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Tay-K Net Worth 2018 – How Rich is The Viral Rap Sensation Now

Tay-K is a seventeen year old rapper based in East Arlington, Texas who is potentially one of the biggest rap stars of the future. He’s exploded onto the rap scene with a succession of tracks on Soundcloud and Youtube that have been viewed and praised by millions, but it’s his genuine street lifestyle that has in part led to his popularity, and it’s also the factor that might end up cutting his career short before it’s even really begun.

Tay-K, who is also known as Tay-K 47 and Lil Tay-K is facing capital murder charges in his native Texas, and while he’s been incarcerated in jail his fame and popularity have gone through the roof. Right now Tay-K is on the verge of becoming one of the biggest rappers of the future, and easily the biggest rapper to come out of Texas for years. His viral hit ‘The Race’ entered the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this week at number 70, and his case has received attention from numerous rap stars who have supported him. But what’s the story behind the charges he is facing? And how much money has Tay-K earned during the brief time that he’s been famous? Read on to find out.

Tay-K Net Worth 2018 – $100,000

How Did Tay-K Make His Money & Wealth?

Taymor Travon McIntyre was born on June 16th 2000 in Longbeach, California. He lived in Longbeach until he was eight. After his father went to jail he and his mom moved to Las Vegas for a year, and when his father was released from jail the family moved to East Arlington in Texas, in part to ensure that young Taymor was in a better environment. Tay-K went to Martin High School in Arlington but was later thrown out of school for disruptive behavior. It was about this time that Tay-K, in his own words, starting ‘mobbin’ in the streets and began living the gangster lifestyle.

Tay-K managed to avoid getting into serious trouble and in 2015 he started rapping. He joined a collective called ‘The Daytona Boyz’ alongside rappers Santana Sage and Pimpyz and the group would perform at parties and clubs in order to build their profile in the Local Arlington rap scene. They built a small local following and began to build on their popularity by working on full length tracks that they produced at home. The quality of their music was not the highest, but Tay-K in particular began to be noticed for his smooth flow and lyrics that reflected his real life on the streets.

Tay-K Net Worth
Tay-K’s message to Say Cheese TV chief Shawn Cotton

Tay-K began putting up tracks on Soundcloud with tracks such as the auto-tuned ‘Sly Cooper’ and ‘Biff Xannen’ and received a fair amount of positive local attention. Tay-K sent a message to Say Cheese TV head Shawn Cotton to promote the Daytona Boyz and the more than 10,000 plays they had generated on soundcloud at that point, as well as the fact they were all aged 14 to 16 at the time. Unfortunately Shawn Cotton received so many messages that he missed the message and wasn’t aware of Tay-K’s rising profile until late 2016 when Tay-K’s track ‘Megaman’ was gaining traction. Within a few months ‘Megaman’ had notched up a few hundred thousand plays on Soundcloud and he was already generating a fair amount of attention, particularly in the local Arlington Rap scene, but unfortunately by then T-Kay had already got himself into some serious trouble with the law.

On July 26th 2016 twenty one year old Ethan Walker was shot and killed during a home invasion and robbery at his home in Mansfield, Texas, and Tay-K along with six others was charged with the violent slaying. Tay-K, who was only 16 at the time and considered a juvenile made bail and was released with an ankle monitor on house arrest, but just before certification hearings were due to be heard to decide whether he would be charged as an adult for the crime – a decision that could potentially see him facing the death penalty, Tay-K decided to skip bail, and he made sure that all of his ever growing number of online followers knew about it.

Tay-K Net Worth
Tay-K’s announcement on Twitter that he was skipping his bail

On March 27th 2017 Tay-K announced to his 10,000 Twitter followers that he was going on the run with the profanity laced tweet ‘fuck dis house arrest shit…they gn hav 2 catch me on hood’. Tay-K cut off his ankle bracelet and went on the run, and in the process he managed to get himself into even more trouble with the law. In May 2017 Tay-K was identified as the assailant in a vicious robbery attempt in Arlington’s Craven Park. The victim, 65 year old former bank manager Skip Pepe described Tay-K as a clean cut typical all-American high school kid, but he also added that such an innocent looking appearance had been very deceiving at the time. Pepe Skip had allegedly been approached from behind by Tay-K, who pointed a gun at him and demanded his wallet. After Pepe had handed over his money Tay-K had beaten him viciously with the gun and he had suffered a brain injury and three fractured ribs in the attack. Once Pepe had identified Tay-K from a photo line-up, Arlington police warned the public about the ‘violent fugitive’ still on the run and the case gained plenty of media attention, but it wasn’t the only crime that Tay-K was alleged to have been involved in, and there were other more serious charges he was facing.

