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Alissa Violet Net Worth 2018 – How Rich is Alissa Violet

For most of 2017 the internet has been buzzing with drama, rumors and speculation about Alissa Violet, her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Jake Paul, and the reasons behind their break-up. The Ohio born model, Instagram star and former Team 10 member has been at the center of much of the drama, but now in August 2017 things have escalated to a whole new level.

In just the last few days Alissa and her new boyfriend, fellow social media personality Faze Banks have become involved in another very public argument with Jake Paul, and this time things are looking like they might be getting ugly, with threats of legal action, allegations of assault and claims and counter-claims flying between the two parties. But what exactly is causing all of the drama? And exactly how much is Alissa Violet worth now in 2018? Read on to find out.

Alissa Violet Net Worth 2018 – $400,000

How Did Alissa Violet Make Her Money & Wealth?

Alissa Violet Net Worth
Young Allissa, a natural for the camera even then.

Alissa Violet was born in the small town of Brunswick, Ohio on June 12th 1996. She began a small social media presence on Instagram and Vine in 2013 while still in Ohio and began posting pictures in order to achieve her ambition of beginning a modelling or acting career. Alissa worked in a bakery part time while still at school, but the day before she graduated from high school she met popular Viners Jake and Logan Paul at a local meet and greet they held for their fans in her hometown. She and Jake exchanged numbers and soon they became good friends.

By mid 2015 Alissa and Jake’s relationship had developed into a close friendship and he convinced her to travel to LA where he would use his contacts to put her in touch with modelling agencies. Alissa was pleasantly surpprised to find that 4 out of the 5 agencies she met with were instantly impressed with her and wanted to sign her up. The stunningly beautiful 5 foot 9 inch tall blonde picked the Next Models agency and began modelling on a contract with them. Alissa moved to Los Angeles to be near the LA based agency, and in 2015 she began growing her social media profile with regular snaps from her modelling gigs, and she attracted many new fans.

Alissa Violet Net Worth
Beautiful Alissa easily landed multiple modelling offers when she got to LA

Vine was an early internet sensation, it made Alissa Violet and many others early internet celebrities, but Alissa was also very active on Instagram, and it was there that she managed to build the biggest following. She would frequently post modelling snaps and other posts that highlighted her ever more busy modelling career and by the end of 2015 she had attracted over 3 million followers on the platform. Alissa also managed to gain over 600,000 followers on her Vine account and she often collaborated with Jake and Logan Paul on her six second Vines, as well as other Vine celebrities such as George Janko and other rising stars on the platform, but she collaborated most frequently with Jake and his older brother Logan, who also hail from Ohio originally.

Jake and Logan were both highly successful on Vine, Jake had over 5 million followers on the platform and Logan had even more, in 2015 he was ranked as the 10th most followed Vine user. Alissa worked with both brothers regularly and in 2016, shortly before Twitter finally shut Vine down for good, she began a more serious relationship with Jake Paul, but when her online fans first heard about it many of them were surprised. Alissa was a year older than Jake, and although his often crazy antics were popular with his fans, he seemed to be an unusual choice as a boyfriend for the far more mature and responsible Alissa.

Things began to take off for Alissa in 2016, she appeared in the TV show ‘The Deleted’, where she played the role of Kylie. Originally she had lived in a house with other models in LA but she then moved in with Jake Paul at the Team 10 house, after he had asked her to. As a part of Team 10 Alissa collaborated in videos with Jake and other Team 10 members, but secretly she was far from happy with her personal situation, and although she managed to hide her unhappiness from her fans it wasn’t long before the tension building up inside her ended in a dramatic break-up.

Alissa Violet Net Worth
Jake and Logan Paul with Alissa, in friendlier times at the Team 10 house.

The loss of Vine in October 2016 was no great loss to the most popular Viners, by then most of them had a big enough following on other social media platforms to be able to simply transfer their video creating activities onto Youtube, as well as to keep growing their fan-bases on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and Alissa was no exception. She had gained over a million subscribers within a year of opening her Youtube account in February 2015 and that number grew rapidly after she joined Team 10. She began vlogging in October 2016, beginning with a video about her life in the Team 10 house and her videos began to regularly achieve over a million views.

But things came to a head in February 2017 when she and Jake had a public and fairly unfriendly break up. They took their arguments to Twitter, where Alissa revealed that Jake had thrown her out after she had had enough of his controlling behavior, and the argument went on, followed by fans of both sides, Eventually Alissa decided to tell the whole story to her fans in a video entitled ‘What You’ve Been Waiting For’ that was uploaded on June 8th 2017. In it she revealed how she had been ‘Head over heels’ in love with Jake, but that his constant mind-games, cheating with other girls, and controlling behavior had finally caused her to confront him, which had resulted in him throwing her out of the Team 10 house.

