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Tenable Acquires Cybersecurity Company Indegy for $78 Million

This week Tenable, a supplier of cybersecurity, has purchased operational technology and cybersecurity company Indegy. Tenable acquired Indegy for $78 million and the deal was finalized this week. This will bring together two companies that have a lot to offer in the cybersecurity world. We’ve learned a few details about this acquisition and wanted to share those details with you.

Indegy Acquired by Tenable to Enhance Cybersecurity & Operational Technology

A lot of people use fast vpn servers as a way to enhance cybersecurity, but there’s a lot more to cybersecurity than just a VPN. This is why the Tenable acquiring Indegy is a great move for the future of both IT and OT. It will bring a lot more cybersecurity options to the people and to those in the business world. The deal, which was made in all cash, was finalized on Monday and worth $78 million.

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Tenable was looking for ways to enhance operational technology security, which is where Indegy comes into the picture. Indegy was founded back in 2014 and has been steadily growing ever since. The main goal of the company is to make sure that operational technology is secure for industrial equipment and other devices. In this day and age, as we face more cybersecurity threats, this acquisition is needed. Tenable has offered solutions on how companies can protect themselves from these cybersecurity breaches.

Tenable & Indegy Together Will Improve Cybersecurity Measures

The CEO of Tenable, Amit Yoran, talked about how great this acquisition is and what it could really do for cybersecurity. Yoran said that the company is looking to give CISOs the ability to make the decisions on a business level about operational technology security. When it comes to vulnerability in the IT world, both of these companies are leaders and pioneers. That means this acquisition will bring together both IT and OT security. This type of acquisition and merge for IT and OT is a first for the industry.

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Indegy is a fairly small company, with only about 60 employees altogether. These 60 employees will now be joining Tenable. Even the CEO, Barak Perelman, is going to be joining Tenable in a vice-presidential role. Perelman moving into this position will bring his level of expertise to the company. Tenable itself is really good at marketing and sales and Indegy is very good at operational technology security.

Tenable Will Integrate Indegy Technology in 2020

The really cool part about this news is that the Indegy technology is going to be integrated into Tenable offerings starting in 2020. Tenable will be expanding the product line in the operational technology sector thanks to this acquisition. Some of the offerings will include enhanced cybersecurity measures for the public. One that is coming is the ability to notify a user through notifications if a device is at risk or possibly at risk. Tenable has a lot of ideas to bring to the public in 2020. Many of these new and improved offerings are still in the early developmental stages.

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Tenable and Indegy will really kick off these enhanced cybersecurity products and services in 2020. This acquisition is surely to help bridge the gap between IT and OT and it will be helpful in the business world. We will keep you updated on more details about Tenable and Indegy as they become available. In the comments below, we want to know what you think of this deal. Do you think that there needs to be more partnerships or acquisitions when it comes to the OT and IT world? Are you excited to see how this will enhance cybersecurity as a whole?



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