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Black Friday Deals on Eco-Friendly Products for 2019

Looking for deals? If so, your best bet is to wait until Black Friday. Don’t worry, it’s coming up soon! I mean, there’s just a few weeks left until Thanksgiving and it’s celebrated right afterward. What can you expect from the shopping event? Discounted prices and special offers. That’s what it’s all about, after all! That’s right, for that weekend only, various companies will be offering their items for cheap—from household appliances to laptops! Have you decided what you’ll be getting yet?

What’s that? You don’t want to stand in line with the crowd? Well, you know what? You don’t have to—you can just as easily take advantage of the sales from the comfort of your own home! You might not be able to snag their door crashers per se, but there are still plenty of discounted products that you can get. There’s another benefit to shopping online too—you don’t have to carry your goods home. Just type in your address and they’ll be delivered right to your front door! Does it get any more convenient than that?

Why You Should Switch to Using Eco-Friendly Products

What are eco-friendly products? They’re products that don’t cause harm to the environment—whether its during use or production. In doing so, they minimize the emission of greenhouse gases, which reduces the amount of pollution released into the air. Put it simply, they help reduce your carbon footprint.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Products:

  • Ensures safety from harmful chemicals
  • Can be more cost-effective in the long run
  • Helps to conserve the resources of the planet
  • Will not conflict with any personal morals

Eco-Friendly Black Friday 2019 Deals & Discounts

Thinking of making the switch to eco-friendly products? What better time to buy the things you need than on Black Friday? After all, they’ll probably be on sale. Why pay retail when you can get the same items for a fraction of the price, right?

Not sure what to get? Here are some ideas:

  • Reusable sandwich bags
  • All-natural household cleaners
  • Biodegradable waste bags
  • Swedish dishcloths
  • Reusable coffee cups
  • LED light bulbs

How about it? Because there are plenty of shops where you can get these kinds of items! For example, you can probably find them in Costco, Walmart, or Target, to name a few retailers. Of course, there’s also Amazon!

Without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the best eco-friendly deals for Black Friday:

1. 10-Pack of Swedish Dishcloths

swedish dishcloths

Paper towels are handy to have in the kitchen but let’s face it—they’re not exactly the best for the environment. Not only do they go in the trash after a few wipes but their production involves a lot of energy as well. Let’s not forget that they also kill a lot of trees!

Swedish dishcloths are a great alternative to paper towels. For one thing, they’re super absorbent. To give you a better idea, they can absorb up to 20x their weight! Not only that, but they’re durable too. You can just pop them in the dishwasher or washing machine for a quick clean—there’s no need to toss them in the trash for a while! Soft to the touch when wet, they’re perfect for wiping all sorts of messes. What’s more, is that they come in various colors and designs.


  • 2 Teal, 2 Orange, 2 Blue, 2 Red, 2 Purple Swedish Dishcloths

Swedish Dishcloths are not that expensive at all. A 10-pack sells for $19.99, which works out to be $2 each—that’s even cheaper than paper towels! The best part? The price will likely go even lower for Black Friday. Couple that with the free shipping that it comes with and you’ve got yourself a sweet eco-friendly deal!

Get Black Friday deals on Swedish Dishcloths before they’re gone!

2. Turbo Microfiber Mop

turbo mop

There are a lot of mops out there that use disposable pads. They might be effective at cleaning your floors but don’t forget—all that paper eventually ends up going to the landfill. Want something better for the environment? How about a microfiber mop? Instead of disposable cloths, they use microfiber pads, which can be used again and again. Not only that, but they’re thicker and more absorbent than the paper variety too!

The Turbo Mop is a great example of such a product. If anything, it’s one of the best ones that you can get on the market! Featuring an aluminum handle, it’s great for all types of surfaces including hardwood, tile, cement, linoleum, and vinyl. Did we also mention that the head swivels 360 degrees? This allows you to reach hard to clean areas with ease. As if that wasn’t great enough, the rod is also extendable. That’s right, you can adjust the length according to your height and needs. Last but not least, it’s compatible with any kind of cleaner. Want to use something all-natural? Go for it!


  • 1 Extendable Aluminum Handle
  • 2 Machine Washable Microfiber Pads
  • 2 Deep Clean Scrub Pads
  • 360 Degrees Aluminium Mop Head

The Turbo Mop is typically listed for $34.95 on Amazon. Of course, this includes free shipping. What can we expect for Black Friday? It’s hard to say exactly but we might just see a drop in price. How much? We’ll just have to wait for the announcement.

