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Bradley Martyn Net Worth – 2018

Fitness is one of the biggest trends to sweep the nation in recent years, and vlogger/bodybuilder Bradley Martyn has taken his passion for fitness to the extreme. Bradley Martyn is a bodybuilder, fitness coach, vlogger, and businessman who has been vlogging since 2014. He has successfully leveraged his YouTube fame into a business by creating informative fitness videos and vlogs. He is the owner of the Zoo Culture Gym in Los Angeles, California. Martyn is also the creator of the BMfit exercise program, which several other famous YouTubers credit for helping them get fit.

Bradley Martyn Net Worth – $1 million

Bradley MArtyn has 1.7 million subscribers on Youtube and 2.8 million followers on Instagram. His videos and vlogs are especially popular with young men who see him as a role model. This has made his gym and personal training business extremely successful. He is also the founder and owner of Alpha Creative Designs, a web/graphic design firm.

How Did Bradley Martyn Earn his Money and Wealth?

Bradley Martyn 3
Martyn alongside multi-time world champion bodybuilder Phil Heath.

Bradley Martyn was born on May 22, 1989, in Los Angeles, California. He lived a happy, peaceful life in his early childhood. However, things took a turn when he was just 6 years old after his father took his own life. This event affected Martyn’s perspective and has shaped his mindset about life to this day. He has previously spoken about the event in his vlogs.

Bradley Martyn discovered weightlifting as a teenager. He quickly became addicted to fitness, spending hours per day in the gym working on his physique. Within a few years, Martyn had an impressive physique. As he entered his twenties, he realized that he wanted to build his life around fitness and inspiring others.

In 2012, Bradley Martyn founded the graphic/web design company AlphaCre8ive. He experimented with different workouts plans during this time. After a few years of planning, he released his self-titled workout regimen, BMfit. He also began releasing basic instructional videos on YouTube to build a following.

In 2015, Bradley Martyn befriended popular YouTube prankster FouseyTube. Videos documenting Fousey’s weight loss and muscle gain received several million view in total while also bringing in more subscribers. He also uploaded videos with fitness vloggers Simeon Panda, BroScienceLife, and Matt Ogus. He quickly befriended these YouTubers and gained the contacts to make his dreams a reality in the process.

After a year of producing mostly gym-related content, Martyn decided it was time to let his fans get to know him more. He began posting snippets of his personal life interspersed between his workouts. He also began updating viewers on the construction of the Zoo Culture Gym, which was opened in 2017. The gym is a weightlifter’s dream – the LA-based warehouse is filled to the brim with top quality equipment, free weights, and experienced staff members.

In 2018, Bradley Martyn began to reach out to a wider audience more than ever before. He featured viral brothers Jake and Logan Paul on a vlog, where he challenged them both to punch him in the gut. He also helped vlogger/comedian Alex Wassabi gain 30lbs of muscle and trained YouTube LaurDIY.

Bradley Martyn Personal Life and FAQ:

Bradley Martyn 2
Martyn as a teenager compared to today – quite the change!
  • How old is Bradley Martyn?
    He was born on May 22nd, 1989 making him 29 years old as of 2018.
  • What is Bradley Martyn’s height/weight?
    Martyn is 6’3” and weighs 245 pounds. At his peak, he only has 5% body fat.
  • What is Bradley Martyn’s workout regime like?
    Martyn trains 6 days a week. He trains legs and calves on Monday, triceps and shoulders on Tuesday, followed by chest on Wednesdays. On Thursday, he focuses on back exercises Friday is typically his rest day, although he sometimes does light cardio on that day. On Saturday, he typically does another back workout, but also adds in some tricep exercises. He tops off his heavy routine with conditioning exercises on Sundays – his personal favorite is sled pushing. Although Bradley always performs exercises such as the bench press, squat, and deadlift, he likes to switch up his routine often to challenge himself. He stresses the importance of not sticking to one routine for too long in his videos.
  • How much weight can Bradley Martyn bench press?
    Bradley Martyn also uploaded many videos of his individual routines and lifts. In 2015, he uploaded a video of him bench pressing 405lbs – a weight that even accomplished bodybuilders have trouble with. He can also bench press two 200lb dumbbells, a lift that takes a significant amount of strength as well as coordination.


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