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Brooke Hyland Net Worth 2018

The 19-year-old Brooke Hyland is the most well known for her role on Dance Moms as the oldest member of the “Elite Team.” She also had interest in singing and released a single and an album in 2012. She left Dance Moms due to a fight between her mom and Abby, the dance coach, which resulted in a bunch of court battles.

Brooke Hyland Net Worth – $250,000

How Did Brooke Hyland Make Her Money & Wealth?

brooke hyland boyfriend Brooke was born on January 30, 1998, in Murraysville, PA. She is the oldest daughter of Kelly and Randy Hyland. Hyland also has two siblings. She is not the only awesome dancer in the family – this talent is possessed by her mother, and several other relatives.

Brooke was interested in dancing starting at the young age of nine years old. This interest is what led to her earning her impressive net worth at such an early age. She makes five times as much as a first-year teacher does. Using her entire net worth, she would be able to purchase 100,000 cans of Monster Energy Drinks, which equates to 250 Apple iPhone Xs. Not bad for a 19-year-old, or anyone really.

Brooke’s sister Paige is also a dancer on the television show dance moms. When Brooke was just two years old, she began to dance at a dance company called ALDC. She only left that dance company in 2014 when a confrontation with her mom and the dance coach Abby forced them to quit the show Dance Moms. ALDC stands for Abilene dance company. The company used to be a not for profit organization that formed 35 years ago. It allowed young dancers the opportunity to study with the best dance educators available and then use their talents to compete around the United States. They also have their own talent agency.

For a brief moment in her life, Brooke Hyland decided that she would rather be a cheerleader. She ended up quitting dancing for a period of time in order to pursue that dream but then discovered that she would much rather be a dancer. Another ambition of hers was to perform in the popular Canadian act called Cirque du Soleil. In an effort to expand her horizons, Brooke audition for the role of Pepper in the Broadway musical Annie in 2012, but ended up not getting the role.

Brooks single, summer love song, reached the top 10 list of iTunes in 2012. It is a shame that Brooke Hyland ended her career on Dance Moms because she was a very popular performer. She often ended as the top performer of the day, and she was the dance coaches favorite. She is most noted for the way her body moved, and her extreme flexibility. She was able to perform many contortion tracks. Brooke is now attending the University of Ohio, and concentrating on her studies.

Brooke Hyland Personal Life & FAQ’s:

Is Brooke Hyland married?

While Brooke Hyland is not currently married, she’s been in a two-year relationship with her current boyfriend Nolan Betts. She’s only 19, so it is unlikely that marriage is anywhere in the near future. She and Nolan met in high school, and continue dating when they went to college even though they are attending different schools. He is older than her at 21 and is an Instagram star.

Brooke Hyland Salary & Annual Earnings in 2017

The teenage dancer turns about $125,000 per year, which is $10,400 every month. With that kind of salary, she could easily purchase a new car for herself, and get a nice house in Pennsylvania, and not even have to get a mortgage.

How much money does she make per day?

When Brooke is performing on TV shows, or in music videos she makes about $500 per day.

Brooke Hyland House

brooke hyland house In season two of dance moms, Brooks mom Kelly Hyland did a tour of their house. She showed the cameras around Brooks and pages rooms as well as the rest of the house. They still live in Murrysville, Pennsylvania with their mom Kelly. Their house is a gorgeous colonial style place with brick and stone trimmings. It looks like it cost at least $1 million, but since housing costs in Pennsylvania tend to be on the low side it could have cost half that much.

Brooke Hyland Car: 

brooke hyland car While there is no official information on it, it looks like broke is currently driving a red Audi. The car featured in an Instagram photo of Brooke proudly showing off her newly obtained license could be Brooks own car, or her mother Kelly’s.

Dance Mom’s Controversy:

Brooke and her sister Paige ended up leaving Dance Moms in Season 4 after a fight and physical altercation between their mother and their costar/ dance teacher Abby. After a competition, Kelly ended up slapping Abby, who was lunging towards the mother, and gnashing her teeth like she was going to bite. Since Kelly was the one who struck first, she was the one who was charged with assault. Later, Paige Hyland sued Abby for assaulting her in 2014, and later on, the whole family sued Abby Lee Miller for emotional damage. That lawsuit was dismissed.

Brooke Hyland Accomplishments:

Brooke Hyland has accomplished a lot in her young life. Since she began dancing professionally at the age of 9, she has earned many trophies, awards, and crowns for her performances. She released a single, and later, an album, both of which charted on iTunes. She is currently attending college, an achievement all on its own, and enjoys celebrity status on various social media sites.

Brooke Hyland Social Media Accounts

  • Facebook Account 
    • She uses this account mostly to promote her brand deals and crosspost from her Instagram account.
  • Twitter Account
    • Joined June 2011
    • Brooke Hyland uses this account often to update her fans on her daily life and travels
  • Instagram Account
    • 3.2 million followers
    • Brooke updates this account frequently with photos of her travels, and adorable pictures of her and her boyfriend Nolan. Travel, food, and nature are frequent subjects of her pics.
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