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Top Reasons You Should Purchase a Blackview BV9000 Pro

One of the newest smartphones to hit the market is the Blackview BV9000 Pro. This smartphone just hit the market within the past week and it already is a huge success. You might not have heard about this smartphone yet or maybe you have. The revolutionary smartphone features great protection and hardware configurations that allow this phone to be unique. There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing the Blackview BV9000 Pro. If you are unaware of just how amazing this smartphone is, well continue reading to learn about the biggest features and benefits this phone has to offer.

Why You Should Buy the Blackview BV9000 Pro

Body Design- The body design of the Blackview BV9000 Pro offers amazing protection from being shattered by a drop. You will notice the design is fashionable, but yet the smartphone is still tri-proof. The screen itself is an 18:9 aspect ratio full-screen device, and it is the first one that is an IP68.

Memory & Storage- The Blackview BV9000 Pro comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM. All of this memory and storage allows you to download hundreds of apps. Even when the device is loaded down with apps, it will still run as smoothly as the day you opened up the box.

Rear Dual Cameras- When it comes to the Blackview BV9000 Pro, there are rear dual cameras which are in 13MP and 5MP. You can choose multiple photo mods at the same time and even use a 3D effect. The night photography abilities with the cameras are the biggest benefit in terms of the cameras themselves. You will be able to clearly see the photos even in the dead of night, which is pretty amazing and innovative.

Corning Gorilla Glass 5- Not a whole lot needs to be said about Corning Gorilla Glass 5. This high-quality glass used for the screen provides so much protection. In fact, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is the most durable that is available. With this high-quality glass being used in the Blackview BV9000 Pro, the glass is not likely to break even with higher falls or drops.

Even More Reasons to Buy the Blackview BV9000 Pro

Quality is Top-Notch– Another reason why you should consider purchasing the Blackview BV9000 Pro is that the overall quality of this device is top-notch. The attention to detail is simply amazing, including using high-quality parts for assembly of the device. When you look at the body of this smartphone, you will see something that looks more like a piece of art than just a typical cell phone body.

Face Recognition Coming Soon In February 2018, there will be facial recognition coming to the Blackview BV9000 Pro. If you have purchased the product before the feature is released, you do not have to worry about your device being outdated. You can easily and quickly upgrade to use this new facial recognition feature. As you might know, facial recognition adds another layer of security to your device.

Software Optimizations– There are several software optimizations that have been made in the Blackview BV9000 Pro. One new feature in this phone is the smart battery management system. This allows you to get into power saving mode and privacy space. There are smart keys and eye pattern features that allow you to have more privacy than with other smartphones.

If you would like to get more information on the Blackview BV9000 Pro, then go here to view the official 3D video. This video shows you all of the specifications and details of the smartphone, including many we have mentioned today. So if all of these reasons have convinced you to purchase the Blackview BV9000 Pro, then click here to get yours right now at the especially low sale price.



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