make Her Money and Wealth?

chanel west coast 2 Born on September 1, 1988 in the lovely California city of Los Angeles, Chanel West Coast (Birth Name: Chelsea Chanel Dudley) split her time between Hollywood and New York City during her youth, living with both her mother and father. The daughter of a DJ, she grew fond of music at an early age; she eventually started both dancing and singing lessons while she was still in grade school. Due to her father’s work, she often ventured into pack nightclubs as a child, which further sparked her interest.

Ever since she was a teen, Chanel West Coast knew she wanted to get involved in the world of entertainment. At the age of seventeen, she adopted her current moniker and launched her first music page on MySpace. In 2008, the blonde happened to meet TV personality Rob Dyrdek through a mutual friend, who later extended her a position on his MTV reality show, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Playing as one of his receptionists, she thus made her small screen debut in the series.

One of her most well remembered projects on television to date, it effectively brought her to the attention of the public. A relatively popular series, it had been renewed for four seasons in total; Chanel West Coast appeared in 36 episodes altogether between 2009 and 2011. Although her salary from being on the show has never been disclosed, our guess is that she probably earned a few thousands (maybe tens of thousands) within those few years. While it may not have turned her into a millionaire, it marked the beginning of her show biz endeavors.

In 2011, shortly after the end of Fantasy Factory, Chanel West Coast landed another big break after becoming one of the co-hosts in the comedy clip show, Ridiculousness. Also starring Rob Drydek and Sterling Brim, the series featured various viral clips from the internet, to which they add various mock commentary.

Met with relatively positive reviews, Ridiculousness has been ongoing ever since it first premiered on MTV in August of 2011; of course, Chanel West Coast remains to be one of the show’s hosts.

At one point, the television personality also served as a host in a few episodes of the music reality TV series, New Music Live.

As far as acting goes, the blonde hasn’t really had the opportunity to add too many credits to her filmography- as of yet anyway. Having said that, she has lent her voice to Rob Dyrdek’s animated comedy series, Wild Grinders which debuted on Nickelodeon’s sister channel Nicktoons, in April of 2012.

In the cartoon, Chanel West Coasts voices the character of Flipz, the only female skater of the group. Throughout the entire series, she has appeared in 55 episodes. Acting-wise, this show has most probably been the most profitable for her, seeing as how it was relatively long-running.

Some of the other TV series which she’s appeared in include The Hard Times of RJ Berger (2011), Hollywood Saturday Night (2012), How to Bake It in Hollywood (2013), Convenience Store Sessions (2017), and Too Shorts Boombox (2017)- most of which sees her in comparatively minor roles.

In addition to her television career, the Los Angeles-native has also made herself known as a recording artist. In 2012, she signed to the Young Money Entertainment label. From there, she went on to release her debut mix tape entitled, Now You Know in the summer of 2013. Made available via digital download, it featured several popular artists including Evan Ross, Robin Thicke, Snoop Dogg, and French Montana; critical reception was also generally positive.

In the spring of 2014, Chanel West Coast contributed to the compilation album, Young Money: Rise of an Empire- more specifically, to the track Hittin Like, which also featured fellow artist Shanell. A relative hit, the album ended up peaking at number 7 on the Billboard Top 200, number 4 on the Top R&B and Hip Hop Albums chart and at number 2 on the Top Rap Albums chart. Additionally, it also charted in the UK and Canada.

Within the first week, the album sold approximately 32,000 copies according to Niel Sound Scan. Since then, it has sold more than 53,000 copies within the United States.

That same year, the artist revealed that she has begun to work on her first full length studio album. In January of 2014, the album’s first single entitled, Blueberry Chills was released; it was later followed by a second track called New Feeling, and a third, Miles and Miles.

In 2015, Chanel West Coast came out with a new song, Bass in the Trunk, which was later featured on the MTV series, Fantasy Factory.

