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Car Owner Severely Injured After Being Rammed Into Brick Wall By Car Thief

Amir Farhadi was badly injured after trying to stop a shameless car thief from stealing his vehicle, which was parked at his home.

Home security cameras captured the shocking moment when Mr. Farhadi confronted the thief, who was trying to make a getaway in his Vauxhall Insignia Estate.

The second Mr. Farhadi opened the door on the passenger side to stop him, the thief reversed the vehicle at high speed. The car owner was subsequently rammed into a brick wall after the front car door ripped off its hinges.

car thief
The car thief calmly entered the vehicle after walking into the property

While the vehicle sped off, Mr. Farhadi could be seen lying on the ground in pain, surrounded by what used to be the brick wall. According to media reports, he suffered several injuries, which required emergency surgery at the hospital.

Toka Marzouk, his distraught wife, revealed that her husband, who has been traumatized by the incident, is still recovering from the ordeal.

In an interview at their Doncaster, South Yorkshire home, she said “[her] husband only came out of hospital last Thursday” and that he will require more surgical procedures in the future. She also said it’s very hard for him to view the security footage of the incident as he still needs time to recover mentally.

Mr. Farhadi under ent emergency surgery and is still recovering from the horrific ordeal

The terrifying incident occurred outside their semi-detached home at approximately 7 p.m. on Dec 6.

The thief, who was captured in doorbell footage, was wearing a black tracksuit, a green beanie hat, and white trainers. He calmly walked into their property before opening the car door and sitting behind the steering wheel.

As soon as he noticed what was happening, Mr. Farhadi ran out of his home and opened the car door on the passenger side. Before he could climb in to stop the thug, however, the car reversed at full speed, hurling Mr. Farhadi into a brick wall in the garden behind him.

Mr. Farhadi, who suffered a broken arm, managed to scramble to his feet after a few seconds. He can then be heard yelling in pain as he staggers into the house to tell his wife what had happened.

farhadi and wife

After the incident, he posted the surveillance footage on social media, along with his vehicle’s registration number and details. Despite what had happened, he did not mention what he had gone through – he simply launched an appeal for information.

Eventually, he updated his post in the comments section, letting people know that his vehicle had been found.

According to his wife, it’s not the first time that people have targeted his car. Back in September, a hooded thief who wore all black black broke into their car, which was parked outside the house. He took their belongings, including a jacket, glasses, a skipping rope, as well as some cash.

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