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Joovv Go Review – Is Red Light Therapy Legit?

Have you heard of red light therapy (RLT)? It’s a relatively new technique that uses low-level wavelengths of light to treat an array of skin issues such as scars, wrinkles, and psoriasis. Not only that, but it is also capable of reducing inflammation, treating pain, and promoting wound healing. For instance, it has been shown to improve joint health in those with osteoarthritis. In some cases, it can even reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

How does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy works by increasing the function of the mitochondria—aka the powerhouse of the cell. By creating more energy, cells are able to repair damage and function more efficiently.

It’s important to note that RLT, unlike laser therapy, does not damage the skin.

Red Light Therapy Devices

Many spas and salons offer red light therapy, often for cosmetic purposes. Understandably, however, that’s not for everyone. For those who would rather do it yourself, there are many FDA-approved devices that you can use at home.

On this page, we will be taking a look at the devices offered by Joovv. How well do they work? Are they easy to use? Before we go into that, though, let’s learn a little bit more about the brand.

About Joovv

Joovv is the brainchild of Melissa Strahan and Elizabeth Nelson. Ultimately, it was a spa that started it all. What do I mean by that? Well, it turns out that both of the co-founders had purchased red light therapy packages at a spa. While they were amazed by the results, they were put off by the fact that it was quite costly.

Opting for an alternative, Melissa eventually decided to experiment with at-home devices. To her disappointment, however, most were either underpowered or too small. With that, she decided to try and create her own. Recruiting the help of her husband, they worked together to build a full-body device with medical-grade power. The process was not easy—it took many months of experimentation and hard work.

A Look at the Joovv Devices

Joovv offers a variety of options when it comes to red light therapy. For one thing, they have both full body machines and handheld devices. In this review, we will be focusing our attention on the latter. 

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The Joovv Go

The Joovv Go is small and portable; you can easily take it with you to the office or to the gym, well, anywhere, really! Worried by its size? Don’t be—it offers the same health benefits as its larger counterparts.

Feature Highlights

The Joovv Go is both WiFi ready and Bluetooth compatible. What does this mean? It means that you can easily sync it with your smart devices! Wireless and rechargeable, it even comes with a built-in programmable timer.

Note: The device is given class II clearance by the FDA.

Technical Specs

Approximate Size: 5.75″ x 3.78″
Power Input: 100 to 240V
Charger Power Output: 3A, 5V
Wavelengths: 650nm red or 850nm near infrared

The Different Joovv Go Devices

There are two types of Joovv Go devices—the Red and the Near Infrared. Essentially, they’re the same thing; they both offer medical-grade power in the palm of your hand. Ultimately, what sets them apart from one another is the fact that they use different wavelengths of light.

The Joovv Go Red delivers natural light at 660nm; this makes it ideal for superficial tissue treatments. For instance, it can be used to promote healing on wounds and to help diminish the appearance of scars.

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In contrast, the Joovv Go Near Infrared delivers wavelengths of light at 850nm, which is capable of penetrating deep into the tissues. For this reason, it is often used for joints and muscles.

How to Use the Joovv Go

First things first, you’ll have to charge the device if it’s your first time using it; you can do so with the provided USB cable. Once it is fully charged (it can take upwards of three hours), the indicator lights on the top will light up in a solid color.

Checking for Photosensitivity

To be on the safe side, you should always test the device on your forearm first, before using it on other parts of the body. At the end of the day, everyone’s skin reacts differently to light. To do this, turn the Joovv Go on and expose it to a small portion of your arm; leave it for approximately three minutes. 

Stop using the device if you experience any redness, itchiness, or discomfort. Consult with a healthcare provider before continuing the at-home red light therapy.

Starting a Treatment 

You can begin a treatment if you did not have any reactions to the photosensitivity test. Turn on the device by pressing on the power button—it is located at the top of the Joovv Go. From there, you can position it anywhere on your body (for the best results, you’ll want to use it directly on bare skin).

Hold the device two to six inches from the skin and press on the power button for two seconds—this will begin the treatment. The Joovv Go will then treat the area for ten minutes. If you want to stop it early, hold the power button; that will turn off the device.

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Pairing your Joovv Go with the App

What’s great about the Joovv Go is that it comes with an app that allows you to pair the device with your smartphone! With it, you’ll be able to customize and create a wellness plan that is suited for your health needs. With just a few taps, you’ll also be able to set short and long-term goals for yourself. Not to mention that you’ll be able to track your progress from pretty much anywhere!

To pair the Joovv Go with your smartphone (or any other Bluetooth enabled device), press on the power button for ten seconds. When it’s ready to sync, the indicator light will start to flash. Once it has successfully paired, the light will stop flashing.

Note: The Bluetooth will remain on for the duration of the treatment. It will, however, turn off if the device is turned off.

A Few Issues That You Might Run Into

Using the Joovv Go is pretty straightforward. With that said, you might run into a few issues from time to time. We’ll be going over a few of the most common scenarios below.

My Joovv Go Won’t Turn On!

Double check to see that the device is charged; you might also want to check the status of the wall outlet. While it’s possible to use other charging cables, you should use the one that came with the Joovv Go for the best results. If it still doesn’t turn on, contact the company’s customer service team for help.

My Joovv Go Won’t Sync with the App!

Make sure that the device is properly charged; it will not be able to sync if the battery is low. Next, check the Bluetooth indicator light. If it is not on, press and hold the power button for ten seconds—this will restart the pairing process.

My Joovv Go Stopped Before the Treatment Finished!

If this happens, chances are, the battery is low. For this reason, it’s recommended that you fully charge the device before starting a treatment session.


Small and compact, the Joovv Go is the least inexpensive out of the company’s therapy devices. Currently, both the red and near-infrared models go for $265, which is quite competitive, given their portable size. To give you a better idea of their pricing for the other devices, their next model up, the Joovv Mini, sells for $695.

joovv go financing

Don’t want to pay the $265 upfront? No problem, Joovv is happy to offer 0% APR financing. With it, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of red light therapy with small monthly payments. The great thing about it is that there are no prepayment penalties! You can prepay the remaining balance at any time. To check your rate, visit their official website.

The Joovv Go – Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that we know more about the device, let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons. After all, that’s what you’re here for, right?


  • Compact size allows you to take it wherever you go
  • Easy to use with just one simple button
  • Charges quickly
  • Financing options are available
  • 60-day trials are available*
  • Can be paired with any smart device
  • The instruction manual is clear and easy to understand

*Note: As with their other modular devices, the Joovv Go comes with a 60-day trial period. In other words, you get to try it for two months before determining whether or not it’s right for you. If you’re not satisfied, Joovv will be happy to offer you a full refund given that you pay for the return shipping.


  • Not suited for full body treatment
  • Return shipping is the customer’s responsibility (if you plan on returning the device)
  • Only ships in the United States at this time

The Joovv Go – Verdict

The Joovv Go is a solid choice if you’re looking for a portable red light therapy device. Competitively priced, it will offer the same health benefits as some of their bigger models. Given that it comes with a 60-day trial, there’s really nothing to lose (well, besides the return shipping)! Why not gijve it a try and see if it’s right for you?

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