Find the best prices of the season on Turbo Mops at Amazon.

3. Turbo Reusable Mop Pads for Swiffer WetJet

turbo mop pads

The Swiffer WetJet is probably one of the most popular mops out there. There’s just one thing—it uses disposable pads. If anything, that’s how they get you. The mop itself is relatively cheap but you have to constantly buy refills, which quickly adds up. But that’s not the issue; the issue is that they’re bad for the environment. Let’s face it—you probably won’t be using just one pad for your cleaning session. Chances are, you’ll be using multiple. Now, that’s just your household. Millions of others are probably doing the same thing. You can see how this can be a problem.

Don’t worry, though—no one is telling you to get rid of your Swiffer. As it is, you can easily replace the disposable pads with something reusable. Ever heard of Turbo pads? They’re made by the same company as the Turbo Mop and they’re designed specifically for the Swiffer Wet Jet. Not only are they better for the environment, but their thickness means that your floors will be cleaner too. In addition to that, they feature micro gripping technology, which effortlessly picks up dirt, dust, and pet hair.

Given their softness, it’s not surprising to know that they’re safe to use on most floors—from hardwood to cement. When you’re done with them, just put them in the washer. You can easily re-use them put o 100 times if you take proper care of them!


  • 2 or 4 Microfiber Turbo Mop Pads (depending on whether you get a 2- or a 4-pack)

You can get these microfiber pads as a 2-pack or as a 4-pack. The former goes for $12.99 where as the latter goes for $17.99. If you do the math, the 4-pack is obviously the better choice price-wise (it works out to be around $4.5 each). ~$20 might seem like a lot to spend on mop pads but trust me, it’s worth it. You can just think of it as an initial investment. Still reluctant? No worries, you can wait until Black Friday for the price to drop!

Save even more money with Black Friday deals on Swiffer reusable pads.

4. Stasher Silicone Reusable Food Bag

stasher bags

Plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. Of course, ziplock bags are no exception. That’s why more and more people are turning to reusable alternatives—one of them being Stasher. Made from 100% silicone, these bags contain no latex, no PVC, and no BPA. In other words, you won’t have to worry about your food being contaminated by chemicals, which is a possibility with traditional plastic bags. Featuring a pinch-lock seal, they’ll keep your food fresh whether you’re storing it away in the fridge or for lunch. Simply remove the excess air before pinching it close!

When it comes time to wash them, just put them in the upper rack of your dishwasher. Or if you want, you can just hand wash it in the sink with warm water and a bit of soap. Aside from the dishwasher, they’re also safe for use in the microwave, freezer, and oven. There are five different sizes available—from 4oz to 64oz. You can pick the color that you want as well!


  • 1 Bag (No Lid or Extra Parts)

Stasher bags are not exactly cheap per se—one will run you around $12. That might seem like a lot but trust me, it won’t take long for it to pay for itself. After all, you can use it again and again. Think about it—it’ll probably replace dozens of ziplock bags. Don’t grab them now, though; it’s almost Black Friday. With a bit of luck, we might just get a sweet discount in a few weeks.

View the Black Friday deal pricing for Stasher reusable food bags.

5. GOGOODA Reusable Produce Bags

reusable produce bags

Want to cut down on your plastic use? If so, you might want to consider getting some reusable produce bags. They’re exactly what they sound like—they’re reusable bags that are meant for holding and carrying produce and groceries. Made from premium mesh, each of them comes with a pull string that you can use to secure your items. Not only are they great for food, but they’re great for holding crafts and toys as well!

The material is also see-through so you can see exactly what’s inside without having to open them. You’ll be surprised just how strong they are—they can hold up to 11 pounds! If they ever get dirty, just give them a quick wash with some soap in the sink.

One set comes with three different sizes—that is, you’ll get four large bags, seven medium bags, and four small bags (color-coded for your convenience). Chances are, that’ll be more than enough for your grocery needs! Don’t forget, you can use these bags to store items in the fridge too. If anything, it’ll keep them fresher for longer!


  • 4 large, 7 medium, 4 small reusable produce bags

These reusable produce bags usually cost ~$9 for a set, which includes free shipping. Divide that by 15, and that works out to be just $0.60 each! If you want to save even more money, wait till Black Friday. Amazon might just have a deal for us! Until then, however, it’s hard to tell what’s in store price-wise.

Check out Amazon’s Black Friday deals on Gogooda reusable produce bags.

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