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Vanspace Computer Workstation Offers Quick Transition Between Sitting & Standing

If you’re on your computer a lot for work or school, then you might want to consider purchasing a workstation to make life easier for you. While some workstations are only for sitting or standing up, the Vanspace 33” height adjustable computer workstation offers a solution for all. You can sit down or you can adjust it so that you are standing up, and you can go between both within seconds. This computer workstation provides a balance and is great for daily computer activities. If you think the dual functionality is cool, keep reading to learn more about this computer workstation and why you should pick it up right now.

Vanspace Computer Workstation is Height-Adjustable for Optimal PC Use

If you are someone on your PC a lot throughout the day, you’ll love the dual functionality of this workstation. You will be able to quickly transition from a sitting position to a standing position by adjusting the height. There is a locking mechanism that provides quick transition from one to the other, and it will elevate the platform to the level you need. You can go from 5.12-inches to 19.5-inches just by touching the locking mechanism. It’s very easy to adjust this workstation to the perfect height for you or anyone else that uses your workstation.

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Not only does this workstation offer you a simple transition from sitting to standing, but it also gives you a ton of room to work. The top of the workstation is 33-inches by 17.9-inches, which is enough room for two monitors to rest comfortably on the top without them being basically on top of each other. The lower deck is also very roomy and is 32-inches by 11.8-inches. That is perfect for a keyboard and mouse, plus room for your phone or other devices. There is a keyboard tray that is removable as well, and there’s a built-in display slot for a phone or tablet.


The best part is that the lower deck will raise up at the same time as the top deck, which provides just the right amount of room between the two spaces. You won’t have to worry about raising the top and then trying to adjust the bottom since it moves together to maintain the perfect balance. The frame of this workstation is made of steel so it’s very sturdy and doesn’t feel at all like it will fall under the weight of two decent-sized monitors. The workstation is heavy-duty enough to support 33 pounds, which is more than enough for all of your computer needs.

Our Final Thoughts on the Vanspace Height-Adjustable Computer Workstation

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When it comes to workstations, one thing we always dread is putting the product together. What we really love about the Vanspace Height-Adjustable Workstation is that it’s basically already put together and arrives almost as a complete unit. You will have the standing desk and then the removable keyboard tray. That’s all you have to worry about putting together, and that means you’ll have it setup within minutes.

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If you’ve never used a transitional station before, it’s really the best option out there because it provides you with the best ergonomic solution. You should always go between sitting and standing while working on a PC because sitting all day without moving can cause health problems. A transitional unit like this one will help increase your blood flow and help with pain caused by issues we face as we age. It will help you if you have back pain, leg pain, neck pain, hip pain, and any other kind of pain you experience by allowing you to quickly adjust from sitting down to standing as needed.


The Vanspace computer workstation is one of the best on the market due to it having a touch lock mechanism to seamlessly transition you from one position to the other. You can adjust the height to fit your needs and change it up as needed. There are also cool features of the desk, such as a safe area where the cables will go so that your workstation is not cluttered with wires and cords. The non-slip pad on this product also will decrease or eliminate damage to your desk caused by the workstation itself. With so many features and functions, this workstation is high-quality design and will keep you happy while at your job.



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