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Freshly Coupon Code & Discount Promos – Working in 2020

Freshly is a meal prep service that delivers a variety of healthy options prepared by professional chefs right to your door on a weekly basis. If you’re like me you want to eat healthy but a busy schedule (and an inability to cook healthy foods that taste good) make it an on-going battle.  I’ll stick with it for a few weeks and then fall off the wagon. Freshly makes it a piece of cake by delivering ready in 3 minute meals that taste as amazing as they are good for you. Good news is you can take advantage of the promo codes and discounts below to save a ton of money on your freshly order or subscription plan!

Freshly Promo & Coupon Codes (January 2019 Update)

Save $40 on your Freshly Order! – How To Use The Discount Code Below

Step 1: To activate and use the coupon code automatically (you don’t even have to enter a code during checkout) just click the following link: Save $40 on Freshly Order By Clicking HERE

Step 2: That’s all there is to it! By clicking the link above you’ll activate the $40 off promo code and all you need to do is check out! (Note the $40 promo will be applied as $20 credits on your first two weeks.

About Freshly

Freshly is a bit different than other meal delivery services.  Most of the popular meal delivery and meal prep services don’t actually do the cooking for you. Instead they send you a box full of ingredients and directions on how to cook them.  For some people this makes sense however for someone like myself the main reason I signed up for a meal delivery program was to save time and money by not eating out. If I still need to cook the meals it’s kind of a moot point for me, basically the meal delivery services are just saving me a grocery store run and charging me an arm and a leg for it even if you got a nice refer a friend bonus!  The good thing about is they prepare the meals and they are always fresh, taste great, and generally are ready to rock and roll in under 3 minutes.

With a variety of options, both seasonal and on-going you’re sure to never have to eat the same meal twice. That said I’ve ended up with 2-3 favorites that I make sure show up at my door every week.  So far I haven’t gotten sick of them and that’s one of the perks of freshly. When I would meal prep for myself I would end up with 4 of the same meal and would essentially be forced to eat the same thing day after day. This gets old quick and led me to fall off of my meal plan multiple times. With freshly I’m able to have something different everyday and that’s led to success not only in my diet but my gym and work life as well.



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