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Jean-Claude Van Damme Net Worth 2018

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a popular Belgian actor, producer, director, and martial artist. He is best known for his action movie roles, mainly those in martial arts films. Through his work, he became one of the most recognizable faces in showbusiness and earned millions of dollars.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Net Worth – $30,000,000

How Did Jean-Claude Van Damme Make His Money & Wealth

Here is the story of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s $30 million net worth.

Early Life And Career

young jcvd He was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1960, and started training karate when he was 10. During his teen years, he expanded into other martial arts and started bodybuilding. His martial arts career was very successful and made him popular before he started acting.

His first acting gig was as an extra in Breakin‘. He also played a smaller role in 1984’s Missing in Action, but his breakthrough didn’t happen until 1988.


JCVD in Kickboxer
JCVD in Kickboxer

In that year, he starred in Bloodsport, a martial arts film that became a huge box office hit. From there he kept working in the action movie genre, starring in Kickboxer, Death Warrant, Lionheart and Double Impact. His career peaked during the 90s, when he starred in Universal Soldier, Nowhere to Run, Hard Target, Timecop and Street Fighter. It was during this time that his fee grew to a few million per single movie appearance.

As the year 2000 approached, Van Damme’s acting career was a decline. He had several less known roles and didn’t have a theatrical release from ’96 to ’08. In 2008 he released JCVD, a crime drama based on an alternative version of his life.

Recent Years

In the recent years, he came back to show business, starring in Assassination Games, Dragon Eyes, Enemies Closer, Swelter, among other. His most recent role was in Black Water, an action thriller set to release this year.

Through his long acting career, JCVD made himself a net worth of $30 million. Up next we’re taking a look at how does he spend that money.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Personal Life & FAQ’s:

Is Jean-Claude Van Damme married?

Yes, JCVD is currently in his fifth marriage! He has been married to Gladys Portugues since 1999, and the couple has two children together, a son and a daughter. The story of his love life is an interesting one; he was married five times, but with four women.

Jean-Claude Van Damme with his wife
Jean-Claude Van Damme with his wife

His first marriage was with Maria Rodriguez from 1980 until 1984. A year after they divorced, he married Cynthia Derderian, but the marriage didn’t last long, only until the next year. In 1987 he married Gladys Portugues and had a son with her. Three years after the two had a daughter. In 1992, he started an affair with Darcy LaPier and married her in ’94. Finally, in 1999 he re-married Portugues and has been married to her ever since. There were some rumors regarding a second divorce in 2015, but Van Damme disputed those.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Salary & Annual Earnings in 2018

He is estimated to earn around a million dollars annually, in the most recent years. During his peak popularity, he was obviously making more money.

How much does he make per movie?

Here is a list of some of Van Damme’s best-known movies, together with his paychecks from them:

  • Double Impact (1991) – $600,000
  • Universal Soldier (1992) – $1,500,000
  • Hard Target (1993) – $3,500,000
  • Street Fighter (1994) – $8,000,000
  • Sudden Death (1995) – $5,000,000
  • The Hard Corps (2006) – $3,000,000

Jean-Claude Van Damme House

The house that he sold to Ice Cube
The house that he sold to Ice Cube

Recently, Van Damme sold his prized property in Los Angeles to none other but Ice Cube. While we are unsure where he lives at the time, a glance at his previous home tells us a lot about Jean-Claude’s lifestyle. The house, worth $7.25 million, was built in 2011 and is a breath-taking example of a luxurious property. It has 6 bedrooms, a wine cellar, a home theatre, a gym (of course), six fireplaces and eleven bathrooms.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Car

jean claude van damme car JCVD was pictured driving a Bentley Continental convertible, a car that costs upward of $200,000.



Charity, donations, and philanthropy

  • He is a supporter of RAGES (Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species).
  • Van Damme donated $30k to Animals Australia, which is an animal protection organization

Accomplishments and Facts

  • Out of 48 of his amateur fights, he won 44 and lost just the remaining 4. His kickboxing record is 18/1, and all of his wins were via knockout.
  • His nickname is “The Muscles from Brussels”.
  • The original Mortal Kombat game was based on him. The creators modeled Johnny Cage, a character in the game, after Van Damme.
  • He appeared in eight music videos. Some of these were made by the artists such as MC Hammer, Megadeth, Bob Sinclair and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.


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