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Derez Deshon Net Worth – 2018

One of Cash Money Records’ newest signees, Derez Design has been making waves in the hip-hop realm over the past two years. While it’s only recently that he dropped his debut mixtape, he has worked with many artists previously including Birdman & Jacquees, Rich Gang, Slim Dunkin, Wacka Wacka Flame, and French, to name a few. Some of his most popular collaborations to date include, Don’t Love, Overtime, Pull Up, Pt. 2, and 300 Spartans. Striving to make himself known, the rapper has already gained a few thousand followers on Soundcloud.

Recently this summer, Derez Deshon dropped his long-awaited debut album, Pain. Featuring guest appearances from Jeremiah, Birdman, and Ralo, the tape garnered the artist a considerable amount of attention upon its release. Slowly but steadily, his popularity has been climbing over the past few months. In fact, his Youtube channel (which was only created in August 2017), has already received over 319,000 views. At the rate that he is going, he’s bound to gain further notoriety in the near future. Currently, some of his most popular songs include, Hardaway, P.I.L. (Pain is Love), Fed Up, and She Wanna Be Down.

As is often the case, it can take a while for new artists, such as the rapper himself, to kick off their career. Judging by what he’s already managed to churn out, however, he appears to be on a fairly solid trajectory. So with all that said, how lucrative has his music career been so far? How much has he reeled in from his rap efforts so far? Unfortunately, as such as we’d like to provide an answer, Derez Deshon’s net worth is currently still under review. For now, we do not have a figure as far as his wealth goes. While that may be the case, however, let’s take a look to see what he’s accomplished so far.

Derez Deshon’s Net Worth 2018 – N/A

How did Derez Deshon Make His Money & Wealth?

One of the newest members of Cash Money, Derez DeShon has poured many hours into his music, in attempts to make himself known in the rap scene. Unfortunately, not much has ever been revealed about the rapper’s personal life- including his childhood. As far as we know, he recently emerged as a recording artist in the Florida area. Should we ever find out more about his early life, we will update this section.

Earlier this summer, Derez Deshon released his debut album, Pain as a digital download. Featuring key production from 808 Mafia, Bobby Critical, London On Da Track, and more, the project boasted many tracks including, What Day Got Say, No Love Lost, Lord Forgive Me, Bottom Chick, and I Need U. A solid release, the record has garnered him attention over the past few months. In fact, it has given rise to many of his most popular songs such as Fed Up, Pain, She Wanna Be Down, and P.I.L. (Pain is Love).

Aside from his solo efforts, Derez Deshon has also worked with many names in the rap scene. For instance, he has collaborated with the likes of Philthy Rich, 600breezy, Bleu Davinci, Chris Rivers, The Lox, Wacka Flocka Flame, and Marly Mar, to name a few. Some of the said titles include, So Bad, Chose Me, Circles, They Feeling Me, Street Life, Made It, and Gangsta Party.

While it’s likely that he’s earned himself a decent amount from his singles and album, this figure has never been revealed to the public. For now, we can only guess and make assumptions. Aside from record sales, the second most common moneymaker for artists are typically concerts; with that said, Deshon is still so new to the music industry that he hasn’t had an opportunity to put on any public performances (as of yet anyway). Assuming that he continues to do what he’s doing now, however, it probably isn’t out of the question for him to one day, embark on a concert tour in the near future. For now, he’ll just have to make do what his singles and other projects.

Derez Deshon’s Personal Life and FAQ

Is Derez Deshon Married?

As much as we’d like to know, the rapper has never revealed much about his dating life to the public. As far as we know, Derez Deshon is currently single.

Does Derez Deshon Have Any Children?

No, Derez Deshon does not have any children as far as we know.

Did Derez Deshon Go to College?

Nothing much has ever been revealed about Derez Deshon’s education history. From what we can tell, he has not gone to college; it’s up in the air as to whether or not he has completed high school.

What is Derez Deshon Famous For?

The young rapper is best known for his hit song, Hardaway. Of course, his debut mixtape, Pain has also garnered him a considerable amount of attention. Some of his other top singles include P.I.L. (Pain is Love), Fed Up, She Wanna Be Down, Ambitions, and Pain.

Where Does Derez Deshon Live? Pictures of Derez Deshon’s House

He currently resides in Florida (where Cash Money is based). At this time, we do not have any further details or photos of his home to share with readers.

What Kind of Car Does Derez Deshon Drive?

At this time, we do not have any information on Derez Deshon’s vehicle.

How Much Money Did Derez Deshon Make Last Year?


Recent Events

As discussed earlier, the rapper recently dropped his commercial debut, Pain on August 21, 2017. A new offering for fans, it featured a number of guest appearances from Jeremiah, Birdman, and Ralo. Some of the tracks from the project include Bottom Chick, Fed Up, Lord Forgive Me, No Love Lost, Ambitions, and Hardaway.

As well, he had landed a feature in Lil Durk’s Don’t Love, earlier this year.

Want to also follow Derez Deshon on social media? You can find him active on many platforms including Twitter (@DerezDeshon) and Instagram (@DerezDeshon).

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