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AudFree Audio DRM Converter is the Best Tool for Removing DRM

If you are into music streaming using Apple or streaming services like Spotify, you might have noticed the content is restricted by DRM. DRM is short for digital rights management, and it is a group of technologies that prevent you from snatching copyrighted music or other content. In the world today, DRM removal software is really important if you want to transfer music from Spotify or other music sources without losing the audio quality. This is where AudFree comes into play, as they just released this removal software for your device.

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Using the removal software allows you to extract the music and then convert them into various other audio file formats. One of the best removal software programs out there right now is called AudFree Audio DRM removal. This software was just released by AudFree, and it allows you to convert all DRM content into other formats. You are able to play the content on any device with this new AudFree Audio DRM removal software.

AudFree Audio DRM Removal Software Quickly Converts DRM Content

When it comes to converting the DRM content quickly, there is no better option out there right now than the AudFree Audio DRM removal software. This particular software will remove the DRM lock from sources such as Apple Music, iTunes, Audible, and Spotify. You will be able to convert the audio into other audio file formats without losing any of the sound quality.

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There is the Audio Capture option in the program, and you can then download the music onto your PC. Did we mention that you also will have a 60-day money-back guarantee? That makes this software even better, since if you do not like it, you will be able to get your money back. With this new software, you can even convert the non-DRM audio files into other media file formats for easy listening on any device.

You will be able to convert those audio files into formats such as WAV, AAC, FLAC, and MP3. If you have never done anything like this before, you will find the instructions and guide really easy to follow. There is tech support if you need it too, which helps you get through the process if you get stuck. We do not think you will have any issues figuring out how to convert the music and remove the DRM with the AudFree Audio DRM Removal software. Even better is that this software pays for itself in just a few uses. We love how simple this program is to use and it works so much quicker than the competition on the market.

AudFree Also Has a Spotify Music Converter Program Available

Spotify Music Converter for Windows is also available for you to use, which allows you to extract the Spotify music and playlists quickly and easily. You will be able to convert the Spotify albums, songs, and playlists into the normal audio file formats. From there, you can listen to the music offline on any device that you own. The file formats you can convert to include M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and MP3.

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With the Spotify Converter, you can get all of the music whether you are on the free subscription plan or the premium subscription plan. The downloader comes with an encoder, which allows you the ability to convert these media files for offline use, You will not lose any of the music quality by using this program, which is really nice.

When it comes to Spotify, the songs are protected by the DRM so that if you are on the free subscription, you cannot enjoy your music offline. Who wants to be limited to enjoying their music only while online on a certain device? Certainly we do not like that, which is why we love the Spotify Music Converter program that is available for Windows. You can download any of the songs or playlists and get around the DRM protections. Without those protections, you can enjoy the music you want to hear the most anytime on any device. This software is great for converting Spotify music, and it is about five-times quicker than any other program out there.



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