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IOTransfer 3 Software Review- An Easy iPhone & iPad Manager for All Your Needs

You might not have heard before about IOTransfer 3, which is one of the best iPad and iPhone managers out there today. Not only can you transfer information and files using IOTransfer 3, but you also can use it as a video download tool and converter.

This is one of the simplest iPhone, iPad, and iPod transfer programs available today. The new version, IOTransfer 3, was released on September 19, 2018, and it is much better than previous iterations. We wanted to tell you all IOTransfer 3 and why this should be your go-to software for file management or transfer on your iOS device.

IOTransfer 3 is a One-Click Solution for Al of Your iOS File Management Needs

If you are looking for an iPhone transfer program, look no further than IOTransfer 3, which was recently released. This is a great one-click solution for all of your file management and transfer needs on your iOS device. With the new version just released, you will notice a more intuitive and overall smoother user interface. The program is much easier to use now and the layout really is simple yet functional. In order to download this software, you need to be running on Windows 7, Windows 8, or the new Windows 10. You can use IOTransfer 3 as a file manager, file transfer tool, video converter, and even video download tool.

IOTransfer 3 manage apps image

With IOTransfer 3, you can manage or transfer all kinds of data including contacts, apps, videos, music, photos, and regular documents. You are able to save movies and videos to your iOS device using IOTransfer 3, and then you can watch them anytime you want. If you love listening to music, easily transfer between your PC and your iOS device with IOTransfer 3. This is something we personally love, since we love the ability to listen to music on the go with our device.

Youtube Video Downloader IOTransfer 3

Since this product works as a video download tool, you can download videos from places like YouTube, and then watch them anytime or anywhere. That means you can watch these videos you downloaded even if you are offline, which is really cool. You will love how quick and easy the YouTube video downloader is when it comes to downloading those videos and saving them onto your iOS device. Downloading video files into audio files is super easy and quick with IOTransfer 3. Never worry about not being able to convert a file format into another file format ever again. This software does all of the converting into the format you want effortlessly and within seconds.

IOTransfer 3 is a Great iTunes Alternative

What we really love about IOTransfer 3 is that it is the perfect alternative to iTunes. If you have used iTunes in the past, then you know how bulky the software can be on your PC. It might cause your PC to lag or simply take forever to load and open. IOTransfer 3 is so much smoother and runs on your PC with better performance than iTunes ever did. The software itself is only 2.7MB in size, so it does not take long to download this program onto your PC either.

IOTransfer 3 manage music feature

Another thing we love about IOTransfer 3 is that it is a one-click solution to everything. You can delete, import, and export various files and content on your iOS device. With this software, you can go into the “Manage” tab and then delete, import, and export memos, iBooks, Podcasts and much more. With IOTransfer 3, you will have the new support for managing iPad Voice Memos, which is really a great feature to have.

IOTransfer 3 Works Fully with iOS 12 & Also Provides a Cleaning Tool

Speaking of iOS 12, there are quite a few iOS 12 tips that can help you out if you have just downloaded the newest iOS update and want to get the most out of the experience. These tips will ensure you have all of the need-to-know information about iOS 12. One of the best things about IOTransfer 3 is that it fully supports iOS 12, which is something a lot of other software programs have yet to do. All of the known bugs have also been fixed in this newest release.

IOTransfer 3 clean feature image

Lastly, with IOTransfer 3, you will have the ability to deep clean your iOS device with the Clean feature. If you want to free up even more space, the Clean feature will get rid of all of the junk files and caches that might be bogging you down. Not only will this Clean feature give you more room, but it will improve the performance of your iOS device. We love how easy it is to load up the Clean feature and just hit the button. The feature itself will do all of the work, so you do not have to worry about accidentally deleting a file or app that you need. Only junk files and cache data is erased using the Clean feature.

IOTransfer 3 device details

If you are looking for an easy iOS file manager or download tool, then you must check out IOTransfer 3. You will find that this software is much easier to use than iTunes, it takes up less space on your PC, and it will transfer your files so quickly to your device. The fact that with IOTransfer 3, you can use it to clean your iOS device or to download videos from places like YouTube makes this software even more useful. It is like having three different iOS programs on your PC in just one product. Check out IOTransfer 3 for yourself and see the quick one-click solution is like right now!



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