Jake later admitted that he had ‘Made mistakes’ in their relationship and that seemed to be the start of tensions calming down between the pair, that is until a week ago. Jake uploaded a video on August 18th 2017 claiming that Alissa’s new boyfriend, fellow Youtube star Ricky ‘Faze Banks’ Banks had assaulted his assistant in a club the night before, but so far the reaction from fans seems to be exactly what Jake Paul wasn’t looking for. His claims have been strongly disputed by Faze Banks, who responded in a video the same day where he strongly denied the allegation and insisted that he would be pursuing legal avenues for a possible defamation lawsuit.

Alissa Violet Net Worth
Alissa with new Boyfriend Faze Banks

As Team 10 members and Logan Paul have joined ranks with Jake Paul, Alissa has defended Faze, and countered with a tweet stating ‘Oh you want to talk about assault Jake? Do you know why I have a bunch of scars and bruises?’ Faze and Alissa have been joined by many other big Youtubers who have their own problems with Jake Paul, who has never seemingly cared about the problems he has caused for others during his internet stardom, and it now looks as if his beef with Alissa and Faze Banks has seriously affected his credibility. Jake tweeted a few days ago that he had reached 10 million Youtube subscribers, but today that number sits at only 9.8 million, with thousands more unsubscribing from his channel every day. Right now the internet seems to have come down on the side of Alissa, and it’s Jake Paul’s popularity that is suffering. But the drama surrounding the former couple brings new drama and accusations every day, and what the situation will be a month from now is anyone’s guess.

Alissa’s online following has now grown to 873,000 followers on Twitter, over six million on Instagram and over 2.3 million on Youtube, where the majority of her income comes from. In just over two years she has gained over 86 million views on Youtube and the income that generates, along with endorsement deals, and promotions on her hugely popular Instagram account have seen her personal wealth grow to $400,000 now in 2018. If her popularity continues to grow at a similar rate it’s possible that Alissa could be starting 2018 as a millionaire, and the way the current round of Internet drama is playing out, there’s no sign of her rise in popularity ending any time soon.

Alissa Violet Personal Life & FAQ’s

Is Alissa Violet married?

Alissa isn’t married, but she has been in a steady relationship with fellow Internet celebrity Faze Banks since early 2017. Faze originally became popular through his massively popular Call of Duty Clan, named ‘FaZeClan’, and since moving to Youtube he has gained over 2.7 million subscribers. Alissa and Faze have supported each other since the latest drama began and Jake Paul is finding that Faze is not prepared to let anyone push his girlfriend around, and so far he and Alissa are overwhelmingly winning the majority of support from online fans, many of whom were fans of both Jake and Alissa in the past.

Alissa Violet’s Salary & Annual Earnings in 2017

In just the last six months, Alissa’s Youtube videos have been viewed over 60 million times, a huge increase in their popularity, and it’s that Youtube fame that has increased her net worth so rapidly. Her estimated income from Youtube is at least $250,000 so far in 2017, and that figure could potentially reach over half a million dollars before the year is over. Alissa also earns aditional income from endorsements, other projects and her modelling assaignments, all of which combine to leave her with an estimated income in 2017 of at least $600,000.

Where Does Alissa Live?

Alissa is currently living in Los Angeles, although unlike her ex-boyfriend Jake Paul, she’s far too sensible to publicize exactly where in LA she’s living at the moment. All she has said about her new home is that it’s a lot more fun, and less stressful than her previously life in the ‘Chaotic’ Team 10 house.

How Does Alissa Stay in Such Great Shape?

Alissa Violet Net Worth
Alissa and friend Chantal in their Dance video to the ‘Cash Me Outside’ remix.

Alissa follows a strict healthy eating regime. She revealed back in 2015 that she had completely cut out bread and junk food from her diet, and she concentrates on keeping herself well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water everyday. She maintains an active lifestyle to keep her fabulous figure through regular gym visits, yoga and dancing, as can be seen in any of her hugely popular dance move videos. Alissa’s dance video to the ‘Cash Me Outside’ remix, performed with her friend Chantal Jefferies is the second most viewed video on her channel, second only to her ‘What You’ve Been Waiting For’ video, and now in August 2017 it’s been viewed over 15 million times in only six months.

Alissa Violet’s Other Accomplishments

Despite the on-going drama with Jake Paul, Alissa has quite a few other achievements to her name. As well as her successful Modelling career and social media following, she appeared at the red carpet premiere of ‘Natural Born Pranksters’ in 2016, at the request of  the stars of the film, Youtube mega-stars Roman Atwood and Vitaly Z. In addition Alissa’s early ambitions to be an actor or a model have both been fulfilled. As well as her role in 2016’s ‘The Deleted’ she has also appeared in ‘Party in The Back’, a comedy show following the exploits of several comedians and creators as they try to avoid doing any actual work. Although her modelling career has taken off, her acting ambitions are not yet fully fulfilled, but her popularity and beauty are sure to open bigger and better doors to a successful acting career for her in the future.

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