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Kap G Net Worth 2018 – How Much Does He Make?

American rapper Kap G first broke into the music scene at the age of eighteen with the single, Tatted Like Amigo (2012). Hailing from Georgia, he spent the bulk of his youth in the populated city of Atlanta. Although he had always listened to hip hop growing up, it wasn’t until his late teens that he decided to get involved in the circuit himself.

After releasing his debut single in 2012, he began recording his first extended play, with help from fellow artist Pharrell Williams. In 2014, Kap G dropped the hit mixtape, Like a Mexican which garnered him widespread attention in the hip hop scene.

Since then, the Georgia artist has released over half a dozen mixtape and a series of singles, many of which are collaborations with other artists. To date, he has worked with a number of notable names such as Kirko Bangz, Wiz Khalifa, Chief Keef, Jeezy, and T.I.

Currently, it’s estimated that his fortune is around the $500,000 mark. Let’s take a look at his different streams of income.

Kap G’s Net Worth 2018 – $500,000

How did Kap G Make His Money & Wealth?

kap g 2 Born on July 31, 1994 in College Park, Georgia, Kap G (Real Name: George Ramirez) spent the majority of his youth in the state of Georgia with his family. One of the only Mexicans in a predominantly black neighbourhood, he experienced a fair share of weird of bullying growing up; however, he never let that define him.

As a teen, hip hop music played a large part in his life. After graduating from high school, Kap G ultimately decided to take his hobby to the next level- to become a rapper. Despite his passion, the decision was not taken very well by his immigrant parents, who were convinced that it was not a real profession; they had instead wanted for him to attend college.

In 2012, the then nineteen year old put together his first single entitled, Tatted Like Amigos, which featured Chief Keef. Continuing to hone his skills and perfect his sound at the studio, the rapper later released his second track, Jose Got Dem Tracos– a collaboration with Jeezy. While neither of the two titles made its way onto the record charts, they marked his official debut as a rapper.

A couple of years later, Kap G received a big break after releasing his debut mixtape dubbed, Like a Mexican (2014). A considerable success, it garnered him much attention as a newcomer. As words of his talents got out, he eventually became acquainted with popular artist, Pharrell Williams. The last that we’ve heard, the two have teamed up to work on his debut extended play.

As he continued to work on his burgeoning music career, remixing a number of tracks on the way, he soon drew the attention of Kawan Prather, an A&R executive. Having discovered what Kap G was capable of, he later went on to secure him a recording deal with Atlanta Records.

By the end of 2014, the rapper had released two additional mixtape, Real Migo Sh*t and Real Migo Sh*t 2. Two solid titles to add to his catalogue, they’ve been streamed a few hundred of times on the internet to date, combined. Not only that, but Kap G also came out with the single entitled, La Policia.

In January of 2015, the hip hop recording artist dropped his next mixtape dubbed, Migo Work. Well received by fans, it included twelve tracks including the numbers The Language, Versache, Stoner, Honest, No Flex Zone, and CoCo. As of 2017, it has been played over 17,000 times on the popular mixtape sharing website, Datpiff.

That summer, he followed up with Real Migo Shit 3 on July 11, 2015. Another full length tape to add to his growing discography, the project featured Rich Kids, KE On The Track, Young Chop, and Ca$h Out, among a few others. Produced with help from Yung Lan, Trailer Park Legend, Go Grizzly Johnny C, and Squat Beats, it came with twelve tracks including If I Want, Oops, Meets Just, St. Patricks Day, All Eyes On Me, and Feeling Like The Shit.

Not long afterwards, the rapper released the single, Like El Chapo which featured Ca$h Out. Fairly well received, it has since been played over 50,000 times online.

The mixtape that the single preceded, El Southside was later released on March 11, 2016. Building on his catchy street rap formula, the project saw him collaborating with a number of artists including Young Thug and YFN Lucci.  Produced by KE On the Track, Pharrell, and Squat Beats, the tape has since been streamed over 80,000 times on

By the end of the year, Kap G had come out with his next single entitled, Girlfriend. While it didn’t chart, it proved to be a major success online, having since been streamed over 34 million times on his official Soundcloud page.

