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Shane Dawson Net Worth 2018 – How Much He’s Made From Youtube

What originally started as a hobby has made YouTuber Shane Dawson one of the website’s most successful stars. Shane Dawson first started his YouTube career in March 2008. His main channel ShaneDawsonTV now boasts 10.1 million subscribers and 2.7 billion video views. Dawson’s videos typically featuring him acting out skits with a cast of recurring characters he has created. Shane Dawson’s videos such as Twilight New Moon: Blood Hungry and Fred is Dead have become relics on Youtube.

Shane Dawson Net Worth – $4 Million

Since Shane Dawson was one of the first people to make a career from YouTube, he has a lot of influence on the platform. Although some may argue that his career has already peaked, his videos still receive millions of views. Dawson also collaborates with other YouTubers. He is still estimated to earn $400,000 annually.

How Did Shane Dawson Earn his Money and Wealth?

Shane Dawson2
Shane Dawson as Shanaynay, one of his recurring characters.

Shane Dawson was born on July 19th, 1988. His early life was extremely tough, particularly during his teen years. Money was extremely tight, and his parents were both abusive alcoholics. Dawson’s father eventually abandoned his family. As a teenager, Dawson was grossly overweight due to the stress from the abuse. He was bullied in school because his family was poor and he was overweight.

Thankfully, Shane Dawson was extremely close to his older brothers, Jacob and Jerid. They supported him during his struggles in high school. Dawson also found that making videos was therapeutic for him after creating them for a school project.

On March 10th, 2008, Shane Dawson created his YouTube channel. His early videos received some considerable attention. When he created the channel, he was working at Jenny Craig. He was fired after his work found a video of him pole dancing in the building’s exercise studio. Jenny Craig fired Dawson and the co-workers involved in the video. They also fired his brother and mother, both of which worked at Jenny Craig as well – and even attempted to sue.

Being fired from his job didn’t end up being much of a setback. A month after the pole dancing incident in September 2008, Shane Dawson went viral. He uploaded the video “Fred is Dead”, Dawson achieved internet stardom almost overnight. The video has nearly 25 million views. The success of the video allowed him to focus on creating new content. By 2010, Shane Dawson was the third most subscribed YouTuber on the site.

In 2009, Shane Dawson created ShaneDawsonTV2. He created the channel to make the bloopers that were initially only visable on his official website easier to access. The channel eventuality became a secondary channel for vlogs. The most popular series on the channel are his “Ask Shane” series. His “Viewer Orgy Party” series, in which he asks his fans questions, is also popular. Dawson changed the channel’s name to Human Emoji in April 2015, but did not explain why.

In 2012, Shane Dawson started making music. He posted his first music video “SuperLuv” in March 2012. He performed the song as Switch, a recurring emo character in his skits. For a brief period, the song was the 28th most downloaded song on iTunes. He has created 9 more music videos since.

Shane Dawson launched the podcast Shane and Friends in June 2013. The podcast discusses Dawson’s personal life and interviews various celebrities and YouTube stars. Shane and Friends has run for five seasons.

In September 2014, Shane Dawson released Not Cool, his first movie. The movie performed poorly, but Dawson would still continue to produce and act in several more films. In 2015, he released the memoir I Hate Myselfie, as well as two accompanying films with the same name. He then released It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays in July 2016, an autobiographical book with similar themes.

In December 2016, Shane Dawson posted his film “The Lottery“. Although the film is in the works, Dawson’s channel has been inactive since its upload. However, he remains active on social media.

Shane Dawson Personal Life and FAQs

Shane Dawson3
Shane Dawson and boyfriend Ryland Adams.

Ever since his posting his first video, Shane Dawson’s personality and mannerisms have caused many of his fans call his sexual orientation into question. He spent the early years of his career batting off gay rumours. However, in a July 2015 video he came out as bisexual, and also confirmed his breakup with then girlfriend Lisa Schwartz. They parted ways amicably, and continue to collaborate in videos.

Dawson now lives in Los Angeles with his boyfriend Ryland Adams, a Youtube Beauty guru. The pair live in a modest apartment with their cat and dog. Shane’s vehicle of choice is a Jeep Rubicon.




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