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Ailihen HD30 Kids Headphones Review

As a tech enthusiast, I’m always happy when I’m offered to write a review about an interesting gadget or a tech product.  If you say that headphones aren’t that interesting of a product, let me tell you why you are wrong – at least in this case. If you know anything about the world of headphones, you know that they range from crappy eBay knockoffs to products worth thousands of dollars. But did you know that there are headphones catered toward your young ones? There indeed are, which is why I would consider the Ailihen HD30 a very interesting product. Let’s take a look.

What are the Ailihen HD30?

As mentioned above, these headphones are specifically designed to be used by children. It doesn’t mean that others can’t use them, it just means that they have features catered towards kids. Which makes them a unique product, don’t you think? Most other manufacturers don’t offer similar products, at least from what I saw.

But before we take an in-depth look into these headphones, let me first give you some context.

What is the company that makes these headphones?

Ailihen was established all the way back in 2006, with the goal of creating high-quality products, offered at affordable prices. They specialize in making tech products, more specifically, headphones and speakers. Ailihen is a well-established company with over 50,000 worldwide customers. Among others, they have created the HD30, headphones that we are reviewing today.

Ailihen HD30 Features

When it comes to buying products for kids, there are lots of things to keep on your mind. First of all, is, of course, safety.

Ailihen HD30 Safety Features

Ailihen did their best to create the safest possible experience when using the HD30s. They use soft fabrics for the headband and the earmuffs, which makes the headphones safe and easy to wear for hours upon hours. They come with a detachable nylon cable, which prevents tangling and can endure everything a child can do to it.

hd30 Other than those physical safety features, the HD30s come with another great feature – volume limitation. One of the serious modern day problems is the hearing loss and issues related to inappropriate volume when using headphones. Did you know that 20% of today’s teenagers have some form of hearing loss?

To protect yourself, you should always pay attention to your volume settings. However, kids are unlikely to do that, no matter how many times you tell them. They’ll just rack up that volume bar, not knowing what potential damage they could be causing to their ears. Luckily, Ailihen was a step ahead of this, and they limited the HD30 headphones to 85dB, which is perfectly safe and won’t cause any hearing issues. This is the first time I saw this feature, and I consider it nothing but brilliant.

Ailihen HD30 Usability Features

Once you know that the headphones are perfectly safe for your children, you start checking out how actually usable they are.

HD30s offer several very usable features, first of all, is the detachable cable, for storage purposes. I also love the fact that the headphones are foldable, which makes it very simple to store or take them with you when traveling.

The headphones also have an inline microphone, which makes them great for Skype sessions with grandparents or overseas cousins, for example. You can, of course, change the size depending on who is listening, so kids of all ages can use these.

Ailihen HD30 Sound

Of course, another important thing is the sound itself. That’s what they’re for, right? You can expect these to satisfy your children’s sound needs for sure, but of course, they aren’t up to par with professional grade headphones. For anyone who isn’t a strict audiophile, these will more than likely be enough.

Ailihen HD30 Designhd30 2

Last, but not least, is the design. It’s a well-known fact that kids like shiny and colorful things. As a parent, you’ve surely noticed this on your kids’ clothes or toys. The HD30s come in several different two-tone color schemes – pink/white, blue/white, green/blue, blue/yellow, as well as plain purple. All of the colors definitely stand out, but not in an unpleasant way. The colors are really fun looking, and kids are sure to have a blast choosing their favorite. You will ask them before ordering, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these work on my phone/laptop/tablet/console/etc.?

These use a standard 3.5mm jack that most modern devices use, so it should fit right in. To be sure, check the specs of your device in your user manual or online.

Can these be used wirelessly?

Nope, these are wired with a detachable cable. The cable itself is long enough for most of the everyday needs, however.

Is there a case for them?

Unfortunately, these do not come with a case. But they are very portable (due to being foldable and lightweight), so you shouldn’t have any problems storing or moving these around.

Do they require a battery?

Nope, you just plug them into your device, and that’s all the setup required.

Ailihen HD30 Final Thoughts – Are They Worth It?

You want to know if these are worth it, of course, that’s why you’re here! And I will answer the question with a firm YES. Let’s review the pros and cons:


  • Perfectly safe
  • In-line microphone
  • Adjustable size
  • Long, sturdy cable
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Fun colors


  • Sound quality isn’t amazing, which is expected

So in the end, these are exactly what you would expect them to be. Your kids are almost sure to love it, and in case they don’t, there are a 30-day return window and free support. For 18 bucks, I can’t really think of a better product to cover all the needs that this one does.

Actually, I can. All of the above, but with a 20% discount! To get the discount, just use the code XED5LJ46 on Amazon. You’re welcome! 🙂

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