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Magic Spoon Discount Codes & Promo Coupons – 2022 Update

If your like me you are always looking for healthy ways to indulge. One of my personal biggest vices is sugary cereals and once I start eating I usually have a couple bowls and throw my diet off in the process. Well thanks to the advancements in modern science (or more-so the geniuses over at magic spoon) you can now get a variety of your favorite types of cereal without having any of the guilt!

Currently you can take advantage of a pretty nice discount code to save $5 on your first purchase from MagicSpoon.com

Magic Spoon Coupon Code – March 2022

Step 1: To activate and use the discount code first you need to click the following link: CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE THE DISCOUNT

Step 2: After activating the coupon with the link above you can then enter the following discount code CEREALREAL while checking out on MagicSpoon.com

Step 3: You are good to go, enjoy your guilt free cereal snack!

About Magic Spoon:

magic spoon discount

Magic spoon cereals are a healthy way to enjoy your favorite types of cereal. Basically the healthy adult versions of your favorite cereals, you know the ones you would see during the commercials on Saturday cartoon mornings. Magic Spoon currently offer 4 different types of low carb, high protein cereals that taste almost exactly like your favorites. Best of all you get 12 grams of protein, 3 net carbs, and only 110 calories per serving!

Frosted – This is a dead ringer frosted flakes except you don’t have any gluten, excessive sugars, or self hatred after eating 4 bowls.

Cinnamon – This is a the perfect replacement for cinnamon toast crunch.

Fruity – Can you guess what this one is like? Yep it’s a perfect replacement for froot loops (and kind of has a fruity pebbles kick as well.)

Cocoa – My personal favorite. This is probably the tastiest of the bunch and if your like me and need a little chocolate in your life this healthy cocoa puffs replacement cereal is the perfect solution!



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