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HipCamp Promo Code 2020 – Free $10 Off First Booking or $100 For Sharing Your Land

One of the trickiest things to do during Covid is travel. With airports being risky and State and National parks being fully booked, traveling and camping have become very difficult. This is where HipCamp comes to the rescue…

HipCamp empowers people to share their land with campers, thus creating sustainable revenue, fostering community, and unlocking access to incredible new places to camp. Their mission is to provide a comprehensive resource to adventurers by connecting people with land and each other. 60% of the United States is privately owned, HipCamp connects landowners with the community by providing a platform to share their land for people to stay on. So if you are looking to go camping OR you have land that you wouldn’t mind people staying on follow the links below for your special offer.

HipCamp Signup & Referral Code Bonus – 2020 Update

The Current best offer and working promo code for and the app, as of August 2020, is listed below. Links are below for the $10 off your first stay OR $100 if you’re a landowner. You will receive your $100 after you host your first campers (first stay is applied right away).

HipCamp Bonus Code (Campers): Click Here To Get The $10 Off Your First Stay. (code applies when link is clicked)

HipCamp Bonus Code (Host): Click Here To Get The $100 When You Host. (reward is given after your first campers leave)

About HipCamp

HipCamp started out of mear frustration. CEO Alyssa Ravasio had spent several hours searching hundreds of websites to find the “perfect” spot to camp to enter into 2013. Her criteria was not extensive at all, she just needed a beach to set up camp and a spot to watch the sunrise. 

After days of searching she finally found a spot, and once she arrived she realized the website had failed to mention that it provided a great surf break. Only the locals had really known about this so she failed to bring her board since it wasn’t on the website.

hipcamp promo From this time, Alyssa set out to build technology that can connect people to local and nature and help find the perfect spot for them.

Since the inception of HipCamp in 2013, it has grown to become the most comprehensive resource for discovering and booking unique outdoor stays. These stays can include tent camping, RV parks, treehouses, tiny homes, cabins, and even glamping.

So if you’re looking to break out of quarantine and get outdoors HipCamp may be the perfect solution for you. If you aren’t a fan of the outdoors and are looking for a more urban setting, feel free to check out Airbnb. You can get up to $65 off your first stay here.

Andy Debolt
Andy Debolt
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