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PhoneRescue- The Easiest & Most Functional iPhone Data Recovery Tool for All Situations

There might be more than one iPhone data recovery tool on the market, but only one iPhone data recovery tool is made to retrieve lost data for a number of situations. When it comes to iPhone data recovery tools and iOS repair, PhoneRescue is one of the best options on the market. Regardless of your situation, you will find this software useful to get back all kinds of iPhone data including photos and videos. We thought we would tell you more about PhoneRescue for iOS and why this is such a great data recovery tool for your iPhone.

PhoneRescue for iOS Works for Almost All Data Loss Scenarios

There are so many different scenarios that could cause you to lose data on your iPhone. This could be anything from accidental deletions of your files to your iPhone breaking. You may also have the dreaded Apple logo screen of death. Regardless of what your situation is, you will be able to use PhoneRescue for iOS to get back all files on your device. It doesn’t matter if the files were deleted or simply lost somehow. PhoneRescue will recover all kinds of data that is stored on your iOS device including videos, messages, photos, contacts, and even Safari history or bookmarks.

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There are three different recovery modes available on PhoneRescue that you can use to easily get back your data and lost files. The three modes are “recovery from iCloud” as well as “recovery from iOS device” or “recovery from iTunes backup.” Just choose the option that fits your situation and needs. We love that the recovery process starts within seconds. You can download PhoneRescue right now and see how easy the recovery process is for yourself today.

PhoneRescue for iOS Features iOS Repair Tool to Solve More Complex Issues

One aspect we love about this software is that you also can save data from mistaken deletion, which means you don’t have to worry about losing that deleted data forever. Even better than that is that there is an iOS Repair Tool found in the PhoneRescue for iOS software. This tool is great for solving the more complex issues you might come across with your iOS device. People have issues with being stuck on the iOS Apple logo and situations where your device just won’t start.

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The iOS Repair Tool comes with both a standard mode and an advanced mode. If you choose advanced mode, then you won’t have to worry about your iOS data being erased during the recovery process. Standard mode will erase all of your data and upgrade you to the newest operating system available. It’s important to know which mode is right for you and your situation. You will need to have a stable Internet connection to use the repair tool. It’s also vital that you keep your device connected until it restarts after the process has completed.

PhoneRescue for iOS Supports Many File Types

Using PhoneRescue, you also can recover iPhone photos that were deleted, regardless of whether the deletions were accidental or intentional. Other types of media files are also supported with this software including videos, thumbnails, and music. Media files such as playlists, voice memos, iBooks, and ringtones also are supported.

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There are many file types supported that contain personal data as well, so you won’t have to worry about losing any personal data. You will be able to recover Safari bookmarks, Safari history, note attachments, and calendar information. Other personal data you can recover includes message attachments, notes, call history, voicemail, contacts, and even reminders.

Did we also mention that a lot of app data is able to be recovered using PhoneRescue for iOS too? You will be able to recovery Kik attachments, Kik messages, WhatsApp attachments, and all WhatsApp messages. App data such as audio from apps, photos from apps, documents from apps, and Line as well as Line attachments can also be recovered.

This is why you should check out PhoneRescue for iOS right now. You can either use the free trial or purchase the full version of the product. The full paid version will give you many more options and benefits, including the iOS Repair Tool. You will never have to worry about your data being lost forever since this software will get all of your data back without the headache or hassle.



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