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PlayStation 4 – How To View Recorded Gameplay and Edit

The PlayStation 4 has a nice little feature that allows us to go back and check out recorded gameplay. The feature is used by streamers and those who often like to view their matches or replays of something they missed or think was interesting. But some players still don’t know that the PS4 can record for a long period of time. Here is how to get to the feature and view gameplay:

Share Option

The PS4 controller has a Share button that you can press at any time to take a screenshot or save a clip of your game. Just press the button once and a menu will come up on the left side, it will have a screenshot or video of the moment you pressed it. There will be two options, save screenshot or save video. Choose the one you want and the save will appear on the PS4 gallery.

Viewing The Saved Video or Screenshot

In the gallery, you will see screenshots of all the trophies you unlocked as well as the content you have saved through the Share button. Remember, long videos take up storage so if you’re short on storage be careful on the saves you make so you don’t run out of space. Don’t forget to hit save on the screenshot or clip because if you exit the left menu, nothing will save. That means you will lose out on the screenshot but the video can still be taken again and saved since the console saves the last 15 minutes.

Pressing the options button on the file will allow you to edit the video and shorten it if you want. This is great since sometimes we just want a small part of the video and not the whole 15 minutes. The PS4 can automatically record up to an hour but the default time in settings is 15 minutes.

Sharing: YouTube and Other Options

The videos don’t have much options when it comes to editing. The best option there is the one that allows you to select which part of the video you want to save. The PS4 will give you the option to overwrite the video or make a new file.

Once that’s done, you can share the video on the Share option. The PS4 provides a few options, including YouTube. Uploading to YouTube is simple but if you want a more edited version of the video you’re going to have to use other apps or programs.¬†You can also select to have the videos on your profile but that depends on the privacy settings that you have on your profile.

The PS4 has a ton of cool features that many players still don’t know about. This one is one of the best since you can do plenty of things. The only negative about it is that the videos can’t be sent through messages. The quickest way, in my opinion, is YouTube but the PS4 does provide other options.

Do you use this feature? Let us know in the comments.

Sean Farlow
Sean Farlow
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