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Matt Lauer Net Worth 2018

Before controversy and current sexual misconduct allegations, Matt Lauer was a household name for a different reason altogether. Known as the face of Dateline NBC, and frequently seen as a host of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast, Matt Lauer was quite the household name. But with these new allegations and life events, has his fall from grace also created a drop in net worth? Let’s find out.

Matt Lauer Net Worth – $100 Million

How Did Matt Lauer make their money and wealth

Starting out soon after his dropping out of Ohio University in 1979 (and subsequently graduating from that college in 1997 in communications), Matt Lauer started as a local reporter for a West Virginia news station before getting picked up by larger cities who noticed his talent in discussing issues with and informing an audience. Aside from his news reporting, he would also experiment with many different kinds of reality show hosting in the late 1980’s to the mid-1990’s, then in 1992, he’d be picked as an anchor for the Today show. Throughout the subsequent decades, he would host his own travel segments, interview royalty, and appear at many Olympic Games opening ceremonies as well as provided commentary on filmed events. In 2012, Lauer signed a contract with NBC worth at least $25 million aside from the fortune he’d already amassed. He has also appeared in several films (usually as himself) from serious dramas to Sharknado 2. His on-air presence came to a sudden stop in 2017 as he was internally accused of sexual misconduct and dropped from his network contracts in the wake of them. That being said, he still retains a good amount of real estate which he has collected throughout his career, including more than a handful of mansions and big city apartments.

Matt Lauer Personal Life and FAQ’s:

Is Matt Lauer married?
At least for the moment, yes. He is currently married to his wife on 19 years, a former model by the name of Annette Roque. Given recent revelations about Lauer’s inappropriate sexual behavior and subsequent fall from grace however, that may change.
Matt Lauer Salary & Annual Earnings in 2018-
Currently, Matt Lauer is off salary due to his termination from NBC. However, he has been able to maintain his wealth due to a vast real estate portfolio, which includes a for-sale $7.3 million apartment in New York. If you have the money for it though, you might want to hold off, as it was not only an apartment of the now disgraced Matt Lauer, but also belonged to the now famous financier and con artist, Bernie Madoff.

How much money do they make per show?
Currently, Matt Lauer does not appear to have a severance package that includes payment per show.

Matt Lauer House –
Strongheart While having quite a few homes, Matt Lauer’s primary estate was recently purchased from Richard Gere and is a sprawling 12 bed, 12 bath mansion on over 6 acres of land. Strongheart Manor, as it’s known, also includes a 60 foot pool, private beach, and a dock for any boats he may own. Currently, the value of Strongheart Manor is in the area of $65 Million.

Matt Lauer Car –
LauerCar A bit of a surprise, Matt Lauer currently drives a blue-grey Jeep Wrangler Sahara edition.

Charity and donations and philanthropy-
Regarding charities and causes, Lauer has been fairly active in supporting a good number of them (though it should be noted that none of them condone his currently alleged actions, and no actions should be taken against them) including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Cancer Research Institute, Soles4Souls, the Elton John AIDS foundation and the Red Cross.

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