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Freelee Bell Net Worth 2018

Leanne Ratcliffe, better known as Freelee Bell, is a popular internet personality, best known for her controversial YouTube videos and statements. She is a fitness expert according to many and tries to help her fans to live healthier and reach their goals when it comes to fitness. Over the course of her career, she became a well-known personality and made lots of money thanks to that. Today, we’ll be checking out Freelee Bell’s net worth and much, much more.

So, let’s get started!

Freelee Bell Net Worth – $400,000

Freelee Bell according to some fairly outdated sources has a net worth of $400,000. We would estimate that the updated amount would be fairly higher, but there are no sources to confirm it, unfortunately. In either case, Bell has a significantly larger net worth when compared to her peers. The average American of her age has around 10 times less in net worth compared to her. So she seems to be doing very well for herself.

But, let’s take a look at how did she make the $400,000 (or more):

How Did Freelee Bell Make Her Money And Wealth

Freelee, or rather, Leanna, was born in Queensland in Australia in 1980. She gained fame through her YouTube channel controversies. The first one was her statement that she eats around 50 bananas a day as a part of her vegan diet. As you can imagine, this was something that the internet, in general, took great interest in. Thanks to that, she was ridiculed by several online outlets, including some popular YouTubers as well.

Banana Girl Freelee Bell However, it helped her gain fans and followers on the platform as well. After she broke through, she started expanding her work. She started talking about not wearing bras (sometimes clothes in general), her insecurities, various diets, and much more. Due to that, her channel grew even further.

Nowadays, her channel, which is her main income stream, has over 700,000 subscribers! Thanks to that, she is able to make a full time living solely from the revenue she gets from YouTube. Due to her online work, she was able to amass a significant net worth by doing what she likes.

Next up, we take an even deeper look at hear earnings and answer some frequently asked questions. Check it out:

Freelee Bell – Personal Life & FAQ:

Is Freelee Bell married?

Currently, there isn’t much info regarding Leanna’s relationship status. If we get any info, we’ll be sure to let you know. And if you happen to know anything, feel free to let us know!

Freelee Bell Salary & Annual Earnings for 2018

youtube logo As you might imagine, since we don’t even have enough sources regarding her net worth, we can’t really estimate her salary/earnings. However, we are assuming that her 2018 earnings have dropped since she isn’t trending as much as she used to in previous years. It appears that internet has moved on from the ‘banana girl’ to other controversial topics. As it usually is.

However, according to SocialBlade, she makes somewhere from $2k to $30k from her YouTube revenue alone. We’re estimating that the actual numbers are close to the lower one, seeing as most of her videos cover some quite controversial topics. YouTube has started cracking down on those, due to the pressure from their advertisers.

Nonetheless, she still makes enough money to make YouTube her full-time occupation.

How much money does she make per video?

Her videos range in view count significantly, so it is hard to estimate her average earnings. Seeing that her most popular video has somewhere around 22 million views, and her least popular has ‘only’ 355,000, you can see why drawing an estimation would be hard. But we believe it’s somewhere in the ballpark of several hundred dollars per video. Her biggest one makes her thousands of dollars each, however, which is very impressive.

Freelee Bell House

Freelee Bell Banana Girl House Freelee has recently moved on from the urban, everyday life. She now lives in a cottage somewhere in South America. She has stated that she spends most of her day naked, and doesn’t do any makeup, shaving or use hair dye. Good for her!

Freelee Bell Car

As you can probably imagine, she doesn’t need a car, seeing that she lives in a jungle.

Freelee Bell Achievements & Fun Facts

  • She loves the freedom of her new lifestyle and was quoted saying that she’s very happy that she hasn’t shaved any of her body her in six months.
  • Bell said she saved around $2000 just from not dyeing her hair in a year.
  • She also ditched all makeup and beauty products, saving another $4000!
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