Tay-K Net Worth
Tay-K taunted law enforcement while on the run, but was eventually captured in New Jersey on June 30th 2017

On June 30th 2017 Tay-K was arrested without incident in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and the US Marshal’s office confirmed that he was also a suspect in another murder in San Antonio that had taken place the previous month while he was on the run. Texas Law prohibits law enforcement agencies from releasing the identities of juveniles accused of crimes, and no other details about the San Antonio murder that Tay-K was a suspect in have been released to the media, but sources within law enforcement confirmed that the evidence against Tay-K in the San Antonio murder case was ‘very strong’. Some confusion still surrounds the exact circumstances of the case in San Antonio, and officially at least Texas law enforcement are unable to legally release any further details of the case until it finally comes to court.

Ironically it was on the same day that Tay-K’s sudden and explosive viral fame began, with the release shortly after his arrest of the track ‘The Race’ on Soundcloud and Youtube. The track details Tay-K’s flight from justice and begins with the lyric ‘Fuck a beat, I was tryin’ to beat a case, but I ain’t beat that case, I did the race’. Tay-K’s legal problems were looking more serious than ever as he sat in jail in New Jersey awaiting extradition to Texas, but the video to ‘The Race’, which had been uploaded to Youtube on the Buffet Boys channel, and which had been filmed when he was on the run began to receive a large amount of attention, and not just because of the media attention surrounding his alleged crimes.

Unlike other rappers, who rapped about a gangster lifestyle that they didn’t live themselves, Tay-K’s ‘The Race’ was a real and authentic track written by an artist who was on the run and facing capital murder charges. It was described as raw and genuine by other rappers and many of them turned out to support him publicly as ‘The Race’ began to rack up it’s first million views. Lil Bibby was one of the first to tweet ‘Free lil Tay K’, and soon other artists such as XXXTentacion, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Yachty joined the appeals to free the young rapper. Their public support of Tay-K gained his music even more exposure, and ‘The Race’ quickly became a viral sensation. Within a month the track had gained over four million views on Youtube and soon everyone in the hip-hop World and beyond was talking about the promising young rapper who was facing such serious charges.

Tay-K Net Worth
Tay-K in the Video to ‘The Race’. Filmed while he was on the run. The track now has almost 22 million views on Youtube

On July 21st 2017 Tay-K was transferred to the adult Tarrant County jail in Fort Worth, Texas, and he is still there today awaiting his trail, in which he is likely to be tried as an adult. But since his arrest Tay-K’s popularity has taken off rapidly, and even though his future is so uncertain, he is already one of the biggest new rap stars of 2017. Tay-K has 53,000 followers on Soundcloud and another 200,000 followers on Instagram. Since he announced that he was skipping bail back in March 2017 his Twitter following has more than doubled to almost 25,000 followers, and the drama-filled story of Tay-K is gaining him a bigger online following everyday. Of all of his work however, it’s ‘The Race’ that is gaining the most attention, and since it’s release on the day he was arrested, not even two months ago, the track has gained almost 22 million views on Youtube.

Tay-K’s earnings, from Youtube, and Soundcloud where he now has around ten million plays amount to approximately $100,000 so far, virtually all of which has been earned during the last two or three months, but the talented young sensation from Texas is still trying to raise enough money for his legal defense, and so far it’s unclear if he’ll ever get to enjoy any of his success as a free man.

Tay-K Personal Life & FAQ’s

Tay-K’s Earnings in 2017

Tay-K earnings this year are likely to net him at least half a million dollars if his sudden rise in popularity continues at the same pace, and the buzz surrounding him suggests that his viral fame is only just the beginning of his success as an artist. Fundraising drives, organized by his team have been held to help him raise money for legal costs, but right now it’s impossible to say where Tay-K is likely to be in a years time. His marketability as a rapper is growing rapidly, but it’s the criminal charges against him that are creating much of the media attention at the moment, and with his case due to be heard later this year rap fans are hoping that Tay-K is able to win his freedom, or at least a sentence that leaves him free to produce music some time in the not too distant future.

Has Tay-K Spoken out about his case and future hopes?

Tay-K was interviewed in jail by Say Cheese TV boss Shawn Cotton in July 2017, and Say Cheese TV later released the audio of their conversation on their Youtube channel. In it Tay-K talks about his sudden viral success, and confirms that he would be more than happy with the ‘straight’, or legal money that his rap career will bring him if he can only get to enjoy it. He also talks about several unreleased tracks that he would sign to supporters, such as Soulja Boy, if he does end up with a lengthy sentence or worse.

What are Tay-K’s biggest musical influences?

Tay-K’s favorite rapper is Soulja Boy, with whom he has stayed in contact throughout his time in jail, but during his jail interview he revealed that the artist who most influenced his style and flow was Chief Keef, an artist that many have compared his work to. He also cites influences such as Lil Yachty and Fat Nick of the Buffet Boys, but it’s his polished mix of several styles that have made Tay-K’s work so appreciated by fellow rappers and fans alike.

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