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What Happened to Owen Wilson’s Nose?

Hollywood has been entertaining the World for over a century now, and if there’s one thing that Tinsel Town is good at producing, on top of all those big-screen blockbusters, it’s an enduring mystery that has the whole World speculating on what dark secrets are discussed behind the closed doors of top studio executives.

From the dark and macabre conundrums such as who killed Elizabeth Short, better known to history as ‘The Black Dahlia’, and what really happened on the night in 1981 when Natalie Wood died, Hollywood endlessly offers new theories, as the truth becomes hidden under ever-growing layers of time, but not all Hollywood mysteries happened back in the days of black and white, there’s a mystery regarding one of the biggest stars of the current age, and despite the best efforts of millions of internet detectives, no-one is 100% sure exactly what happened to Owen Wilson’s nose.

Owen’s Childhood and Early Life

Owen Wilson was born in Dallas, Texas on November 18th, 1968. He was the second of three sons to mom Laura, a photographer, and Dad Robert, an advertising executive. Perhaps the first clue to the unique shape of Owen’s nose comes from the frequent descriptions of him as a ‘Self-proclaimed troublemaker’, he was expelled from St. Mark’s High School in his tenth grade after stealing a teacher’s textbook and copying the answers to an exam.

What Happened to Owen Wilson's Nose
The only known picture of Owen without his trademark crooked nose

It’s during Owen’s early years that his crooked nose came about, we have just one grainy old black and white photo of a young Owen with a straight nose, but that’s the only proof that something fairly solid collided with it at some point. Owen always refuses to talk about exactly how his nose got its unique shape, but the generally accepted theory is that it was broken twice during his teenage years at St. Mark’s High School, once in a fight, and a second time as a result of a collision on the football field. Owen went on to graduate from Thomas Jefferson High School and then on to the New Mexico Military Institute, where for the first time we have definitive proof that his nose had taken on that trademark crooked shape.

Why Doesn’t Owen Wilson Get a Nose-Job?

Perhaps the second most mysterious aspect of Owen Wilson’s nose is why the actor has never bothered to get it fixed, particularly after he had achieved Worldwide fame and recognition with starring roles in films such as ‘Shanghai Noon’ in 2000, and ‘Zoolander’ the following year. Let’s be honest here, the shape of Owen’s nose doesn’t detract one bit from his smoldering good looks, his role as supermodel Hansel in Zoolander was well-cast, and to appear as a convincing supermodel, Owen really had to do nothing more than be his naturally charming and laid-back self.

Perhaps it’s the fact that’s Owen’s nose, and its unconventional shape, doesn’t affect his attractiveness and marketability one bit, that is behind his decision to leave it as nature and a few childhood collisions intended it to be, and perhaps it’s his innate modesty. In an interview with the LA Times in 2001 he claimed his nose wouldn’t have been that great even if it hadn’t been broken, and of course, there’s at least one Hollywood story of nose-perfecting plastic surgery that ended a promising acting career.

What Happened to Owen Wilson's Nose
By the time Owen was at the New Mexico Military Institute, his nose had taken on that battered shape

Jennifer Grey starred alongside Patrick Swayze in the romantic drama ‘Dirty Dancing’ in 1987, and it was one of the most successful blockbusters ever made. With a budget of only $6 million it took over $214 million at the box office and has since then consistently been voted as one of the most-watched films by women, it has even been described as the ‘Star Wars for Girls’, and after the film’s success, Jennifer, on the threshold of great career as a Hollywood A-lister, decided to get her slightly oversized nose reduced a bit, but the cosmetic surgery backfired spectacularly. The operation went perfectly, and Jennifer’s new nose was dainty and delicate but fans no longer connected her with the girl-next-door image that she had portrayed so well while dancing the night away with Swayze, and with her most distinctive feature gone, her career came to an abrupt halt. Michael Jackson was another huge star who was never satisfied with the shape of his nose, and ultimately he did himself no favors with the endless procedures he underwent to achieve a perfection in his appearance that he could never have.

So perhaps Owen’s reluctance to fix that crooked nose is easier to understand, for, after all, he’s not a man who ever seems overly concerned about his appearance, he’s been blessed with the kind of effortless good looks that most men would love to have, personally if he wants to swap faces, just tell me where to sign, for I’d happily take that nose if it comes with the rest of his face.

What’s Owen Wilson’s Nose Doing Now in 2018 – Recent Updates

Well surprisingly, Owen Wilson’s nose is actually doing more than you might expect now in 2018, for a start it has it’s own twitter account. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that someone is taking the time to bring some light-hearted fun to the subject, and there are quite a few good lines that the account is coming up with, ‘My future is a lot like Owen Wilson’s nose, I’m not really sure which direction it’s going in’, to give just an example of the witty one-liners on offer.

What Happened to Owen Wilson's Nose
Now in 2018, Owen is proud of that battered nose, and still a fun-loving troublemaker

As for Owen himself, he’s battled depression, and even attempted suicide back in 2007, but now in 2018, he seems to be getting a handle on his darker thoughts. He had a son with girlfriend Jade Duell in 2011, and in 2014 he had a second son after an affair with Caroline Lindqvist. His career is still on the straight and narrow, even if his nose isn’t, he had four starring roles in big-screen Hollywood productions in 2017, and he’s still got a big troublemaking side to his character,

In March 2018 Owen Wilson caused temporary chaos and an evacuation at the Hotel Croydon in Miami, after he lit up a cigarette in a bar, setting off the fire-alarms in the process. But perhaps we shouldn’t blame Owen for his mischievous side too much, one of his earliest memories is of his Dad sneaking Owen and his brothers into the Texas State Fair, by telling organizers that he was with the TV News, an event that clearly made quite an impression on young Owen, and indirectly quite an impression on that wonderfully crooked nose.

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