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Pablo Escobar Height, Weight, Age & Wife

One of the wealthiest criminals in history, Pablo Escobar was both a narcoterrorist and drug lord in the United States. “The King of Cocaine,” he made well over $20 billion a year at the height of his career in the early 90’s. Below, you can learn more about the infamous criminal.

Pablo Escobar– 2018 Facts

Real Name

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

Nick Names

The King of Cocaine, Don Pablo, El Padrino, El Patron, El Senor, El Pablito, El Magico, El Zar de la Cocaina

Occupation and Job

Narcoterrorist, Drug Lord, Drug Smuggler

Famous For

Pablo Escobar is infamous for being one of the biggest drug lords that the U.S. has ever had to deal with. “The King of Cocaine”, he smuggled anywhere from 70 to 80 tons of cocaine, a month, from Columbia to the US at the height of his career in the late 80’s.

Age – How Old was He?

He was 44 years old at the time of his death

Birthday/Date of Birth

His birthday is on December 1, 1949

Place of Birth/Hometown

Pablo Escobar was born in Rionegro, Colombia. Growing up, he was raised in the city of Medellin, where he began his criminal career as a teen.





Pablo Escobar Height, Weight & Body Facts

How Tall – Height in Feet

He was 5’5 tall

How Tall – Height in Meters

He was 1.67 meters tall

Weight in Pounds

His weight had not been disclosed to the public

Weight in Kilograms

His weight had not been disclosed to the public

Body Measurements

At this time, Pablo Escobar’s body measurements are unavailable

Waist Size

His waist size had not been disclosed

Foot/Shoe Size

His shoe size had not been disclosed

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color


Personal Life

Was Pablo Escobar in a Relationship?

At the age of twenty-seven, he married Maria Victoria Henao, who was fifteen years old at the time. Discouraged by the Henao family due to his social status, the two ultimately eloped.

Pablo Escobar’s Girlfriends

We do not have any information on Pablo Escobar’s prior relationships.


Hermilda Gaviria


Abel de Jesús Dari Escobar


The third of seven children, he had three sisters, Gloria Ones, Luz Maria and Alba Marina Escobar.


The third of seven siblings, he had three brothers, Argemiro, Luis Fernando, and Roberto Escobar.


The drug lord had two children with his wife, Manuela and Juan Pablo (now known as Sebastian Marroquin).

High School

It’s unclear where exactly Pablo Escobar had received his secondary education.


At one point, he studied at the Universidad Autonomy Latinoamericana of Medellin, though he ultimately left without a degree.


At the height of his career, he was said to have made over $21.9 billion USD a year from selling cocaine.

Net Worth

Up until his death in the early 90’s, he had an alleged net worth of $30 billion USD.



Random Facts



Favorite Food


Favorite Drink


Favorite Actor


Favorite Book


Favorite Movie


Favorite TV Show


Favorite Color


Favorite Music Artists


Favorite Sports



Born on December 1, he is a Sagittarius

Phone Number

This information is currently unknown


This information is currently unknown

Pablo Escobar’s Social Media Accounts & Usernames

Pablo Escobar’s Facebook Account 


Pablo Escobar’s Twitter Username 


Pablo Escobar’s Instagram Username 


Pablo Escobar’s Youtube Channel


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Other Interesting Facts:

  • He was shot and killed by the Colombian police, just a day after his 44th birthday on December 2, 1993
  • As a teen, he was involved with running trees scams, stealing cars, and selling fake lottery tickets
  • With his wealth, he purchased a luxury home that came complete with a zoo (it included animals such as hippopotamuses, giraffes, elephants and exotic birds)
  • A number of films based on his life have been released including Killing Pablo (2011), and Loving Pablo (2017), among others
  • In 2009, his son Sebastian Morroqu starred in the movie documentary, Sins of My Father, in which he personally apologized to the sons of his father’s victims
  • He owned a massive getaway on Isla Grande, one of the largest of the coral cluster islands
  • For his drug operations, he owned and operated dozens of airplanes and helicopters
  • In 1982, he was elected to the Chamber of Representatives of Columbia
  • He surrounded to the Colombian police in 1991, shortly after the assignation of Luis Carlos Galan
  • Following his death, the cocaine market was controlled by his rival, Cali Carter until the mid-90’s (when they were captured by the government)
  • Over 25,000 people attended his funeral, as many held a “Robin Hood Image” of him in his hometown of Medellin
  • He has been the subject of multiple books including Pablo Escobar: Beyond Narcos, Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar, and Kings of Cocaine

Pablo Escobar Bio – 2018 Update

From Rionegro, Columbia, Pablo Escobar initially started off selling fake lottery tickets and contraband cigarettes. Gaining confidence over time, he eventually began to work for various smugglers, after which he started to distribute cocaine himself. Responsible for one of the first smuggle routes in the U.S., his infiltration into the drug market led to a huge rise in demand for the white power in the 70’s. By the 1980’s, it was said that he’d shipped upwards of 80 tons from Columbia on a monthly basis. Known for his ‘Medellin Cartel’ drug network, he often competed with other cartels in the area, which led to many murders and massacres.

By the late 80’s, Escobar was taking in over $20 billion USD a year in personal income. Nicknamed “The King of Cocaine,” he soon became the wealthiest criminal in the history of the U.S., with an estimated net worth of $30 billion by the early 90’s. Eventually surrendering to Colombian authorities in 1991, he was placed in La Catedral, which served as his own ‘luxurious private prison’. Still, that was not enough to keep him behind bars; he later escaped a year later. For the next year and a half, he continued business as usual, smuggling and selling cocaine. Then, 16 months after his escape, he was shot and killed by the police in his hometown of Medellin.

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