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Alex Lange Net Worth 2018 – How Much The Youtuber Makes

A web celebrity and model, Alex Lange originally rose to fame on the photo-sharing app, Instagram in his early teens. Blessed with his good looks, he had no difficulty at all growing his following, which has since surpassed the 2 million mark. Aside from said mobile platform, the teen has also established himself on other sites such as Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Currently on Youtube alone, he has well over 2.3 million subscribers- quite impressive indeed! A natural in front of the camera, he posts a variety of videos onto his channel from vlogs to challenges. Aside from his solo ventures, he is also a member of Jake Paul’s super group, Team 10, with whom he collaborates with on a regular basis. Some of his fellow crew members include: Tristan Tales, Stan Gerards, the Martinez Twins, among others.

A popular teen idol, Alex’s web presence has been growing at a constant rate over the past few months (partly thanks to his involvement with Team 10). With all that said, how successful has his career been (so far)? According to sources, the 16 year old currently has an estimated net worth of $75,000. Where did he earn this kind of money from? Let’s find out.

Alex Lange’s Net Worth 2018 – $75,000

How did Alex Lange Make His Money & Wealth?

alex lange 2 Born on March 3, 2001 in France, Alex Lange spent the first few years of his childhood in Paris, before moving with his family to England at the age of two. Thanks to his multicultural upbringing, he is fluent in both English and French. Super close with his family, he has an older brother named Matthieu as well as a younger sister- the former of whom is also an Instagram model (the siblings have obviously inherited their parents’ good looks).

Like most teenagers, he soon hopped onto the Instagram bandwagon. With his good looks, his posts quickly gained traction on the app, leading his following to grow. Within just a few months, Alex’s follower count had grown to be in the thousands- an impressive feat in itself! Thanks to his regular uploads, his Instagram account has since gained over 2.3 million followers.

A social media influencer, Alex’s wide audience has led him to be able to monetize his Instagram account. As hinted by the business contact posted in his bio, he likely receives a fair share of sponsorship offers from brands who are eager to pay him for opportunities to market their products. Did you know that it’s not uncommon for some stars to earn upwards of a few thousand dollars per endorsement campaign?

Aside from Instagram, Youtube is another major source of income for the teen. Originally launched in 2015, his account has since amassed over 425,000 subscribers with more than 11.3 million video views. As of October 2017, his most-viewed upload, I Finally Asked Her…. has received more than 1.6 million hits. Some of his other top videos include Carpool Karaoke with Jerika, Carpool Karaoke with the Martinez Twins, Never Have I Ever, and We Have Something to Share.

As you can probably tell, Alex regularly collaborates with other Youtube stars including Tessa Brooks, the Martinez Twins, and Bailee Madison- at one point, even his mother made a guest appearance!

By displaying Google ads on his content, the teen is able to efficiently monetize his videos. The big question is then, how much has Alex made from his Youtube channel so far? Before we answer this question, let’s go over a couple of things- first off, the average payout ranges from $2 to $5 per 1,000 ad views for Google partners (though the exact amount differs from user to user); second of all, typically only 40% of one’s total view count can be monetized.

Now that we’ve got all that sorted, let’s figure out how much the 16 year old has made from his channel- assuming that his earnings are on the low end (e.g. $2/1000 views), he would have yielded around $9,000; on the high end, it would be closer to $20,000). Not too shabby at all for a teenager who’s still in high school!

Aside from his solo endeavours, Alex is also an active member of Team 10, a group created by Jake Paul. Based in Los Angeles, the crew regularly posts to their joint Youtube channel, which is updated multiple times a week. Though the exact workings are unclear, it’s probably fair to say that he also earns a decent amount from said collaboration.

Alex Lange’s Personal Life and FAQ

Is Alex Lange Married?

No, he is not married. Just because that’s true however, doesn’t mean that he’s not in a relationship- in fact, he’s currently dating actress Bailee Madison, who’s made a handful of appearances on his social media accounts.

Does Alex Lange Have Any Children?

No, Alex Lange does not have any children that we know of.

Did Alex Lange Go to College?

At 16 years old, Alex Lange is currently still in high school. At this point in time, it’s unclear whether or not he plans on pursuing higher education after his graduation.

Where Does Alex Lange Live? Pictures of Alex Lange’s House

From what we can gather, Alex Lange currently lives in the Team 10 house in Los Angeles, California. (Yes, he has some of the best roommates!)

What Kind of Car Does Alex Lange Drive?

Unfortunately, we do not have any information on Alex Lange’s vehicle at this time.

Alex Lange’s Career Accomplishments

Despite his young age, Alex Lange has accomplished many things that other teenagers can only dream of- not only does he have millions of fans across the globe, but he’s also a member of the super popular, Team 10.

If anything, the teen’s popularity will only continue to grow over the next few years.

How Much Did Alex Lange Make Last Year?

We do not have any information on Alex Lange’s 2016 earnings at this time (much to our disappointment!).

Recent Events

To stay on top of his news and announcements, be sure to follow Alex Lange on social media. As we’ve mentioned above, you can find him on Youtube (both on his personal and Team 10 account), Facebook, and Instagram!

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