On top of what he pockets from his record sales, concerts and the like are another major source of income for the Atlanta artist. Since 2014, he has hit dozens of stages across the country from California to New York- surely, his earnings from all of these stints would have added up, although we don’t know the exact numerical amount.

Speaking of which, Kap G is in fact, currently on tour. Kicked off in late March of this year, the rapper is scheduled to perform throughout the summer until the end of August in Miami, Florida. As a recording artist with a devoted following, it wouldn’t be surprising if he were to be paid a few tens of thousands per show.

Unsurprisingly, he also has a few different streams of income online. His official Soundcloud page for instance, is capable of running paid advertisements, which stream throughout each of his music tracks. Currently as of 2017, Kap G has posted over 60 different titles and has accumulated over 44,800 followers.

Similarly, the rapper’s official Youtube account earns a pretty penny from Google’s partnership program- basically, the more popular the channel, the greater the amount of money earned. To date, the artist has accumulated over 166,000 subscribers; all of his videos together, have also been viewed over 40,000,000 times.

The way it works, Youtubers are able to earn upwards of $5 (of course, some online celebrities earn more than that) per 1000 monetized views. By far, Kap G’s most popular upload is that of his official MV for Girlfriend. Since it was first put up in April 2016, it has garnered over 18,000,000 views- a little bit of math, and that works out to be ~$90,000.

Through his online website, Kap G also takes home a bit of change from his official store (although it looks to be empty at the moment).

In addition to his musical endeavours, he has acted on a few occasions. In 2014, he played as himself in the music drama, Town Bizzness Pt 2, which starred artists Chi-Baby, Tone Bone, Benzino, and Combat.

Most recently in 2015, Kap G took on a supporting role in the comedy film, Dope. His first major appearance in a feature film, he portrayed the character of Fidel X. Met with relatively favourable reviews, it proved to be an overall positive experience for the rapper.

According to various online sources, Kap G currently has an estimated net worth of $500,000. Taking into consideration everything that we’ve discussed above, the majority of his earnings has come from his concerts, tours, and record sales.

Will his fortune continue to go up? While there are many factors involved, we’d like to think so. Seeing as how he recently entered the acting scene, we may be seeing more of him on the big screen in the near future.

Kap G’s Personal Life and FAQ

Is Kap G Married?

No, the Atlanta rapper is not married. Seeing as how he has never disclosed whether or not he is in a relationship, we are not entirely sure about his dating status- we can only assume that he is single.

Does Kap G Have Any Children?

No, from what we know, Kap G does not have any children.

Did Kap G Go To College?

No, Kap G did not go to college (although he’s stated that his parents had always wanted him to). After graduating from a high school as one of the only Mexicans in a predominantly black city, he dove straight into his music career.

Where Did Kap G Get His Name From?

How did he go about choosing his current stage name? According to the rapper himself, the “Rap” from his name comes from a group that he was part of as a teen called Kids At Play. At the beginning of his music career, he had recorded songs with the crew. The subsequent “G” presumably stands for his given name, George.

Where Does Kap G Live? Pictures of Kap G’s House

While we know that the rapper currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, no further details about his pad have ever been released to the public. With the kind of pay check that he receives however, he is most likely able to afford a comfortable place for himself to call home.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any images of his house to share at this time.

What Kind of Car Does Kap G Drive?

Regrettably, information on the make of his vehicle is currently unavailable.

How Much Did Kap G Earn Last Year?

According to various reports, the rapper took home upwards of $300,000 in 2016- do take this with a grain of salt however, as this amount has never been confirmed.

Kap G’s Career Accomplishments

First things first, having a few hundreds of thousands  to your name by by your early twenties is nothing short of an impressive feat.

Since Kap G first broke into hip hop scene in the early 2010’s, his overall prominence has grown at an astonishing rate. From 2014 until now, he has released over half a dozen mixtapes, and a series of singles. Altogether, his tracks have been streamed millions upon millions of times on the web.

In 2015, he also reached another milestone- having made his official acting debut in the comedy film, Dope.

Recent Events

As noted previously, Kap G is currently hitting the roads for his 2017 tour in support of his latest mixtape, SupaJefe, which was released on April 14, 2017. According to his official site, the performances are slated to continue until August 26th of this year. If it tickles your fancy, do know that tickets are still available for purchase for many of the shows.

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