Although her discography is still fairly limited at the moment, seeing as how she’s still considered to be a new artist, it’s expected that her released projects have yielded her a fair amount.

Of course, like most music artists, she also performs regularly on stage- such performances would indeed supplement her income. For instance, she headlined the Now You Know Tour and the Punch Drunk Love Tour in 2013 to promote for her mixtape at the time. This past winter, she was also the supporting act for the concert tour, which brought her singing from California to Kentucky.

On Youtube, her account most likely also takes in a sizable amount each month from ad revenue. Since she first launched her channel in December of 2011, she has amassed over 253,000 subscribers and has received over 40,000,000 views. The artist’s most popular video to date, the official music video for her song Karl, has been viewed over 9.7 million times- assuming that she earns upward of $2 per 1000 views, that works out to be approximately ~$20,000.

Will her net worth continue to grow? Assuming that she continues with both her television and music career, the obvious answer is yes- especially since she is still only in her late twenties.

Chanel West Coast’s Personal Life and FAQ

Is Chanel West Coast Married?

No, Chanel West Coast is not married. However, she has been dating artist Liam Horne for three years. Interestingly, the couple have an age difference of seven years, Chanel being seven years older.

Since they first got together in the spring of 2014, they’ve been sharing many aspects of their relationship with fans, including photos of their many vacations together via social media. In fact, they’ve even collaborated on several projects together, for instance the song Let The Money Fall (Feat. Liam Horne).

It is unknown whether or not she had any previous relationships in the past.

Does Chanel West Coast Have Any Children?

No, Chanel West Coast does not have any children.

Where Did Chanel West Coast Get Her Name From?

Are you wondering where the artist got her stage name from? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one- many have pondered the same thing. According to the Fantasy Factory star, Chanel is derived from her middle name, while “West Coast” is taken from her MySpace days, back when she was trying to sign up for an account at the age of seventeen. After realizing that all Chanels were taken on the site, she decided to add “West Coast” to the end- since she’s a West Coast rapper. Eventually it caught on- and the rest was history.

Did Chanel West Coast Go to College?

No, Chanel West Coast did not co to college. After attending Taft High School in San Fernando for two years, she opted to continue her education via home schooling. Presumably, the blonde started to focus the entirety of her attention on her music career shortly afterward.

False Rumors Regarding Her Gender

In 2016, there were a series of rumors claiming that Chanel West Coast was born male- some even believed that she was transgender. Despite the fact that she was seen donning a stunning dress on her beautiful figure during the MTV Video Music Awards, many still believed it to be true.

Such claims have since been proven to be false

Where Does Chanel West Coast Live? Pictures of Chanel West Coast’s House

While it’s known that Chanel West Coast currently resides in Los Angeles, not much has been revealed about her residence as she tends to keep her personal life, private. Considering her growing wealth however, it wouldn’t be surprising if she was renting a comfortable apartment or condo in the city.

Considering what’s been said above, we unfortunately do not have any pictures of her house to share at this time.

How Much Did Chanel West Coast Earn Last Year?

Unfortunately, it’s unclear how much exactly she has earned in 2016.

Chanel West Coast as a Philanthropist

In April of 2016, the young artist attended the What’s Trending’s 4th Annual Tubeathon Benefiting Event, in which the proceeds went towards the American Red Cross.

Career Accomplishments

Despite her young age, Chanel West Coast has successfully paved a career for herself in the music industry. Shortly after breaking into the rap scene, she was presented with a 2014 BET Best Group Award, which she shared with her fellow Young Money label mates.

As she likes to say, “The sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the view”.

Recent Events

This past February, it was announced that the blonde has become the newest cast member of the popular VH1 reality series, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She will be making her grand debut in season four, which is slated to premiere on July 17, 2017.

As far as recent releases go, Chanel West Coast came out with a new music video for her song, Countin through her official Youtube Channel. Since it was first uploaded, it has been viewed well over 700,000 times.

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