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How to Solve Data Loss Problems After Updating to iOS 13

If you’ve been thinking about updating to the newly-released iOS 13, you may have concerns about data loss. Data loss is the most common issue that people experience when they upgrade to the latest iOS version. Some people don’t want to upgrade to the newest iOS due to the anxiety and worry that their data will be lost forever during the upgrade process.

Since iOS 13 was just released, we know that people are clamoring to download this new version. The main reason to upgrade is to try out all of the new features Apple has added to iOS 13. We are here to tell you how you can solve these data loss problems after upgrading to iOS 13 with PhoneRescue for iOS. PhoneRescue also just organized a voting campaign for the iOS 13 update and we encourage you to join this campaign.

PhoneRescue for iOS Solves All Potential iOS 13 Data Loss Issues

We wholeheartedly believe PhoneRescue for iOS is one of the most professional iOS data recovery tools available. This program allows you to recover tons of data from your iOS device. Over 98 million people have used PhoneRescue for iOS to successfully recover their data. You can easily recover deleted iPhone photos using this program, along with many other files and attachments.

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In fact, there are more than 31 different types of data that you can recover using this program. One great feature of PhoneRescue is that there are three different recovery modes you can choose from. You can choose Recover from iCloud, Recover from iOS device, or Recover from iTunes backup. All three of these modes are easy to use with a simple guide to get you through the process.

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Speaking more about the data that you can recover using the data recovery tool PhoneRescue, so many file types are supported that aren’t supported in similar programs. You can recover all kinds of app data, media data, and personal data even if they were accidentally deleted during the iOS 13 upgrade process. App data that you can get back with this program includes app audio, app videos, app photos, and app documents. You also can recover Kik messages, Kik attachments, Line data, Line attachments, WhatsApp messages, and WhatsApp attachments.

PhoneRescue for iOS Allows You to Recover Various Personal & Media Data

During the iOS 13 upgrade process, you might be concerned that you will lose your personal data, but that’s not the case using PhoneRescue for iOS. With this program, you will be able to recover nearly all of the personal data from your iOS device. This includes Calendar, Voicemail, Safari bookmarks, and your Safari history. You’ll also be able to recover Contacts, Messages, Message attachments, Notes, Note attachments, Call history, and Reminders.

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Various kinds of media data can be recovered with PhoneRescue for iOS too, which is great if you’re worried about losing this data during the iOS 13 upgrade. You can recover Voice Memos, Playlists, Audiobooks, Thumbnails, Music, and Videos. With PhoneRescue for iOS, you will also be able to recover your Photo Videos, Photos, Ringtones, and iBooks.

Final Thoughts About Using PhoneRescue for iOS During iOS 13 Upgrade

If you aren’t sure whether or not you want to purchase PhoneRescue for iOS, you can download the free trial version of PhoneRescue to try it out for yourself. There are some limitations with the free trial version though. That means some features aren’t going to be available to you unless you actually purchase the entire program. The free trial is great though at helping you scan and preview all of the data on your iOS device. With the free trial, you can scan using all three of the recovery methods.

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We think you’ll be very excited to upgrade to iOS 13 knowing that you have PhoneRescue to help you out. You’ll have no worries since you can recover any files or data that is lost during the upgrade process. Give it a try today to see just how useful and functional this tool is for all kinds of iOS data loss situations and issues. Regardless of your situation, this program can and will help you. The ease-of-use and simple user interface makes recovering your lost iOS data a breeze.



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