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Best Electronic Cigarettes for new users – $40 and under

So by now, hopefully guided by some of my assistance, you may be a little more of an expert in electronic cigarettes. But there is still one burning question that remains…. Which ones? Which ones are right for you? Which one is appropriate for your budget and delivers the best experience? And why? Within these final articles, I have listed numerous electronic cigarettes for various budgets – this one will focus on the budgets of $10 to $20, $20 to $30, and $30 to $40. These are the budgets that are appropriate for beginners who are not sure about electronic cigarettes, but are either looking for an alternative to smoking analog cigarettes (those gross paper things that you buy at the store for like $8 a pack), or are looking to enter the world of
vaping without spending too much money.

Unfortunately, your minimum investment will probably have to be in the neighborhood of the $15 range; you COULD theoretically find a deal on a kit for under $10, but it simply is too challenging to find a timely deal that is always available to new vapers.

$10 to $20 tier: eGo Blister Kit1

As mentioned previously, blister kits are simply kits that contain 1 battery, 1 tank, maybe a couple of coils, and a charger – that’s it. Your purchase gets you into the world of vaping but no more. Unfortunately, this is the type of purchase for people who are not sure about vaping and just want to see what it tastes like and what the experience is like. These types of kits, blister kits, are available at a variety of different locations including head shops, gas stations, vape shops, and even available in tobacco aisles at some stores. Coils can typically also be found at the shop, but keep in mind that with the new FDA regulations, coils can only be purchased in a pack of 5, or however they are shipped and must be unopened.

Your purchase of an inexpensive blister kit will net you all the above items, sans the most important item – a bottle of juice to actually fill up the tank. However, do keep in mind that your tank will most definitely be plastic, and you should not use juices that are highly acidic nor should you use a high level of nicotine in your juice, as this can scald the tank and cause you to vape on sediment from the plastic itself. These batteries are typically in the range of 1000 to 1500 mAH (milliampere hours), which means you should have a live battery for more than a couple days before needing to recharge. These types of electronic cigarettes are also usually very high in their resistance, and range anywhere from 1.8 to 2.4 ohms. The more resistance (and the higher the ohmage), the less vapor will be generated, and the more chance you run to burn your coil or scald the juice as you inhale.

As mentioned earlier, this is definitely the type of purchase that you only ever want to make one of – if your tank breaks or you start to taste bad juice, spend a little more money and get a much nicer purchase.

$20 to $30 tier: Eleaf iJust S3

This is a newer release and may require some shopping around in order to fulfill the requirement of sticking under the $30 budget, but an Eleaf iJust S is a brand new sub-ohm cigarette. Eleaf has been in the game for some time, and they came to fame with their initial release of the Eleaf Istick series which were extremely popular and well-priced during a time when vaping was brand new. An Eleaf iJust S is a complete kit and is actually a sub-ohm setup, which means that you will receive far more flavorful vapor at using less juice per draw.

I was able to find various colors of an Eleaf iJust S available through various online retailers for the price of $29, and your purchase will net you the entire rig which includes a tank, a few cils, the battery, and the proprietary eGo-style charger (where your battery simply screws on). The tank holds an astonishing 4 mL of juice, which means you should expect to be juicing up every 3 to 5 days. These types of electronic cigarettes are available in black and silver.

This is definitely the type of purchase that you can expect to last you for a year or so into your vaping experience before you want a more beefy mod that is equipped with a few more features. For those who want to save a little money, the iJust S is the newest model and there are previous incarnations of the same style of electronic cigarette, including the Eleaf iJust and iJust 2, which are also sub-ohm but with a less beefy battery (typically ranging 2000 to 2500 mAh, meaning you may need to charge it more). However, these tanks do hold a little bit more juice than the iJust S.

$30 to $40 tier: Eleaf iStick Pico4

At the $30 entry tier, you should be a little more knowledgeable about your needs and requirements for a vaporizer and you may be even considering using a dripper at this point. I recommend the, again with the brand, eLeaf iStick Pico build, which is a box-style mod. This mod is equipped with an awesome display that is standard on box mods, and includes information such as resistance, battery charge, voltage, and temp control – essentially, it is the entire package.

The Eleaf iStick is a tiny little mod, however, and dependent on an 18650 battery to power the entire rig – although some purchases may include an 18650 battery, you are better off to purchase a kit which includes fresh, sealed batteries and possibly even a charger. The iStick Pico includes a micro-USB port up front, but this is only for upgrading the firmware of the device to keep it self-regulating and make sure that you won’t get a bad vape. The Pico tank itself is a small little powerhouse, and it is a sub-ohm setup that holds more than 4 mL of juice. For your purchase of around $37, this really is not a bad deal.

This is the type of mod that vapers dream about; not only is it extremely affordable, but the product delivers for the price. The vapor is thick thanks to the sub-ohm setup, and you can find a coil may last you upwards of 2 months before needing to be replaced. The biggest complaint I have is about the construction of the device, as the tank must be removed in order for the battery to replaced, but for an investment of $37 (and possibly free shipping), this really is not that bad of a deal for new vapers who are not looking to break the bank.



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