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Casper Mattress Review 2018 – Is it Worth It?

The Casper Mattress company is taking an old market and shifting it into a new medium. Casper is a mattress-making company, specialized in selling mattresses through the internet. There are no physical, brick-and-mortar stores; everything for Casper is done through the internet. Even better, there’s no sales tax!

casper-mattress-review-3 Since Casper is doing things a little different, the creation of their mattress is different as well. Each Casper mattress is a “tri-brid” with three layers. The top layer is a layer of latex foam about 1 and a half inches thick, meant to provide comfort and cooling to the body overnight. The second, middle layer is a layer made of memory foam. This layer is where most of the support and pressure relief come from. The very bottom layer is a layer of support foam, which is the entire foundation for the mattress. The combination of three layers is a new approach to solving issues with mattresses (and sleeping).

The three layers all complement each other – the top layer is meant to be cool and breathable. Its cover is light, breathable and stretchy – you shouldn’t have any issues with unwanted holes being torn on the top cover (the bottom of the mattress uses the same fabric of cloth for the cover, but sleeping on it upside down isn’t how to use it properly). The middle layer, however, being a layer of memory foam has one drawback – memory foam prefers to absorb heat, rather than releasing it. One glaring issue with memory foam mattresses is the fact that they can retain heat really well. To remedy this issue, Casper lines the top of the mattress with a latex foam, which causes the bed to be cooler than pure-memory foam mattresses.

The overall aesthetic of the mattress is pleasant, with a fairly porous and meshy-feeling cover to allow the flow of air in and out of the mattress. The sides of the mattress are darker while the top and bottom are casper-mattress-review-2 light, creating a nice 2-tone design that’s a departure from purely white-gray rectangles or rectangles with embroidery made into them.

Casper creates a comfortable “hug” sort of position around your body, not overly supporting a person like a rock but also not entirely swallowing them. There is a little bit of sinkage, but nothing uncomfortable – the sinkage occurs over time, like most memory or latex foam mattresses. As with most memory foam mattresses, motion transfers poorly, so it’s possible that if someone else is sleeping in the bed with you and gets up, there is a low chance that they’ll wake you up or alert you.

Casper is a unique company, based around customer service. Again, their mattresses are only sold online, but there are quite a few savings passed onto you, the customer. Twins run as low as $500 and King-size mattresses run up to $950. Casper also does not collect a sales tax – the sales tax is built directly into the casper-mattress-review-1 price, creating a neat even price. Shipping with Casper is excellent as well, as they ship through UPS (Amazon’s preferred service), and most mattresses are scheduled to arrive in as late 5 as business days (and more often than not, they arrive 2 business days after the order has been placed.)


Casper Discounts & Coupon Codes for 2018

The best two options for buying the Casper mattress are on their website and

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That said you can also buy the mattress via here and get them with Prime Shipping.  

For someone with a bit of money to burn on a comfortable mattress, the Casper may be a great choice for you. The one glaring drawback of not having any physical stores is the lack of being able to test out the mattress, so there’s no way to tell if it’s just right for you. However, few people have expressed their disappointment in Casper mattresses, and there’s even a trial period for those who still aren’t sure but want to give it a try.


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